A Stormy Night

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It is a stormy night and there are not that many people out on the road, as I drove down the street I saw you standing next to your car with the hood up so I slowed down and pulled over I pulled in front of you and as I stopped you ran to my window and asked me to help you!
I said lest see what’s wrong? As we walked to your car you told me that the car just died and you don’t know what’s wrong so as I looked under the hood I asked you to try and start the car, as you try and start the car the engine back fires and flames come out. As you see that you think I got burned so you jump out and run to me to see if I am ok and I tell you I am fine but your car is not! You ask what’s wrong so I tell you that it is your timing and it needs to be taken to a shop, then you say you don’t have a way to get to a phone to call a tow truck and the only phone is 2 miles away at the motel, so I offer you a ride to a phone and you except.
As we are driving to the motel I ask where were you heading and you said that you where heading to a convention in L.A., So we get talking and it felt like we where talking for hours and then we pulled up to the motel and it is midnight and it is really dark and the storm is getting worse and the motel looks close so you asked me to hang out a for a few to make shore you get to a phone.
So I park the car and walk with you to the office and it is open so you ask if you can use the phone because your car broke down 2 miles down the road and you need to call a tow truck. So the guy behind the counter gives you the phone, so you call a tow company and they say that they will not be able to come out till the morning do to the storm so you say ok I will call you back. Then you turn to me and tell me what the tow company said so I say well it is getting bad out there and that I am thinking about getting a room so I can get off the road till the storm clears and I tell you that if you want I can get a room with 2 beds and you say oh you don’t have to do that its ok I will get a room you’ve done a lot already so as I get my room you call the tow company back and say that you are staying at the motel and that if they can call there when they are going to get the car. As I am getting my room the guy tells me that there is only one room left and it is a honey moon suite so I turn to you and tell you about the rooms and I ask you again would you want to stay in my room? You except and I take the room.
As we walk to the room I tell you that you can have the bed and I will take the floor, you say no that I paid for the room that I should get the bed. So we get in the room it is a nice room with a heart shaped bed and hot tub, candles all over the room, a fireplace and bottles of Champaign so you tell me you are going to the bathroom to put on a robe to get out of the wet cloths, I said I will do the same when you are done, as you are in the bath room I start a fire and get it nice and hot. Then I poor use some Champaign and I put some pillows on the floor by the fire,
As I put the last pillow down you come out of the bathroom in a robe and cloths in hand. As you walk over to the fire I hand you a glass and I propose a toast to nice people and to hopefully the storms ends soon.
After we toast I say hang your cloths by the fire so the dry, and I will be back I a going to get out of my wet cloths. So I go into the bathroom and start taking off my cloths I notice that there is a pare of panties on the floor and realized that you must of dropped them so after I get my robe on I bring my cloths out by the fire and hang them up.
Then I turn to you as you are lying on the pillows by the fire and say did you drop something (as I hang the panties from my finger) you start to blush and say guess so and start to get up from the floor as you do your robe slips open a little and I see your left nipple and I don’t say any thing but then you see me looking and say and what are we looking at and I start to stutter and say I am sorry but I saw it and I did not want to say anything to make you in barest so I just kept on staring at it cause it is so beautiful. As you hang your panties up I see you smile and then you turn to me and we sit down by the fire to keep warm. As I poor another glass for the both of us lighting hits a poll out side and the lights go out, so I jump up to light some candles so I lit all the candles and put then around the blankets on the floor so we have some light.
So after I light the last candle I come back and sit down and say the storm is getting bad out there. You say what are we going to do now?
So I say I saw a deck of cards in one of the draws, we could play some cards? You say ok so we both get up and look around for the cards.
You found them in the nightstand. So we both go back to the blanket and sit down, as you sit down your robe opens up but this time it opens by your legs and I see your thigh but as you sit down your robe opens more and now I can see all the way up, you don’t take notice and start to deal the cards, as we play your legs start to get tight so you move your legs and now your feet are by my legs and I can see all the way up to your stomach you ask me if I mind if you put your feet by my legs? And I say no I don’t mind. So we keep on playing hand after hand, you start to rub my legs with your feet but I don’t say anything so you don’t stop I just look at you and smile, so you smile back so we keep playing cards and the time seems like it is going slow. As the time passes my legs get tired so I move my legs so they are next to your legs and as I do that you tickle my feet and I tickle yours in return, after we have a laugh we continue to play cards and then you move your foot to my robe and start to make the motion like you are trying to get it to open so I just let you go and let you do what you want as you play with my robe I feel your toes rub agents my leg and it starts to excite me and I start to get hard but my robe is still covering it so I don’t front. But now you slide your foot up on my leg and just as you get up to my dick I jump a little but just as a good chill goes through me then as your foot rubs my dick with your other foot you uncover my dick so you can have a look, as you do I see you smile as you continue to rub my dick with your foot I slide my foot to your leg and start to rub your leg, then I start to slide my foot up your thigh and just as I get to your pussy I slide my foot back down and up the other thigh. By now we are both horny so I untie my robe and you do the same, and we both let them slide off of our shoulders to the floor, while our legs are joined we scoot closer to each other and I slide my hand up your neck to your ear then to behind your head and I pull you in for a kiss as our lips meet we fall into a deep hot passionate kiss, as we are kissing we are so in to the kiss that we don’t hear the storm any more, while we are still kissing I slide my hand from the back of your head to your neck and then down to your back and I feel you move your body so I know I did good, then as my hands are moving down your back I reach your very hot and sexy ass and I take it into my hands and pull you on top of my lap, as I do you give off a slight moan and we kiss even deeper and hotter, as my hands are still holding your ass I feel your hands slide up to my hair and you pull my head back and you start to kiss your way down from my lips over my chin then to my neck, but as you get to my neck you start to nibble and suck on my neck, then you start to lick my neck back up to my lips for another kiss but then you stop and kiss your way down my neck again but this time you don’t stop you kiss all the way down my neck to my chest as you get to my chest you start to lick my nipples and nibble on them too. As you are licking my nipples I start to lick your ear and nibble on it too, you react by sucking on my nipple and as you do that I grab your head and pull it up so I can kiss your lushes lips as I kiss you I lay you down on the blanket and I start to kiss you down your neck down to your nipples and I kiss al
l around your nipples
but not to touch them yet but then I slide my tongue to the tip of your nipple and I lick just lightly and as your nipples are getting harder and harder I start to suck it into my hot wet mouth and as your nipple is in my mouth I massage it with my tongue and I nibble on it just a little. Then I move to the next one as I do I feel your hand rubbing the back of my head, then to my neck, as you do that I get a chill down my back and it makes me suck your nipples a little harder.
As I am sucking your nipples harder you moan loud as you do that I move up to your lips and give you a hot kiss, but then I lick my way down your neck to your chest but I don’t stop there I keep going down to your stomach now licking around with my tongue, as I get to the top of your pussy I stop and look deep into your eyes and I raise my eye brows and as I do you give out a moan like “oh hell yah”. Just as you do that I bring the tip of my tongue to the tip of your clit. You start to moan so I flick my tongue around then I suck your clit into my mouth and massage it with my tongue and I nibble on it just a little. And after about 15 minuets you give out a loud moan and your body starts to jump around and as you do that I lick a little harder and make your orgasm even stronger and you cum like you never came before and you give out a sie. Then I look into your eyes and I see you melting but then I creep up to your lips for a hot kiss and as we are kissing I move my body so that I am in between your legs with my rock hard cock and I slide just the head of it to your very hot and wet pussy and I slide my cock up and down your clit to make you orgasm yet again and as your orgasm hits I slide my cock into your pussy and as I do your body gives jumps and you orgasm again. Now I am sliding my cock all the way in to your pussy and sliding it out but not all the way out but just enough so the tip of my dick is the only party of my cock that is left in you, as I feel your body saying don’t stop I slide my cock all the way into you again and this makes you orgasm again, but then instead of slamming my hard cock into you I start to slow down and let your pussy feel every inch of my rock hard cock sliding in and out of you. But then after a few minuets of slowly sliding my dick into you I start to go faster and faster and harder and harder deeper and deeper then as I am going to slam my cock into you one more time I slide my dick all the way into your pussy and I look right into your eyes and I explode all of my hot creamy cum right into your already wet pussy and as I do you orgasm one more time. And as my cock is exploding in you I am sliding my cock in and out slowly so you can feel my hot cum all in you. As the last of my cum explodes out your body explodes too. Now we are looking into each other’s eyes and we both move in for a very hot patient kiss that felt like it lasted for an hour. As we kissed I moved to your side and after are kiss I held you in my arms and we both fell a sleep. The sun started to come up and I started to wake up and I felt that we held each other the whole night, I looked at you and I gave you a kiss on your forehead as I did you gave a sigh and held me tighter. Now it is going on 12:00 noon and we both wake up and look at each other and smile. We call room serves and order lunch as we wait for the food we both take a shower together and we hear the doorbell and in our towels we answer the door and it is our food so we take the food and sit on the bed and eat. After we eat we get dressed and kiss each other and I say lets get you to your car. You say ok lets go. As we drive back to your car we talk some more and as we get to your car I look at you and say I LOVE YOU and I will see you at home. You say I LOVE YOU and I will see you at home and this was a good idea for us to make love.
The End

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    i loved your romantic story!!!

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