Breakfast with Judy

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Breakfast with Judy

Authors Note: I’ve always had the sex drive of a 20 year old, but time and ageing take their toll. So it was beyond surprising to have an encounter with this delectable mature woman. This is the true story of this sexual encounter, and I hope only the beginning. Time will tell.
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I was just finishing my second cup of coffee at the little restaurant in my neighborhood that I go to almost every morning. Usually, there are a number of senior snowbirds there who get dropped off by the busses from their condo communities. It’s high season here in sunny, warm S. Florida. I seldom pay any attention to anyone as they’re all really old and exhibit the normal habits of seniors. Loud talking, bantering over the latest news, using walkers, wheel chairs, and of course the occasional chiding of the men by their wives. “Don’t do this, don’t do that”.
Someone was going past me to go to the restroom. As I glanced up from the newspaper, all I could catch was a glimpse of very trim legs in stockings and high heels. I knew I had seen her in here before, had noticed her, and wondered why a much younger classy woman would be by herself on several occasions. It was just a passing curiosity. I didn’t even notice when she came out to resume her breakfast. Although I took note of her light brown/blonde hair perfectly straight, to her shoulders, her slim waistline, the fashionable heels and stockings and her attractive facial features. She was definitely out of place in these surroundings. Not beautiful, but certainly very attractive.

I stood up to leave and as I started to the front door, I glanced over to see her alone in the first booth by the door. Now I myself am a senior. Well, by any standard I fit into that classification, although being 62, I’ve always been told I look like I’m 52. I’m reasonably trim, always clean shaven, and have a salt and pepper head of hair, full, and curly. Truth be told, I’ve always been a womanizer since I was 13, flirting with all the high school girls as they passed my house, and usually getting a toss of my hair and the comment ‘oh, you’re so cute.’ I’ve always lived by the adage, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’..

I walked directly over to her booth and said, “Good morning.”
She looked up from her book, and responded, “Oh, good morning.” I didn’t miss a beat.

“I’ve seen you here before. You’re very pretty. My name is Lee.”

“I’m Judy.” she replied, offering no more information or conversation.

“I notice you’re alone, mind if I join you?”

You could sense her mind was racing to either accept the invitation or reject it.

“Well, I’m a loner.” she hesitantly replied.

Obviously she was not inclined to respond, and wasn’t looking for any conversation.
Disappointed, I went back to my table and resumed reading my newspaper and drinking my coffee feeling totally rejected.

From the side view I had of her, I took in all that I could to check her out. Her hair was luxurious looking, soft and shiny and just a little past her shoulders in length. Her complexion was clear, a slight tan tone, her nose holding her glasses, quite straight, and her lips were very distinguishable. The upper lip a little thin, and the lower lip, somewhat full with a delightful shade of almost pink lipstick. She had dazzling, almost perfect, sparkling white teeth. Her hand appeared to be well manicured and she had no ring on. From my limited view, she was very trim, almost on the thin side, but had great legs in light beige, almost opaque, hose, underneath a black skirt and elegant black high heels. I couldn’t see her upper body because of her jacket. I figured she was probably around 42 or 44. She was definitely showing ‘class’ and total disinterest in her surroundings. Oh well, I took my shot. It wasn’t the first time I was ‘shot down’ and probably wouldn’t be the last.

I had just turned to the sports section, when I heard and looked up simultaneously,
“I’m sorry. That was very rude of me. I apologize.” She turned to go back to her booth without waiting for any reply from me.

I rose from my table and went over to her booth and said, “Apology accepted. May I join you now?”

Very hesitantly, she said, “Oh, OK, I suppose there’s no harm in that.”

“I’ve noticed on the few occasions that I’ve seen you, that you’re always alone.” I said, hoping to elicit her status.

“Well, I am a loner, I try not to complicate my life any further than it already is. I come in once in a while” ,t giving me any clue to her status. So, I thought I’d try to open it up a little.

“I’m usually here every morning. It’s close by, good service, good food, and very inexpensive. Of course, that’s why all the seniors come here, the price.”

She totally ignored my statement and said, “So, why have you noticed me?”

“Oh. c’mon look around. You don’t fit the stereotype of the seniors here, and besides you’re very attractive.”

“Well thank you, you’re not bad yourself. So what do you do Lee?”

“Not much, I’m retired from the military. I enjoy the warm weather, the ocean and the multitude of activities, and always looking at beautiful women.”

She laughed heartily, “Just like all men. How old are you? Are you attached?”

“Yes and no. I mean I have a wife, but we sort of go our separate ways, and I’m 62.”

“Oh right !.” she exclaimed with a decided tone of sarcasm.

I had to diffuse this situation immediately, so I leaned over to whisper, “Well you see, it’s like this. We’ve been married for some time, but we just don’t have any spark left in the relationship, so our sex lives are non-existent. It’s like we’re roommates you know.”

“Really !” she again exclaimed with another decided edge to her voice.

“Sounds like you don’t believe me” I replied.

“Oh, I believe you because I can relate to that as well.”

“No way ! How could that be, a beautiful woman like you?”

“Didn’t you ever learn ‘not to judge a book by its’ cover?” she stated.

“Well, I’m not judging, just finding it hard to believe, you know” I replied quickly.

“When was the last time you had sex?” she asked softly, leaning over towards me.

I was amazed that she would be so blunt but replied, “You really want to know?”

“Tell me, and I’ll tell you, I promise” she whispered.

I wasn’t sure how to answer her, but what the hell, I’ll be honest. “About 5 years ago.” I said, sheepishly, very embarrassed.

“So, how do you satisfy your needs? Oh, never mind, obviously you masturbate, right?”

“And you?” I inquired without acknowledging that she was right. Now the conversation was going in a direction that was almost un-believable.

“I watch a lot of porn on the computer” she said very reluctantly almost below a whisper.

“Boy are we sad or what?” I asked even quieter.

“What do you watch?” she asked again, very reluctantly.

“I usually watch some movies or read erotic sex stories” I stated.

“Oh, I’d love to read some sex stories, where do you find them?” she was still whispering.

“By accident. One day I was searching for something, and the site popped up, and I clicked on it and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“I found some movies on my husbands’ computer, wrote down the site, and have been watching it since.” So now I know that she’s married.

“Do you get off on it? I mean men can masturbate any time.” I asked very discreetly.

“So can women.” she replied without hesitation.

“Do you believe we’re having this bizarre conversation and we don’t even know each other?” I whispered.
“So I think what we’re saying is, ‘we need to find a fuck buddy’ don’t we?” she whispered using the word very delicately.

“Yeah, I would think that would work out very conveniently.” I stated quite surprised that she would make such a comment.

“Well, that certainly would offer some relief, wouldn’t it?” she said very hesitantly.

“Ok, let’s get out of here and explore this further if you want to.” I whispered

“Oh, I don’t know if I could do that” she said very quietly.

“Wait a minute, didn’t you just say that it could offer relief?” I replied.

“Oh OK, there’s probably no harm in talking, is there?”

“No, I don’t think there’s any harm there, perhaps relief.” I countered

“You sure you want to do this, seeing as how you said you were a ‘loner'” I queried.

“Fine …. your place or mine? What a line!” she chuckled. “So, do you want to fuck my brains out or not?” she stated rather emphatically and very quietly looking me right in the eye.

“Whoa, what changed your mind so quickly” I asked.

“To tell you the truth, I’m horny as hell, I need to get laid badly and you’re good looking. OK”.

Without a second of hesitation I said, “OK with me.Let’s go, your place OK for starters?”

We arrived at her condo unit and went inside. She was peeling off her jacket and I could see she had a really trim body. She turned to me and said, “Let’s talk some more, OK?” and led me to her couch.

“Sure” I said, “talk about what? You said I could fuck your brains out, didn’t you?” as we sat down facing each other at either end.

“Yes, but first, tell me what you like, don’t like, you know, big tits, small tits, and what you jack off too, and some of your experiences, and don’t worry about the language, just tell me the truth.”

“You sure you want to know all this?” She nodded her head. “Ok. I really don’t care about the size of the tits, they’re all suckable and I love to suck them. But I have this thing for pussy hair. I don’t understand why so many men like the shaven look. My theory is, ‘if it was meant to be hairless, there would’nt be hair growing there’ so I like hair on a pussy, and I love eating pussy. For more years than I care to remember, I wasn’t a good lover. I was probably a ‘fuck’em and leave’em guy and I’m sure, with few exceptions, that I never satisfied many of them. I didn’t even know there was a ‘g-spot”.

“You’re kidding !” she interrupted.

“No, I finally learned about it from an 18 year old neighbor when I was 55, and even then didn’t know what to do with it. She told me that she knew exactly where hers was and all I could say was ‘great’. She had great tits, some hair on her pussy, and I think I fingered and ate her for an hour, but I didn’t fuck her. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The funny thing was that I had had a vasectomy 15 years before so I didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant. It must have been my conscience. Then there was my first wife. She had the greatest pussy I had ever seen, tasted, or fucked, and she loved to 69. She had a really hairy pussy. She knew I loved it, so she kept it trimmed and never long. Little did I realize at the time, how lucky I was. She would fuck at a drop of a pin, anytime, anywhere. When we were in our own bed, she would grab on to the headboard and ride my face until she drenched me with her juices, then flip around to suck me, and then flip around again so I could fuck her. She had pretty large and pendulous tits, and she would take one tit and just shove it in my face to suck her. She had probably already cum 2-3 times. We always seemed to be in the missionary position because she loved watching me slide in and out of her, and she would raise her pussy up to meet every thrust.”

“Once I came, we would lie there catching our breath and then I would get up, go to the bathroom, get a warm washcloth, gently rinse off her dripping wet pussy, lick her a few times, suck her nipples a little, nuzzle my nose in her hairy pussy, and then reach for a container of YSL powder and with the puff, dust her pussy and the rest of her sweating body. When we went out in the evenings over the weekends, she never wore panties. We always sat next to each other in restaurants and she would always guide my hand under her dress or skirt to get me to finger her. She would get dripping wet. I would take my fingers out of her pussy, and lick them off and she would rub my pants to make sure I was hard. By the time we got home that evening, sometimes she would have her clothes off as we went in the front door, and fuck right there on the floor in the glow of the big tropical fish tank. She was an absolute delight. I miss her just talking about her. There are so many sexcapades that I had, I could be here all day and you don’t want to hear those, but I have certainly improved with age and experience. So,what about your own story?”

“Well that certainly gets the ball rolling doesn’t it? Sounds like she was my kind of woman, not that I’m into women, I just think like your ex. Well, I was never a very sexy girl. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t until my early thirties that I learned to enjoy sex. Well, enjoy, isn’t quite the right word. It was more like being a dutiful wife that I finally learned about my own sexuality. My closest girlfriend was really into sex. She had more men than I could have imagined. She used to tease me about every aspect of sex. I had a decent body, although I was even slim then, but I wasn’t the ‘prom queen’ type, and never had a lot of boyfriends when I was young. I guess, everyone thought I wouldn’t ‘put out’, so I didn’t get a lot of dates. My first real sex experience was dreadful. All the guy wanted was for me to suck him off. Oh, he played with my little girl tits for about two minutes, kissed me, ran his hand over my panties, and then took it out and told me to ‘suck it.’ I had never done that before, so I was really hesitant, and 10 seconds later, he came all over my face. If that was sex, I didn’t need anymore”.

“After that, I didn’t have much sex. I had learned to masturbate and often did. Never even knew there were sex shops, let alone dildo’s. My college roommate introduced me to the local porn store. I was amazed. So, she coaxed me in to buying my first dildo. The one she wanted me to buy was huge, and I firmly said ‘No way’. I finally settled on one of average size. It’s worked out very well ever since. Well, anyway, after college I went to work for a large development company. My boss was handsome, great build, very masculine, and I had the ‘hots’ for him. Of course, he was married. On a surprise inspection tour that I had to accompany him on, the chilly weather caused my nipples to stand up. Now I don’t have huge breasts, and still don’t. He noticed, offered to wrap his jacket around me as he grazed my breasts and the next thing I knew we were in a motel room. He was gorgeous. He had me naked in 20 seconds. He really knew how to push my buttons. He devoured my tits, kissed every inch of my body from my neck, mouth, arms, thighs, and when he got to my pussy, I had already cum a few times. I had no idea that a man would do that. When he went down and ate me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. When he slid his average size dick into me, and started pumping, I had already had an orgasm. He had stamina. He would pump furiously, then stop, then pump some more, and stop, and I was begging him to ‘don’t stop, just fuck me’. We must have fucked 4 times that day. I don’t remember how many orgasms I had, but I was exhausted by the time he drove me to my car. That’s when I knew that I liked sex. That was the first and only time with him. He left the company a few weeks later.

But by then, I had really learned where my deepest sexual desires were. So in the next few years, I found myself thinking more and more about sex. I had a few male friends, and I explored a little, not much. What I did find out was that I really loved sexy clothes and lingerie and I loved orgasms. I got married a few years later, and my husband was 10 years older than me, but he was considerate, warm, loving, and would do anything for me, but sexual exploration was not one of them, but he loved to see me in sexy lingerie and bought me many items. He loved to see me in the lingerie and wanted me to wear it all the time under my regular clothes and it was a definite turn on for both of us. Five years into the marriage, with our sex being ‘just a little better than OK’, and not very frequent, he had a heart attack. Sex was never the same and almost, as time went by, non-existent. Not his fault, just the physical derailment of his libido. I have always understood. He still loves to have me wear all those sexy things. We still love each other, and it’s now 7 years later. So, there it is”.

“OK, I get the picture. So where do we go from here?” I asked.

“I think we’re here because we need each other and you had the balls to talk to me.”

“Good point Judy. I think you are very attractive, and I think you’re an MILF”, I stated.

“Oh you do, do you? Don’t you think we ought to get to know each other a little better?” she queried.

“If there’s so much more to know about each other, why don’t we find out if we’re even compatible, ……sex wise, I mean.”

“Now, right now?” she questioned.

“Yes, right now!” I stated, and stood up.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“To find your bedroom” I emphasized.

She stood up, hesitated a moment, thinking, and then took my hand, and guided me to the far room down the hall, never saying another word.

“I hope this is a guest room, not the master” I said, as I looked around to see everything neat, tidy, and looking not used.

“It is, and the computer is in here” she stated very matter of factly.
As I stood there, she turned to face me. She was playing with the ends of her hair,
obviously nervous. I moved up close to her, we were about the same height with her heels on. With both hands, I reached around her head, bringing her face to me slowly so I could kiss her. She allowed me to bring her close with a slight hesitancy. I kissed her mouth very gently, and I could feel her tension subside a little, and she kissed me back ever so gently. I backed off and said, “Is that better?”

“Oh yes”, she responded. “I was afraid you might be a ‘crusher’ you know what I mean?”

“If I remember correctly, it’s called ‘spontaneity’, or in other words, ‘go slow.”

“You’re right. I need to get a hold of this, and relax a bit. My husband doesn’t kiss me much anymore.”

As she was talking I started to unbutton the top button on her blouse, and she reached up with both hands to bring my head to her so she could kiss me. This kiss was much more passionate and showing signs of further passion. Her lips were soft, moist, and very firm. As she broke the kiss, I said, “More please.”

She grinned and chuckled. Now I went to kiss her again, and this time she opened her mouth to me, snuck her tongue between my lips and danced with my tongue. She tasted delicious, as I suspected she would. We stood there entwined in each others arms, exploring our mouths, and I could tell she was not quite willing to proceed to the next obvious step. As we broke the kiss, I resumed the unbuttoning of her blouse. She dropped her arms to her side and said, “I hope you won’t be disappointed.”

Her blouse was open now, and her slight cleavage was easily seen between the cups of her delicate, white, lacy bra with a beige top to it holding her tits. The bra was almost opaque and her areolas and nipples were clearly defined. They weren’t very big but they certainly filled the cups. I pushed the blouse off of her shoulders and she looked at me and said, “I hope you’ll like them, they’re not very big and they sag a little.”

“They don’t have to be big, just yours”, I said with a slight grin.

“Oh they’re mine all right, I’ve had them for years”, she said jokingly. I kissed her again and her arms encircled me.

I reached around to unsnap her bra. I got it done, but we were still embracing as I kissed her neck and she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed my cheek and lips. I had also reached up to remove the bra straps off of her shoulders. One more very sweet kiss and I held her at arms length. The bra fell to the floor. She had firm, although small, succulent tits of a 40 year old. They were not large, but showed a little sag from gravity, and declared that she was not a 20 year old anymore. She had seductive nipples, surrounded by dark areolas, about the size of a quarter begging to be sucked and fondled. I guessed them to be a very nice 36C’s.

I didn’t have to say anything, just bent my head down. I kissed one of her nipples, fondled the other tit and gently sucked the nipple I had just kissed.

“I guess you like them, huh?, she teased.

I was not going to remove my mouth from her nipple, so to answer I just sucked with a little more intensity.

“Oh, I like the way you suck them. If you do it harder, you’ll probably make me cum.” she said with shorter breaths.

I moved to the other tit and sucked that one with the same intensity, and added a very little nip to the nipple. She had become very responsive to the sucking and was holding my head very tight against her chest, and then let out a deep moan and she had to catch her breath. I also had to come up for air. As I raised my head she said quietly, “Would you like to see the rest of me?”

I was definitely tongue tied and really getting into this woman. She had a scent of lilacs and it filled my very being as I took in a very deep breath and looked into her deep, almost black eyes. She took my motionless form to be a ‘yes’ and backed up about 3 feet. She twisted her skirt around to get to the button and the zipper. All the while she was looking me in my eyes. As I heard the zipper get pulled down, the skirt fell to the floor. Oh my God! There she stood with her bare tits and a white garter belt about 3-4 inches wide holding up her thigh high beige stockings, a white thong type panty with her ‘fuck me’ heels. My amazement was equally astonishing to her as it was to me. All I could say was, “Holy shit, you’re so fuckin’ hot.” She couldn’t have been more than 130 pounds and every inch was pure sex.

“So, you like me then?, she asked.

“Didn’t you say I could fuck your brains out?” I blurted out.

“Yes, I did. This is gonna’ be fun!” she shot back.

She reached up to get my shirt over my head, as I helped her, and then reached for the buckle to my belt, and unzipped my pants. She squatted down on her heels to tug my pants off. I helped and kicked off my shoes. She inserted her thumbs in the waistband of my black jockey briefs and tugged them down also. My semi hard cock sprang forth and she bent over and gave it a kiss on the head.

“Oh you have a very nice cock”, she said as she wrapped her hand around the shaft and then “not to big, just right” and she sucked the engorged head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head all the while slightly pumping the shaft up and down.

She lifted her head from my cock, stood up and guided me to the bed, never taking her hand off of my shaft. She laid down on her back, and said, “Now, you can fuck my brains out”

I gazed down at this vision of absolute sexiness, reached down to her hips to drag her out to the edge of the bed. Her sexy legs were now bent at the knees and the garter belt straps holding up her stockings were stretched to accommodate the position of her legs. I reached out and ran my hand gently over her sexy sheer thong panties and her very prominent mound. She watched me as I massaged her mound, and then slipped my fingers in the side of the thong to move it so I could get my fingers in her pussy. She lifted her pert little ass to help me while I slid one finger deep into her pussy. Now, here was a woman with a pussy to die for! The pussy hair was very dark, thick enough to hide her pussy lips but thinning out as it reached her inner thighs. Her thong was under the garter belt so it was impossible to get it off of her pussy without removing the garter belt. Her pussy hair had a well groomed look that almost had an arrow of hair pointing up to her perfectly flat stomach. I looked at her sexy body with great admiration and with a slight drawn in breath, and said, “Baby, you’re mine” and kneeled down, parted her legs further, peered down at her beautiful pussy and started to give her butterfly kisses on her thighs, on the tops of her hose at the exposed skin, the inside of her thighs, never touching her thong, her pussy or pussy hair. She was muttering little moans of ‘oohs and aahs.’ For 5 minutes I lavished kisses on her, and then with one hand, spread her thong and hooked it into my finger to expose as much of her pussy as I could. With the other hand I opened her pussy lips to reveal the pinkness within. Her scent was flooding my senses. I couldn’t wait any longer. I bent my head down and kissed her pussy lips and sucked each one alternately into my mouth. She raised her hips to push her pussy further up to my face amid her moans. Now I placed one hand on her thigh and buried my face into her pussy, sticking my tongue as far in as I could. I wriggled my tongue around her clit, her inner walls, and wanted to suck her into my whole being. I gave particular attention to the nub of her cllt, now exposed to every probe of my mouth and tongue and gently sucked it into my mouth. It got harder with every utterance of sound coming from her. Suddenly, she yelled, “I’m coming, oh yes, I’m coming!”

My mouth and face were bathed in her exploding juices. Boy, she tasted so good. I drank up every bit of her juices and was delirious with pleasure. I continued to suck her and move my tongue all around between her pussy lips and knew that her clit would really be sensitive now, so I eased off very gently. I hadn’t noticed, with my head between her legs,that she had raised herself up on her elbows, watching me devour her pussy. As I raised my head up, she said, “I love having my cunt eaten like that. Did you feel me cum?”

With my face glistening from all of her juices, I licked my lips and said, “Feel you cum, honey (I said rhetorically) I sucked up all of your cum as quickly as I could. You are so delicious I could eat you for hours.”

“Come up here and kiss me and put your hard cock into my hot cunt and fuck me now!” she exclaimed. “I need that hard cock in my wet cunt.”

“Ok honey” I said, as she squirmed back on the bed, raising her legs in the air, spreading them and grabbing her thong and held it aside to expose her pussy. Her garter belt fasteners to the hose were stretched to the limits. I raised up from my kneeling position, got between her outstretched legs, shimmering in the light, looked at her inviting pussy with the lips slightly spread, showing gorgeous pink surrounded by the darker skin of her pussy lips nestled in that magnificent hair and almost came right then. I scootched up, gave her a kiss with my tongue deep into her mouth, dropped my head to suck one nipple, deftly guided my hard cock to her waiting pussy and teased the head into her wet opening. “No, no, no teasing” she implored, “fuck me now, shove that cock into my cunt now!”

I no sooner slipped my whole 5 ½ inches into her when she reached down between her legs, grabbed my ass cheeks, and drove me into her with a lurch of her pelvis. God, she was hot and wet. “yes, yes, fuck my hot cunt now, I need your cock in me” and she started to gyrate her hips as I started to slip in and out the full length of my cock. I wasn’t going to last long. “Oh yeah, don’t you like fucking my hot cunt baby? Give it to me, fuck me hard, pound my cunt baby! ”

I had to respond to her somehow, “I love your cunt honey, I’m going to fuck your brains out.” I stuttered breathing hard.

“C’mon baby, slam that cock into my cunt, mama loves it hard. That’s it baby, fuck my cunt harder, yes, yes, gimme that hard cock, shoot your cum in my cunt baby, yeah, do it now.”

That’s all it took. I shot three long spurts of cum into her, buried to my balls, that I didn’t know I could. I was still hard. That never happened before. I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock and then releasing and tightening again. So that’s what it means to ‘milk it’.

She was breathing in short gasps and holding on to my ass cheeks. I started to pull back, the sweat running down my forehead and she said, “No, no baby, stay in me for a few minutes.” I stayed there as long as I could, exhausted, I had to either lay down or sit down, I was drained. I slipped out of her pussy with a ‘plop’ and extricated myself. Looking around quickly, I realized that there was no other place, so I crumbled to the floor and lay on my back, trying to catch my breath and regain some realm of normal breathing. I heard her taking in large deep breaths matching my own. As I laid there, she got up from the bed, straddled my mid section standing up. Still in her heels, and those gossamer stockings she looked down on me with her hands on her hips as I looked up to her. Here were her great legs, with the garter belt and the thong back in place, covering her pussy, me looking up at her pussy, her little tits just visible from that angle and she said, “Baby, you’re a great fuck. I hope you don’t mind my talking dirty because you bring it out of me, and yes, you can eat my hairy cunt whenever you want. You make me cum like never before. And I’m not just saying that to make you feel good. I’m serious, you made me cum several times, and you can see it running down my thighs, soaking my panties, and I love to cum. I can’t describe the feeling that I get.”

I had no chance to collect my thoughts and give her a reasonable response before she disappeared out of the room. I heard water running, so I guessed she had gone to the bathroom to clean up. I lay there letting the whole scene play again in my mind. I could not have ever guessed that this very demure ‘loner’ was such a hot woman. Presently, she came back in the room, still naked on top, still in her high heels, and reached for my hand. I took her hand, and I feebly stood up. As I stood up, she placed her hand on my now very flacid cock and said, “I’m gonna get that beautiful cock hard again, OK?”

“OK, as soon as I get back from the bathroom” I whimpered. I headed for the bathroom. I rinsed my hands, face, languished over her taste, washed off the dried sticky cum from my cock and decided that if we were going to play some more, I had better pee. I hoped I had the staying power. I mean, I am 62. After a couple more minutes just standing at the sink, thinking of round 2, I sauntered back into the bedroom.

She was standing there with her hand on her lovely hips, the garter belt having returned to a normal position, legs spread slightly apart and said, “OK, now I’m gonna suck your cock, make you cum in my mouth and fuck you again.”

“OK, honey, but I don’t know if it’ll get hard again so quickly.” I said rather quietly.

“Oh I’ll get it hard again, trust me!” she said mockingly.

I laughed and said, “Yeah, we’ll see.”

“Come over here and sit on the bed with me” she said.

I moved over to the bed, allowing room for her to sit next to me. She sat down, put both arms behind and aside of her, propping herself up, and said, “So, you don’t mind my talking dirty to you, and you like sucking my tits, and you like eating my cunt, and you like shoving your cock into me, but you don’t say much back to me, why not?” came tumbling out of her mouth.

As I looked at her, still with a little lipstick on, her naked tits just staring up at me, her garter belt clips stretching a bit to her hose, and her thong panties barely covering her lush hairy pussy, staring at me with the pink inner folds so appealing, I had to concentrate my thinking about the answer. “Well, I’ve never been with a woman who likes to talk dirty, and who loves sex, and who loves lingerie like you do. So, this is a quite new experience for me OK?”

“Allright that says it all. Do you mind any of it?” she asked.

“Mind, are you kidding?, you’re probably the ultimate of any mans’ fantasy. As I look at you here, now, I’m pinching myself to figure out how I got so damn lucky.”

“I’ll tell you why. First, you didn’t push yourself on me at the diner, second, you were very engaging, and you are very nice looking and you kissed me very delicately. I like that in a man, that tells me you’re sensitive to a woman’s needs.”

I swiveled my head back to the front, and was about to twist my whole body towards her, when she said, “Just lie down, right where you are.”

I laid my upper portion of my body back on the bed with my legs bent at the knees, on the floor. She squirmed down off of the bed, stood up to get her balance and turned to face me. What a vision. She kneeled down, spread my legs apart with both hands, looked at me over my semi-hard cock, and said, “Now, I’m going to return the favor.”

Her kiss on the head of my semi hard cock was like a light breeze, then a few more kisses, lightly with her lips partially open, and then her tongue slithering back and forth on the semi engorged head. I had my head lifted up to see what she was doing, and because of the awkward position, could only see the top of her head, so I just laid my head back and enjoyed the sensations. Now she was sucking with enthusiasm just the head allowing her lips to just slip over the helmet and go up and down slowly. It seemed like she was savoring every taste as you would with a chocolate covered maraschino cherry that had been dipped in wine. The sensation was having a pronounced effect. I knew I was getting hard. Now she placed one hand on the shaft, with the other cupping my balls and slid her mouth down as far as she wanted to go. Simultaneously she was fondling my balls, jacking my shaft in unison with her mouth and then releasing her mouth, and licking and lubricating the shaft. Now I was really hard. She lifted her head up off my cock and looked at me and said, “I love sucking your hard cock” and resumed her action.

The continued motions and wetness of her mouth, her hot breath, and every cooling effect as she rose to the top and then down was going to make me cum. I lifted my head to look at the top of her head and said, “Judy, I’m going to cum. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

She gave me her answer by increasing all of her motions with greater intensity. I could feel the immediate effect as my seed started up the shaft and exploded into her hot waiting mouth. She had let her hand on my shaft relax and kept her mouth positioned on my cock as I exploded. Men don’t usually express that feeling when it happens, at least I don’t, except for a few guttural grunts and the lifting of your pelvis in the motion of wanting to bury your cock into the receptacle. She drank me up and started to squeeze the shaft to get every last drop. She withdrew her mouth after a few more sucks but still held the shaft as if to prolong the hardness, which was not to be. She lifted her head, licked her lips, and said, “Oh I love the taste of your cum”.

I shriveled up rather quickly. She played with it a little, removed her hand from my balls, placed a big wet kiss on the head, and said, “I guess I can get you hard, can’t I?”

“Lady,” I said, “you can do anything you want to me, anytime you want.”

“Great. We have some more time, can we play some more?” she asked as she stood up. She reached down to pull up her hose which had slipped down a little, then grabbed her tits with both hands, massaged them, tweaked the nipples, and then reached down with one hand, snuck two fingers under the thong, into her pussy got them wet with her own juices, and lifted it to her mouth and sucked her fingers in, and said, “I love the taste of my pussy too, don’t you?”

“Honey, I love everything about you, but how on earth did you become such a slut?”

“Oh, it’s a long story. Let me put on a gown” she went to the closet, as she was putting on her bra,

She went to the closet and pulled on a white silk robe. I was still naked. I stood up
and saw a digital camera on the desk, and reached for it. I said, “Hey, can I take a picture of you?”

I had already pressed the ‘on’ and snapped a picture of her.

She giggled and tossed me my T-shirt. “That’s it?” I asked.

“Yep, I like to see your cock.”

“Judy, please tell me this isn’t a one time thing with us.” I pleaded.

“I have to think about it some more, but maybe we could get together again. It was really good. Now, you have to run along. Give me your e-mail address and I’ll let you know.”

As I got dressed, she was ushering me out the door. I went to kiss her ‘goodbye’ and she brushed me off, and closed the door.

The next day I got an e-mail, with just a picture and one word: Wednesday

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