Bar Night

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I see you from across the bar. Straight hair, black boots, leaning over the bar to get the bartenders attention for another drink, the top of your breasts exposed from the top of your low cut shirt, your cleavage inviting me to have a look. Your skirt showing your luscious thighs. You look around for a moment, notice me flash a quick smirk, and get your drink. Some time passes and your friends leave, you sit at the stirring your drink slowly with your straw. You see me again, motion for me to cover over. I sit next to you, introduce myself, and we talk and ask questions about one another.

We order more drinks and continue to flirt and talk, I ask you if you want to get out of there, you happily say yes. As we walk to my hotel it starts to pour outside. You shirt soaking wet, nipples hard showing through your shirt. I pull you close to me and brush your hair out of your face, and slowly kiss you hard. Your lips so soft and full. Your mouth so sweet. Your hand gliding through my wet hair, grabbing an ear lobe. Your other hand guiding my hand to your ass, god your ass is so tight and perfect.

You bite my ear lobe and whisper “Let’s get back to your room, NOW.”

We make it to my room. You shut and lock the door. You walk up to me, soaking wet and kiss me hard. I slide one hand up your back to your hair, and pull hair. You let out a moan, letting me know how you like it. My other hand running up your thigh to your pussy. I grab your pussy and you let out another moan and bite my lip. I shove you into the wall and rip your shirt off exposing your gorgeous big tits. Nipples trying to escape their black bra prison.

I turn you around and undo your bra then turn you again to face me and bury my face in your chest. Licking and teasing your nipples, you moan in excitement. I pinch your nipples and you arch your back to push your tits deeper into my face. You tell me you want me to fuck you now but I tell you no, you get angry with this and kiss me harder. I grab a handful of hair and throw you on the bed. You moan heavily and tell eat you pussy. I lift your skirt and rip your panties off. I start to kiss your thighs and slap your tits. You grab my hand and start to suck on my fingers. I lick the outside of your pussy then lick your ass. You lift your hips to ensure I get a mouthful of both. I lick from your ass to the bottom of your pussy, and slowly bury my tongue inside you and slowly slide all the way up to your clit.

I engulf your clit in my mouth and bite down slowly; you grab my head and push it deeper into your pussy. I slide my hand down your stomach and slide two fingers inside you. Your pussy tightening around my fingers the deeper they enter you. Your pussy is so wet, dripping down your ass and onto the bed. I pull my mouth away from your clit and lick your sweet juices from your ass up to your pussy again. I slide my fingers in and out of your tight pussy, you pushing your hips higher in the air. I slide a finger into your ass and you moan louder, telling me to finger fuck both. I move my fingers faster and faster, you moan louder and louder and cum all over my fingers and face. My face completely soaked with you gushing. Your pussy and ass pulsating around my fingers.

You pull me up to you, kissing me hard and biting my lip even harder. I bring up my hand to your neck and squeeze hard. You grab my hand and squeeze hard, signaling for me to squeeze even harder. You tell me to slap your clit, and I happily oblige. As I slap your clit, your pussy quickly becomes swollen. I slide my fingers up and down your slit, you quickly bucking your hips again. You flip yourself on top of me and undo my belt and take my pants off. You slide your hands down my sides to my hips. You kiss your way down to my stomach and engulf my rock hard cock with your mouth. You suck hard and slow, your hands grip my cock tightly and rotate in opposite directions while going up and down my shaft. You tell me to turn on my side to 69 and force your dripping pussy into my face. I bury my tongue into your pussy, mmm so sweet while I tease your ass with my fingers. You hum and moan and you tease my cock with your tongue and hands. Your mouth and pussy so warm, I want to cum in your mouth so bad but hold back.

I plunge my fingers hard and fast into your ass and pussy, you moaning with each thrust, your pussy tightening as you cum. You push me onto my back and you straddle me, perfect tits in my face and grab my cock and slide down just so the tip is in. You pull your legs towards me and squat slowly all the way down my shaft, squeezing your pussy tightly as you go all the way down. You start to slide up and down my cock, squeezing with each down thrust. You feel so fucking amazing. I grab your neck and pull you down to kiss me; you taste so good. I put my hands on your ass, supporting you as you pound down on my cock. I pinch your nipples and rub your clit, feeling you get wetter with each circle my thumb makes on your clit. I flip you over on your back and kiss you hard and deep, teasing your pussy with the head of my cock.

You reach to put me inside you, but I grab your hands and slam them against the pillows, you are helpless. I reach for my belt and tie your hands. I hold your hands above your head and drive my cock hard and deep inside you. You gasp and wrap your legs around hips. I push your legs and your try to bring them back up and I push them down again. I put my other hand around your neck and squeeze hard. You put them up again and give me a squeeze. I let go of your neck and smack your tits. You bite your lip in acceptance. You tell me to do it harder and I happily smack them again. Your tits turning bright red and nipples hard. I thrust hard and slow inside you, your tits bouncing beautifully with each thrust.

I take your legs and throw them to the side, showing off that unreal ass of yours. My hands on your hips, I force you into my cock. You feel so good, oh my god. I take a hand and have you suck thumb. Gliding my hand slowly down your back, I ease my thumb in your tight ass. You moan and push your ass harder into me. My cock throbbing with my heartbeat. I flip your legs back to the way they were; I go down and lick your pussy and ass deep. I tease your clit with my cock, and slowly ease my cock into your ass. I go slowly at first, and then pick up the pace. You beg to be untied but I wait several minutes before I release you. You grab me and kiss me hard and bite my ear. You pinch your nipples and continue moving your hands down to your swollen pussy. You slide your fingers inside yourself and rub your clit furiously. You say you’re going to cum and I pull out from your ass. My mouth racing down to your pussy to tease you even more.

You beg for my cock in your pussy so you can cum all over and I give you what you ask for. I thrust hard and fast and you gush all over my cock. You ferociously push me off of you and onto my back. You straddle me again, dripping pussy above my mouth, grab my head and force me to eat you. I enjoy every second of it. You take my belt and tie my hands, take your silk scarf and blindfold me. Kissing and biting your way down my body, I feel your warm mouth take all of me in. You lick your way down my shaft and take my balls into your mouth. I thrust my hips upward and you push me back down. You kiss your way back up to my mouth and you bite my lips. I feel you move your body but can only rely on my sense of touch. Your feet by my armpits, I feel you tease my cock with your pussy. Sliding from the head of my cock to my balls, it is unbearable. Your hand grips my cock tightly, sliding up and down, and I enter you.

I feel your ass around my cock, so tight and perfect. I moan loudly, enlightened by the way you fell. I plead for you to take my restraints off and you finally agree. My eyes feast upon the sight of you, your perfect ass facing me and feeling your tight ass surround my cock. I swing my hand as hard as I can and smack your ass. You let out a loud moan signaling perfect striking. You tell me to do it again; this time I hit you harder. You scream in excitement and jump off of my cock. You walk me over to desk and throw a leg up onto the desk. You pull me close kissing me and begging me to fuck your ass. I grab a handful of hair, pull your head back bite your shoulder and slide back inside you. You tell me to shove my cock the entire way in, not to hold back. Without hesitation I respond. I grab your hips and shove my cock deep inside. You moan in ecstasy. I fuck you harder and faster and smack your ass and tits. You bend to rest your tits and head on the desk begging for more, and slide two of your fingers inside your pussy. I grab your hair and pull hard, you tell me to pull harder.

You push me away again and push everything off the desk. You grab me by the cock and pull me toward you. You lie on your back and suck my cock deep. You guide back to your thighs, and guide my cock into your pussy. Pulling me into you with your legs you beg me to slap your pussy. I slap once and you say to try again. I do it again and you still disapprove, a third time and you cum over my cock. You pull my cock out and suck it again, tasting your sweetness. You grip so tightly I feel I’m about to cum, but you have other ideas. You slide my cock back into your ass while you take my hand in yours and guide my fingers and yours into your swollen, red luscious pussy. I fuck your ass hard and slow, you asking to let you know when I am going to cum.

You ask for me to go faster. And faster. And faster. Our fingers moving together faster and faster. I tell you I am going to cum and you pull your ass away from me and grip the base of my cock. You kneel, and start to suck my engorged cock. Your hands moving faster up and down my shaft. My legs start to quiver, heart racing, I shake, your hands and mouth going so fast. My cock pulses uncontrollably, you pull your mouth away, hands still gliding on my shaft. Your mouth opens I explode into your mouth and face. You swallow every last drop, tits, ass, and pussy swollen in bright red. We lay on the floor exhausted, your head upon my chest

We lay on the floor exhausted, your head upon my chest. I bring up the idea that a shower is in order for both of us, you agree. Our bodies soaked in sweat, we head to the shower. Water on, bodies dripping, light glistening off your tits and ass. You hand slowly encircling my cock, I feel a wonderful disturbance in the force…

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