An Accidental Meeting

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An Accidental Meeting by Screw3
Carrie and I avoided meeting one another. She left me a note telling me that she was afraid to take a chance on getting preggers and I agreed with that wholeheartedly. I left her a note telling her that I was going to research some new locations and was driving cross country to cool off till she was ready. My H2 needed some healthier driving than NYC traffic anyway.
I left around noon on Monday morning and drove across the George Washington Bridge and headed West on I80. I turned South and eventually got down to I40 and resumed my trek West on the remnants of old Rte 66. I am leaving out the dull nights in some nice motels. Eventually I came around the mountain and down into Albuquerque NM. I pulled into the Motel 6 off exit 160 and got a room for the night. It was only 4 PM, but there was no sense going further today and it was hot enough to swim some laps.
I changed into my trunks and threw a terry robe on then grabbed a towel and a book on string theory. There was an empty table next to a striking brunette. You could not call her beautiful since her features just weren’t that perfect. I guess you could sense her poise and she was striking. Her brunette hair was cut short but perfectly. I could tell nothing about her figure since she was wearing a green muumuu. We both seemed out of place in a Motel 6.
I went into the pool and started doing laps dodging the children playing in the pool. I did about 20 of my planned 25 laps before giving up and returning to the table and picking up my book. She looked up from the book she was reading, looked at the rear fly leaf then put the book down. “Excuse me. Are you Ralph Higginson, by chance?”
I looked at the book she was reading and realized it was one of my latest novels. “Yes, I am. You are the first person I have ever seen with one of my books except for signing sessions. You know my name, may I ask yours?”
She smiled and it set my teeth on edge. Her smile was almost as wide as Julia Roberts and it made her look beautiful for the moment. “Sure, it is Rhonda Frazee. I am trying to write myself, but so are most of the people I know. I have been published in some trade journals, but none of my fiction. Could I interest you in reading some of my stuff. I have them in my room.”
I felt my dick get a little hard at the thought of being alone with her in her room. “Sure, what do you like about my stories? I have always wondered why people spend their money to read what I write.”
“Mister Higginson, I will tell you after you read at least one chapter of my work.”
“I will read that chapter if you call me Ralph, Ms Frazee.”
As I followed her to her room which was only two doors away from mine I noticed that she was wearing comfortable shoes and had nice thin ankles and a shapely leg. She must work on her feet a lot. She had set up a laptop computer and printer on the round table in her room. She handed me chapter one of an untitled novel. She removed the muumuu and said, “You read that while I take a shower.”
She was wearing a one piece suit that left little to the imagination. She was well trimmed and about a 35 B cup with a small waist and her hips were about the same size as her chest. I began reading. The distraction was her alto voice singing in the shower. She came back to the room wearing a tight T-shirt and short shorts.
“Okay Ralph, what do you think of what you read?”
I felt a little uncomfortable at the question since I might ruin a possibly beautiful relationship by being honest. I might never face myself when I shaved if I did not though. “Rhonda, you write like Charles Dickens, but he was paid by the word. You run around your topic, you are afraid to make your characters human and you fail to put in a hook to make the reader want to keep reading. You write like a poet trying to write prose. Sorry that I didn’t like it more. To be trite, don’t give up your day job. Are you a doctor or a nurse?”
She looked at me with a smile on her face. “Thank you for being honest. That is what I like about your books. You talk honestly. Can you make love as well as you write about it?”
I walked over and kissed her. “Do you have a tape recorder?”
“Yes, why?”
“I want you to describe what we do from beginning to end. I want you to do it exactly and precisely. I want you to use common words like fuck instead of fornicate; prick, dick or cock instead of phallus. Can you do that?”
Rhonda thought for a moment, “I can try.”
“Okay, now I want you to strip me and yourself and describe it.”
Rhonda walked over to Ralph and untied his bathrobe and stared at his taut muscled figure. She then removed her shirt revealing her pear shaped breasts.
As Ralph licked them Rhonda felt her nipples tighten and enlarge. I want him to keep licking them forever. No, I want him to do more than that. I felt my pussy itch for him and his er cock. I reach out to remove his trunks, but his hands push me back to my shorts. I have never stripped for a man before. They have always removed my clothes when I have told them they could. I have never let a man control me like this. What power does this man have over me? I slowly unbutton the shorts watching him devour me with his eyes. I am getting hotter and hotter just watching him and what he will have me do next. I shake the shorts down by rotating my hips and reach for his bathing suit.
“No, Rhonda not yet. I want to watch you masturbate yourself in front of me.”
I have never let anyone watch me do myself before. I want him to watch me and get excited. “Ralph, I want to watch your dick turn to a hard cock as you watch me.”
I took off his shorts and thought he had to be hard as his cock was already larger than any lover though not as big as some of my patients had described to me. I took the middle finger of my right hand and started to rub my clit. I watched him as I moved my finger into my cunt and massaged my clit with my thumb. His cock was getting bigger, but I stopped watching him as I got hotter and hotter and wanted to just make myself cum. Waves of pleasure started in my toes and came up as far as my knees when I felt Ralph’s cock enter into me. If he wasn’t as large as he was, certainly bigger than anyone that had ever entered me before, I was so wet. He lifted me off the ground and fucked me while he stood there. I wrapped my legs around him and he bore my weight like I was a baby. He lay down on the bed with me now riding his prick. It felt like it was reaching up to my tonsils, Then he slapped my ass with one hand and squeezed my nipple with the other. The pain is adding to my pleasure. Arrgh, ohhhh. I hear myself moaning. His hands keep roaming over my body pinching tender spots and tickling others. I say no, I can hear it, but know I don’t mean it. His finger is up my ass and massaging the inside of my asshole. I feel his load of cum come shooting into me and I cum again.
Now I can relax and retain my composure. He isn’t stopping, he has me laying down and he rubs some of his cum leaking from my cunt and then puts his finger into my mouth. I suck the finger and find his cum doesn’t taste that bad at all, a little minty. He uses his robe to wipe me then plunges his mouth into my groin. His tongue pounds on my enlarged clit making me cum again and again. I reach out and put my fingers on his cock. It is not as flaccid as I expected. I push away and reach down and take him in my mouth. I had not sucked a cock in years, but I want to suck him till he grows hard again. He gets hard and I try to move away so he can fuck me. He hits my ass hard. “Suck my cock and swallow my cum.”
Has Ralph hypnotized me? No, I just want to please him. He has given me more pleasure in an hour than my ex-husband gave me in five years. Of course, I found out he is gay. “Ralph.”
I got no further as Ralph spanked my bottom. “Suck me now and talk later.”
“Yes, master.” Did I say that aloud? He has me in his control and I like it. As a doctor I am used to being thought of as a sort of goddess to be obeyed a
nd now I am just happy to have someone treat me not as an
equal but as a subservient being. I am ready to do what he wants. I lick his cock and suck it. I am his cock sucker and I like the idea. I will do what he wants as long as he wants for the next two weeks.

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