Bored on Labor Day Weekend

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It was a warm September weekend and my family was gone for the weekend, I was bored so I started playing on the adult classified ads, common you know the ones I’m talking about. Anyway I place a meaningless ad and started searching through the ads when I came across an ad that was headlined “In need of FWB”
Basically the ad said “She can’t get me (the reader) out of my head and she needs some help getting off, tell me why I should pick you?”
I thought “what the hell, I’ll send her a reply just for fun.” I won’t tell you what I wrote because I got to act it all out and then some.
Not even thinking that she would respond to my e-mail I went about my day.
About an hour later I got a reply from her. She wrote:
“Wow I got your e-mail and I have to say I was not expecting a response like that, we have so got to hook up. I really want to experience what you wrote! Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”
I sat there for a bit and finally said “call her, you know you want to”, so I called her and we made a date for me to come over to her place and have dinner and watch a movie and go from there.
I rang her doorbell and when she answered the door my jaw hit the floor. She stood 5’4 and about 140 lbs, black curly hair down to her tits 36c about, athletic legs that lead to a nice firm ass. Once I saw her I said to hell with dinner and a movie, I stepped in the door and grabbed her hips pulled her close to me and kissed her with a long, hard and passionate kiss. She pushes back for just a moment and said screw dinner and jumps back into kissing me. I run my hands down the small of her back to her ass and grab two handfuls of her ass and she jumps up and wraps her legs around me. I spot the living room out of the corner of my eye and begin to walk her to the couch, she stops me and says upstairs last door on the right. I walk her up the stairs and stop at the edge of her bed where she releases me from her legs and not breaking the kiss I begin striping her clothes off unbuttoning her white blouse and drop it to the floor.
She lays back on the bed and says “Is this where I am supposed to be next?”
I said “Perfect”
She spreads her legs to reveal that she has no panties on under her skirt. I jump to the side of the bed hit my knees and just inhale her scent, kissing her thighs and licking her around her steaming hot pussy, I can feel the heat from it. I brush my nose across her clit and she shutters.
She asks “How many time did you say you were going to make me cum before you stop eating my pussy?” I told her “3 times!”
I dove my tongue right into her pussy and she let out a screeching moan, a smile came across my face. I continued to lick her pussy up to her clit and down to her asshole. After about 15 min, I hit the clit and gave it a little bit and she exploded I could feel her juice run down my chin. I continued for about 10 more min and she began to really squirm and say “no more, no more” I wrap my arms around her thighs and clamped down and continued to suck her clit and in about another half hour I made her cum 2 more times.
My dick rock hard now after hearing her scream and moan, I stand up and she slides my pants down and grabs the condom, and while opening it she licks all the pre-cum off my cock and a couple of deep throats and the put the condom on me. I push her back on the bed and grab her nipples and twist them hard, I love to hear her scream. Now in my e-mail I told her I was going to fuck her pussy till I came, but then when I saw her laying there I said I want the ass so I yanked off the condom and grabbed her legs and rammed my 6 inch cock deep into her ass. The scream she let out just made me blow my load right then, I pressed on and continued fucking her ass all the while she was screaming.
I blow another load in her ass and fall down on her to catch my breath, I look up and she has tears streaming down her face and says that was not the way you described it.”
I said “I saw your ass there and just had to take it”
She pushed me off her and started to get up and I grabbed her by the hair and said “I’m not done”
She looked down and saw my throbbing cock still hard, I push her head down and force my dick into her mouth and make her suck it till I cum all down her throat.
I pushed her face first down on the bed and slammed my cock down in her pussy and fucked her raw until she begged me to stop and then I fucked her some more until I came inside her.
She was really enjoying what she was getting the rest of the night and I did fuck her all night long.

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