Around the Beginning 16

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Shelly’s sexy storys 16 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker

Detacated to:A Night I Have Dreams About…..

(short Story)

Around the Beginning

I was sitting out back on a bench i had years back around the time we first got together so long
ago.You came walking around the corner surprising me.We had been friends for about two years at the
time and were playing cat and mouse a lot.You knew how i felt about you but were the type at the time
to not have relationships,even though you cared about me deeply.I knew the moment i met you you were
special,different from any man i had ever met.We clicked right off the bat.Which was strange for me.
And in the time we knew eachothter we became friends.

Sitting there next to me on the bench,i could only think of the moment i fell in love with you.It
was during one of the hardest times in my life and also one of yours.Your x left you and me and mine
had to part,leaving us both scared and in pain.My sister and brother n law came to get me and you
were with them.Upon seeing them in the driveway,there you were.Everything around me vanished and all
i saw was you standing there smiling at me.And that was the moment it happened.

My heart was broken and you helped me heal just by being my friend.We ended up living together for
about seven months til i moved.Then about a month later i saw you when you came over to get something
for the family.And there you were again standing at the door.When you saw me you lit up so bright and
had the biggest smile i have ever seen.My heart melted all over again.That was the moment i knew you
had feelings for me.

You fought me for a long time cause of the people we came to love and those who would see us as a
couple as bad but over time you did fianlly come around to love me enough to not care.And here again
there you were sitting next to me on the bench.Looking at me with those smiling eyes,then you wraped
your arms around me,wispering in my ear “i love you my woman”and i wispered back”and i love you my
man”.Leading to our secound real kiss.

After our kiss you took me by the hand and we came into my house.We locked the doors and put socks
on the door knobs.And old collage trick to let others know to go away.Sitting down on the couch together
you looked over at me and said “be gentle ok”,with a small laugh as i moved towards you.Starting to kiss
you again you grabbed a hold of my hips as i straddled you.I take off your hat and pulled down your long
hair as you slipped off my tank top.I started to pet your hair,running my figures through it.As you leaned
forward and started sucking and playing with my tits.I grabbed you by the hair and pulled your head back
to kiss you a little aggesively,as i did you pulled down my hair,sending stings up my spine giving me

Me starddleing you on my couch was something i had wanted to do and never could and yet there we
were.We had played cat and mouse to long and now that you were there i was never gonna let you go.I
moved down sliding to the floor as you took off your jacket and undid your jeans,pulling your self out
for me.I grabbed a pillow off the couch and put it under my knees and i turn and look at you through
my hair,that was the moment you first saw my dirty side “Asia”,you’ve told me.I moved slowly up to
your rock hard cock and started to roll my tongue around your tip and useing my lips on your head.You
looking down at me as i looked up into your eyes through the dark of the room,the only light was from
a small set of christmas lights hung up on the wall.

As i start to take you in you let out a deep breath like you had been holding it in forever.And i
knew it so i kept going,my lips strong and soft,the heat from my tongue as i twirled it around and
around.You take the back of my head in your hand wrapping my hair in your fingures.Again chills went
up my spine.Haveing this exhilarateing,allowed you to begin to move my head where you wanted it,my
lips,and tongue moved as you moved your hand.Rolling with it you moved me as you wanted til you couldn’t
take it anymore.Then you pulled me up and layed me back on the couch,taking off my skirt and panties.
Moving up over me you slid your dick into me hard,i garbbed you by the back of the head by the hair and
in a loud moan said”yeah baby bring it”.

You took one of my legs and layed it on your shoulder and in you drive again hard.The feeling of
your cock sent my pussy into an intanst orgasm.And you never feeling me cum before made you go deeper.
My pussy started to pulse and your cock started to throb as we moved.The feeling was sensuous and
pleasureable we lost ourselves for a moment where it felt like we were one energy.Our bodies moving
fast and we started to sweat,the passion in it kept us going.Your hair in my face and the smell of
your bodies was animalistic.

Then after a while we decided to move to the bed room.We crawled up on the bed and i layed you back
and “hopped on top of you” as you put it.Sliding you into my pussy once again deeper.I pulled one leg
up and knealed on the other to keep and get better levarage.Grabbed the wall where i had two straps i
put in just for that reason.I start to move my hips as you rose yours a little to hit my g spot.And i
start to cum again.You grabbed a hold of my hips as i frooze so you could make my body cum as hard as
it can.I let out a hard moan,you feel my pulse tighten up and when it does you start to get that feeling
in your gut,and with how hard your cock got i knew it so i moved down and started to suck on you til
you came hard all over my titties.

You then looked down at me and started to laugh cause we had finally done it after all the running
and years of teasing eachother.There was no going back now.I was afraid you’d run away but you never did.
And now after building a life together and all those who said it wasn’t gonna last and we have.Ten years
later and we are still as in love as we were that night.One of the great memories we made together.And
the true love it made,what a blessing for me to have such a wonderful man and i’m happy that some things
never die once they are brought to life.

The End…..

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