Barn Sex Is Best

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Barn Sex Is Best
As I sat on sandy River bank, looking up at the stars, Please God send me a warm body to love, and share this all this with. Here I was starting a new Life, New baby, Newly divorced, The husband preferred blonds to Brunettes, he took off with Nanny. Oh yes, I forgot to add, that I need a Nanny. My Mother is on her way to help. I hated to call her, she was on her first vacation away from home since we were little. Daddy past away the same year as I graduated, 19?? (I will never tell, then you would be able to tell what year I was born or around), What am I going to do until she does get here, I will just have to make sure Duke (he is my #1 Man, he know all the ins and outs around here) knows that it is up to him to keep the rest of the guys in line. And to cancel all our business appointment until after Mama gets here. I can hear her now, “gees Darlene, You sure know how to pick ‘em. But by the gees, you still don’t how to take that pill.” Oops did I forget to add t hat I have two children from previous relationships that have crashed and burned. Now you know the whole me, How do you like me now. First guy was my first, so thought for sure, I had to marry him, Well he wanted the bottle more than me and his 6 week old Daughter Amber, I climbed out of that hole to fall for a fellow, that was a drunk, and gambler. So he won big, got over 1.5 million. Instead of giving some to me and his one year old son, (Christopher) and step daughter, (only daddy she had known) he took the waitress that he was banging while I was working and left town. And Last but probably not least, Kyle, he was such a pretty thing when he was done up properly, he was younger, so he swept me right off my feet, litterly, took me to all the hot parties, drank and did a few green smokes. One of use had to grow up, so yep he is the one that left with my nanny, and left me with 6 month old Jaden. So tell me now, that I don’t deserve to finally find a good man. This man has to love the sound of a screaming baby, fighting 8 year old girl and 4 year old boy, He has to like the taste of breast milk. I have way too much milk for one little boy. LOL. Got anyone in mind?

I was so tired, and sore, I just needed some mommy time. I brought the baby in my room with me, Jaden was sleeping in his stroller, Amber and Chris were watching Cartoons, so they were good for about 20 minutes or so, I turned on my hot tub, I went to open the door to the kids room, checked on them, they were fine, so ran back to the hot tub, I striped off and climbed in, the water was so warm, I just moaned as I sat down and had two of the jets, pointing right at my pussy, ouuuu felt so nice, all that power hitting my pussy, didn’t take me long to open my legs, and let those jet pulse over my clit, feels so much like vibrations going through my clit. Then I slid forward just a bit, so the jets were hitting my poor needed to be touched pussy lips,, right there,, oh yesssssss, it was hitting a hole that really needed some attention. I was in heaven. I took my finger and played with my clit, ouuuu that was giving me such a nice, feeling. OMG, I am getting so hot, I needed this soo bad, ohhh yess, been well over two or three months, all I can think of is staying on the edge. I put my head back on the side of the tub, and was getting ready for an awesome orgasm, just a clit tap to set me going. Ohhh baby what a feeling, mmmmmmmm yesssssss who needs a man. A awesome warm wave, just spread all the way from my toes, right to my clit. Now the jets making me jump all over the place,, Just as I was about to put two fingers in there, a knock came at the door, I said quietly come in. In came Duke, Oh sorry Ms. Darlene, just wanted you to know I have every thing under control. I said “that is awesome,” I said in a nice relieved voice, Thank you so much Duke for taking such good care of me. He said anything for you, Maam, and out the door he left, just as quietly as he came in. Mmmm I tried to get back to what I was doing. I was still pretty horny, I have no idea what the next few day are going to bring, so need this stress relief, I put in two fingers, and it was so hot and warm in there, almost burned my fingers, as they moving around,, then got in the right position for one of the jets to pulsate on my throbbing clit, with two fingers in, didn’t take me long to get close again, I could almost cum just by spreading my fingers just a little bit, oh I kept thinking it would be sooo nice to have a nice thick cock in here,, and just as I thought it mmmmmmm I came again,, this time, I could feel my pussy muscle tightening around my fingers,, as I was cumming and I could feel all my hot juices,, moaning and groaning, felt sooooooo awesome,, my body was shaking, I lefted that jet right there,, making me sooo jumpy,, but with my fingers in there so deep,, I brought them out long enough to slip in a third finger, I was moving them, dipping them in and out, I could feel the tip of a nice hot cock going in, I came again all over my fingers, just imagining that nice hot shaft… Maybe some day I will get to have the warmth of a hot blooded male.

I got out of the hot tub and through on my robe, brought Jaden stroller back with me. I hollered to the other two, the came a running, I am just happy that the cooked didn’t leave too. We all went to bed early tonight, Gramma will be here to morrow after noon. I think I died as a soon as my head hit the pillows, my big King size bed.

Well morning came early, got Jaden put him in the tub, and got the other two, ready for breakfast. Had some eggs for breakfast, I love Shelly, always seem to have everybody breakfast ready, she sure makes life easier.

Since I had some time in the house, I decided to go through the ranch email, came across one that said, Breeding inquiries so opened it up, and this man Rick was asking what we charged for breeding rights for a weekend for his Mare. I wrote back, and said, we had the best results with our big guy, we have pics of his foals he has sired. I told him, $7500 up front, and the other half when he knows, the deed has been done. I asked him when would be a good date to set this up.. The sooner the better, fall is approaching fast. He wrote back, asking how does this weekend sound? I was Surprised at the quick answer. I replied We’re open, if you are available, what time should we expect you? Reply came right back, Let say we hope to pull in around 4 pm today. But please if we are late, keep our suppers warm. I replied back No problem we will have a stall ready for your mare and a room above her for you.

I grabbed, Jaden through him into his stroller and called the other two, come on we have company coming, and we have work to do. That is at least I have strong healthy kids, and good kids, willing to help when needed. The day went fast. I looked at my watched and said oh shit, hollered for the kids, said come on we have to meet Gramma at the airport. I think, I went into dream state as soon as I seen my mother, looks like every thing was in slow motion, she was picking the kids up loving them grabbing to hug me, I was trying get everyone to the luggage belt, two big purple ones kids, I got mom to hold Jaden, while grabbed her luggage. “Gees mom, what do you have in here?” OH my dear, she giggled, just a few things for my favorite grand kids. We got everything loaded into the truck and sped off.

We got back to the house about the same time as our company was coming up the driveway. All I could think of we could sure use a good stiff drink. I was holding Jaden and the truck and trailer pulled right up to the house, stopped. Out jumped this man, dark sunglasses on, bald, with a tight muscle shirt on, tight jeans, and a body to die for, every move he made toward me, his muscled ripples, Howdy ma’am he said in a sexy raspy voice, reached out to shake my hand, I’m Rick Smith, my friends call me Bonz, my mouth dropped open, I said, Back to him, tripping over my words, “Hi Bonz, I’m Darlene,” I sort of stuttered, Very Nice to meet you, Let see if we can’t get you settled. “Duke, could you come here for a minute, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Smith, Duke this is Mr. Smith, Mr. Smith, this is Duke, he is my number one man around here, if you want to know something, ask him.” I added with pride. “Could you show Mr. Smith, to his room for the weekend, I said, barely able to take my eyes off him.

I headed back into the house to see how supper was coming. As usual Shelly had it well under control. She had a big pot roast done, with mashed potatoes, Cauliflower, baby carrots and green and yellow beans. I took Jaden right into wash up for supper, he loved to play in the water. Amber and Chris were finishing up, so great timing. Jaden and I washed our hands and dried them off and headed for supper. I got Amber to run out and ring the dinner bell. It still works well. Wasn’t long everyone was settling down passing food around, talking about their day, to who ever would listen. Jaden started to cry, I started to get up to what was wrong with him. He is teething I think, Rick or Bonz got up faster, “nooo noooo I have him” he said “you sit down, Jaden and I are doing just fine”, He talked and rocked him for a few minutes, and no more crying.

All the chatter finally stopped, I never seen the others leave, I was so taken with his stories and adventures, and Mom even took Jaden for me. I got up and asked Bonz if he would like to take a walk around the ranch with me, He jumped right up, “sure would” he answered, fairly fast. Let me check on the kids, and I will be right with you. I checked on the kids and asked Mom how she was doing, “I am just fine sweetie, you go ahead and have some fun I will hold it down here. I gave her a kiss and out the door I went. There Bonz was sitting on the front step, just looking out over the grounds he could see, I grabbed his hand and said, some this way. I was leading him up a really steep roadway, up to our upper flat, where we take all the horse to graze through the day. His wife left him too for a younger man too. I found out through some questions and answers. The longer we walked, the better he smelled. I couldn’t get enough, Ode to Male hormones Maybe, I don’t know, but he had me at Hello. His voice so awesome and easy to listen too, and he gave me chills. Good chills, I am getting so wet between my thighs, He made me feel like a kid again, walking and holding hands. We talked like we knew each other for ages. We got back to the barn, and we went in to see his Mare, he was telling me a little about her, but sounded more like his wife. His mare, is beautiful, and her name is Molly. She seems to be doing ok, we will let her rest for tonight, introduce her to Budd in the Morning. He grabbed me quick and kissed me, took me off guard for a minute almost dizzy, weak for sure. I turned to him reached past him, grabbed a horse blanket, and with out saying a word and into my office I went, and got a bottle of wine and took off up the ladder, “follow me.” I whispered. I went to the top, climb over onto the hay mow and spread out the horse blanket. Bonz was still trying to get here, I looked at him and giggled, “You should feel honored” I told him, Your only the second man I have ever brought up here.” I was pulling the cork out of the bottle, taking a swig and passed it over to Bonz. Who was asking who the other man was? He was taking a drink, and I told him his name was Eddie, he gave me my first kiss right here in this Haymow. As I was telling him, it is the smells, and sounds, that make it special, and right at that moment he leaned into kiss me, and his kiss took my breathe away. I could feel him unbuttoning my blouse, undoing my bra, my pants, I was just weak when he was kissing me. He just knew where to touch me, and I didn’t want him to stop, He knew what he wanted, and what I wanted. He slide his hand right down my panties, and started to play, I moaned, he knew how close I was by all the squirming I was doing. I exploded, all over his fingers, ouuuu baby he said, we have just got started darlin’! I just moaned even louder, and thought to my self pinch me please, OMG His kissing and his finger play, bought the woman in me soooo many times, I was weak, that is when he pulled my jeans down the rest of the way, pulled off my boots, then peeled of my jeans, panties, he told me how beautiful I was, went down to lick my pussy, OMG to feel his hot tongue, made me jittery, ohhh but felt soooo good, He just moaned and told me how good I tasted, I just enjoyed, and moaned, and came all over his tongue, I was worried about him drowning. Then he surprised the hell out of me, he came up and was kissing me massaging my swollen breast, he whispered please baby if this bothers you tell me, it makes me sooo horny. Before I had a chance to answer, he started to suck on my nipples and massaging my swollen breasts, as he sucked, he was drinking my breast milk!!!! He was loving it, sucking so hard, made my pussy tingle, he went over to the other one, and started on the other breast, and here I thought he was going to be repulsed by the leakage, I pump all Jadens milk out in the morning. So Bonz could have all he wants, as long as he makes me feel this good. OMG my pussy was soooo hot again, I reached down and Bonz’s cock was rock hard, I only got to stroke it a couple of times, got up slid off the rest of his jeans, and was stroking it the full length, He couldn’t close his hand fully around it. He was big, and put his fingers down by my pussy again, stroking it to see if it was ready, and really wet. Bonz spread my legs and guided his thick long cock.. ouuu I could feel the head dipping in, mmm it was so hot, he even moaned, as he took it and run it right up my slit, dipping it only in far enough to dip the head in, then it was so wet it just slid up on my clit, tapping it a little bit, I was holding open that nice hot hole, ouuuu baby, I can see you grabbing my cock, and he run his fingers down there to see how wet it is. He would dip one finger in there, and twist it, pull it out, with all kinds of juice on the finger, and licks it off, does it again, with me just about begging him to fuck me, He goes in a bit further this time he makes the mistake and stops, my pussy muscles just grabs his hot cock, and squeezeessss it, he moans OMG and starts to thrust it in and out, me saying yessss yesssss Bonzzzzzzz, deeper and deeper it goes each thrust, until he gets it all the way in and he just grinds in pelvic bone to pelvic bone, He was telling me how good I feel, I started grabbing at his cock again, milking it each time he moves. From all the squeezing I was doing, I was getting to close, and his thrusting is getting faster and faster. Ohhhh Bonzzzz I kept saying, tooo close baby cum with meeee,,, that next thrust of his, I could feel that awesome wave hit and his juices I could feel deep inside me stream after awesome stream sooo hot, I was like butter taking in every drop he was giving me, finally we both collapsed. I was in his arms, he was lightly kissing my forehead, He felt so warm safe, been a while since I have had that feeling. See In Part 2 How hot Bonz is at his own Ranch,, Look For Part 2.

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