A Visit Abroad One

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A Horny Shopper

“Aaaaahh”, he stood at the corner urinal and began to empty his over-full bladder.

The tourist bus had pulled in to the French supermarket car-park at the insistence of many of the passengers after the on-board toilet had become faulty and many a bladder had threatened to burst.

It didn’t help to be last off the bus due to trying to chat-up the little blonde he had his eye on, then being last in the queue for the toilets. French shoppers weren’t best pleased to find a crowd of noisy English blocking the gangways and hogging the toilets.

In the toilet his insistent bladder almost started to empty itself as he struggled to unfasten the belt to his jeans, lift his shirt and pull his cock free from the boxer shorts that he now regretted wearing; he literally danced on the spot.

Behind him a gasp of exasperation brought him the the reality of not fastening the door to the room. As the strong, unstoppable stream of urine splashed into the porcelain he glanced sidewise to find a young woman brushing by him. She was remonstrating agitatedly and mumbling a stream of words that to him made no sense at all.

To his amazement the woman lifted her light dress, pulled down a tiny pair of panties and crouched, hovering above the seat to the toilet bowl immediately to his right.

Without a break his toilet companion verbalised her frustration and, he felt, her relief. The pair both sighed with the relief, and neither could hold back a grin as they shared that emotion.

As her immediate need diminished the young woman turned her head in order to sneak a peek at what he was holding and directing towards the urinal. Spotting this out of the corner of his eye he casually moved to his left to help her get a better view of his cock; he even changed hands. She made a small sound of approval and looked up at him. Her eyebrows raised, her head tilted to one side and nodded as if to indicate that she approved of the view.

The young woman tore off a pad of toilet paper, patted herself between the legs with it the allowed herself an indulgent stroke of her pussy before throwing the pad in the toilet and pressing the flush. Pulling at the panties she raised them until they formed the most delicious camel toe he had seen in a long while. He was struck that she had almost a full bush but that the lips to her pussy were bare.

He smiled at her and prepared to put his cock back in the boxer shorts but was stopped by her hand on his. She indicated for him to secure the door to the room. As he turned back from that task the young woman reached out and grasped his manhood. “Merde, c’est si beau, si grand!” she murmured. It meant nothing to him except that from the look in her eyes he could tell that not only was she impressed but that she liked what was now being encircled by her slender young fingers.

Checking to ensure that he had secured the door the girl began to gently manipulate his tool and very soon it began to fill with blood pumped from his heart that began to pump furiously. He grinned as the more his cock grew in length, thickness and hardness the bigger grew the girl’s eyes. She murmured words that he would have paid a fortune to have known the meaning, but was satisfied that she was continuing to enjoy handling him.

With his hands he indicated for her to hand him her panties. Although she didn’t understand the reason she removed them and hesitantly held them out. The look of amazement on her face brought a grin to his face as he put the tiny underwear to his nose and sniffed the crotch. A heady mixture of perfume and vaginal juices heightened his pleasure.

Looking up at him, the diminutive young lady crouched before him, again grasped and began stroking his dick until she was able to firstly kiss the head of his cock then begin to take it slowly into her mouth. “Whoa!” This girl was no rank beginner at giving head!

Spitting in her hand she coated his cock to lubricate it. A thumb pushed from under the head forcing the crack open and a globule of pre-cum to emerge. Her index finger curled around the glans and he struggled to stay in control. All the while her hand slowly stroked the length of his dick.

Now her hot mouth closed over the head and sharp teeth grated over it and lightly bit at the glans. There was no way he could stop is meat from twitching violently. Eyes that never left his smiled up at him; this young woman knew precisely what affect her ministrations were having on him!

A hand placed on her head to encourage her was shaken free; she was in command! The panties at his nose, he sniffed again until her hand raised to acquire them, he hesitated. Now that she understood the reason why he had demanded them she wanted to help. Between her legs the girl reached to her pussy, wiped the undies over wet lips three, four times then handed back the fabric to his waiting hand.

Now the hint of perfume was no longer noticeable; it was replaced by the pungent odour of a vulva on fire and dripping with juices. The first deep breath of the scent almost made hi cough; the second had his cock twitching once again.

Incomprehensible words were now replaced by grunts as the girl feasted on the flesh in her mouth. Deeper and deeper she took it until she was able to take it right into her throat; still her eyes looked up at him, this time with lust and concentration.

This time his hand was not shaken off her head and he used it to steady it as the pair joined in movements that synchronised in a regular fucking motion.

The young woman recognised his oncoming orgasm and pumped harder at his cock, he reached for the toilet paper but she shook her head and indicated that she wanted his cum right there in her mouth.

“Jeeeez”. His loud grunt was followed by a number of contractions as his balls pumped cum along his meat and into her mouth. Each spurt brought from her a corresponding grunt and at the last her mouth tightened and sucked hard. Standing up she smiled, and a delicate pink tongue licked red lips and her face lit up in a beaming, self satisfied grin.

“Merci Monsieur”. Those words he knew from his school French lessons; he hadn’t remembered what to say in reply! His offer to return the panties was refused with words again he didn’t understand, “un petit cadeau!”, but her hand waving them away seem to indicate that he could keep them.

Then she was gone… that horny shopper.


Jenni Gee

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