Business matters, Saturday

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Business Matters… Saturday

“Typical fucking kid”, snorted Bobby. The snort was more of a grunt as a result of his nearness to spurting his cum into a newly stolen pair of customers’ panties.

In back of his shop he had found the undies caught up in a bath towel and when he sniffed them, besides the heady aroma of pussy juice his nose was assailed by the stench of days-old male cum. Desperately he singled out an area of the fabric that smelled more strongly of pussy, then pulled out his cock and beat it hard, determined to add his cum to that of the lucky s-o-b that had no doubt fucked the owner of the panties.

“Fucking typical”, Bobby moaned as he wiped the last splashes of his seed off the bench and threw the panties into the cleaning pile, “‘Sposed to be here to help in the fucking shop, and where is she…”. He knew very well that his ire was more a result of his want, his need, to get young Tara in back, find out why she had pulled a string of balls out of her pussy when he last spied on her in the female rest-room, and at least get a hand in her pants.

His wrist watch was no help; apparently even his normally accurate timepiece seemed to have decided that it wasn’t interested in doing its job. As he zipped up his pants a stray blob of his cum grinned up at him from his black jeans… he wiped at it before realising that all his action would do is to spread the viscous fluid deeper and further over the fabric. “Jeeezuz!” The day was hardly started and it was going from bad to worse to …

“Ah fuck!”…

…The door at shop entrance opened sounding the alert in the work area. Checking his zip Bobby made his way through to check out if it was the recalcitrant Tara or some dude coming to add to his day of misery.

Against the sun that flooded in front of the shop he could only make out a female form; shapely, tall , curvy and wearing a light dress through which the back-light revealed shapely legs. He squinted against the brightness and was sure as eggs that it wasn’t the diminutive form of young Tara.

“Good morning ma’am how can I…” the words were barely out before her voice cut them off. A voice that had become unmistakeable.

“Good god man, it’s hardly after breakfast and you have been jerking off already?” It was a question but purely rhetorical; she pointed to his jeans. “Have you no control over your carnal desires? At least clean off the evidence! Another pair of stray panties got you beating that meat… that meat, by the damned way, that did not arrive at my door today as instructed?” Bobby moved his position in order to get a better view of the blonde.

“Now ma’am, if you remember, you stipulated one day a week and for my visits to be a surprise, ‘sides you also said that your daughter Tara was to work for me on a Saturday with no pay other than for a mutually agreed reward. Today is Saturday, OK?” Bobby stared at the silhouette of the long slender legs under the blonde’s dress; he licked dry lips and swallowed; were there panties under there?

“OK mister, you got me on that one but don’t get cute or I could change my mind and call the law officers”. There was that mean streak again.

Bobby was determined to get his cock inside her but knew he had to let her feel that she had the upper hand first. He said nothing, but allowed images of his cock buried in her ass, fucking it hard, to fill his mind. His imagination was just too cute, just too graphic, and the result was a boner filling his pants to bursting.

“Do you never stop!” The blonde had not missed his rapid erection. Bobby grinned to himself that she must keep an eagle eye on his crotch.

“Now ma’am, before I deal with your cleaning would you tell me what has happened to Tara, it is Saturday and she is ‘sposed to be here”. He squinted in her direction when there was no reply. She was holding up something but it was in her shadow. “Huh” he enquired.

“Tara is indisposed today and for a few days so I came to take her place, as I promised she would help out” The blonde’s voice had taken a softer tone. “Let’s go through the back and you can show me what you want me to do. However, Tara has asked me to prepare this as you seemed to show an interest in it the other day”. Whatever the object was that she held up, disappeared into a bag and they moved to the back room.

“Now what the fuck do I do”, Bobby asked of himself. He had been prepared only to apply pressure on young Tara to get in her pants and/or discover what the string of balls was.

In the event the blonde had command of the situation. In back of the shop, out of the glare of the morning sun Bobby was able once again to appreciate her beauty, her form, her sensuality. This morning she wore little make-up but a subtle lip colour and mascara. Her blonde hair was fixed in a bob at the back.

The release of a pin or two, a shake of the head and long blonde locks flowed over her bare shoulders. Breasts barely covered by the light dress seemed to tease him. Lips that he had seen tight and mean were now full and sensuous. Above those lips her eyes were full, bright and sparkled; eyes that Bobby had seen in women he had raised to the height of desire as he fucked them.

Moving to him she moulded her soft body to his insinuating her arms through his and around his waist, pulling him to her. Heat flowed from her pliant body, through the thin dress and permeated his shirt before spreading through the thicker jeans and warming his already over heated cock.

Bobby swallowed hard but did nothing. Those soft lips sought out his and he allowed them to beg his to join them, allowing an insistent tongue to wriggle through the defences of his teeth and couple with his that had dried in his mouth. The blonde pulled him tighter, insisting that he comply and hold her.

His hands reaching to her lower back, Bobby pulled tightly bending her backwards while his mouth began to respond like for like with the kisses and tonguing that she gave and begged in return. Her knee slid gently, sensuously up his leg, first on the outside then on the inside, travelling up to nuzzle his balls held tight in those black jeans. His cock twitched strongly and he felt in danger of allowing his seed to once again burst forth.

“Let me release that prisoner before he tries to break out and injure himself” She had felt the hardness of him pressing insistently into her mound. Her hands quickly, expertly unfastened the button then the zip and pushed down the fabric that imprisoned his rock hard cock. “I am surprised, mister, that you wear under pants, I would have bet that you were a good boy-scout, always prepared. Commando!” she emphasised when his eyes indicated that he didn’t understand. A soft hand scrabbled at the undies and liberated the object of her desire.
As their kisses became more heated and they held each other tighter the blonde’s hand began to pump Bobby’s cock despite the closeness of their bodies.

Suddenly she broke away from him and rushed to the female rest room. Bobby just stood there, stunned and missing the tightness of her hand on his cock, took his hardness in his own hand and began to slowly stroke it meaning to bring himself off if necessary. There was no need, for the woman returned, this time though she was naked. Bobby sucked in a sharp and deep breath; all that he imagined and more.

For a woman with a daughter in her twenties this babe had it all, an incredibly firm body, lacking in all but the hint of extra flesh at waist and hips. Breasts that were tight, well formed with just a little sag. Most amazing was her stomach, a little curvature, no stretch marks; tight but curvy. Above her quite pronounced pubic mound she sported a strip of the lightest brown hair. His cock leapt out of his hand and pointed skywards. Quickly he matches her by tearing off his shirt and stepping out of his pants and boxers.

Within seconds the blonde was back in Bobby’s arms and their lips resumed their assault. Pushing his partner to a bench he lifts her so that her butt rests on the edge. As they clasp each other again his cock seeks out the tight tunnel that it demands encompass it soon. There is no need for guidance for cock and pussy know just where to find their partner for the forthcoming sexual encounter.

The woman’s legs wrap around his waist, her heels dig into his back propelling his manhood to the point of entry to her hot, wet tube. Eyes widen as his girth begins to brush aside her outer lips and expand the entrance to her pussy. She spurs it further, deeper, with her heels acting as they would if mounted on a horse, digging into his flanks.

No time or desire for finesse, Bobby plunges the length of his tool as deep and as hard as it is possible; the power of it knocks the breath out of her but as soon as he draws back her heels tell him that she loved it. Bobby reaches between her knees, pulls her legs from his waist and pushes them onto his shoulders; her flexibility allows her knees to reach her chest and he again rams home his cock.

There are two rapid sounds as his hand strikes her butt cheeks hard; she squeals then moans, “bastard, more, harder”. As he rubs the flesh of her butt and his finger seeks out her butt hole he hesitates for a second as his fingers encounter a thin cord seemingly coming from her ass.

“What the fuck…?” he exclaims.

to be continued…

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