Cabin Fever with a young encounter

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My husband and I decide to get away from it all and relax at a nice secluded cabin in the mountain. When we arrive the cabin is lovely and the view spectacular. There is a nice large exposed hot tub on the edge of a long porch. After getting settled, we decide that such a nice venue is worthy of some sexy pictures. I go to the bedroom while he sets up the camera and takes some sample pictures of the view and setting. I pull out a new lingerie piece that he has not seen complete with thigh highs and six inch stilettos’. When I come out I hear him moan and say, “That will do just fine.” We begin taking our photos with me feeling sexy and getting aroused.
Completely unnoticed by us, two male hikers are walking the trail next to the cabin and have stopped to watch. I notice that my husband has put down the camera and I look to see the hikers. There is a slight moment of embarrassment until I say,” High guys, sorry about that.” They respond, “Please, no apology necessary”. As I reach for my robe, they come up closer to the deck. They introduce themselves as John and Mike and tell us they are from the cabin next to us. I notice how the younger of the two, John, can’t keep his eyes off me so I politely smile his way. After a few pleasantries, they apologize for the intrusion and go about their way. We finished our shoot and I am so aroused that I immediately grab my husband and take him to the bedroom.
Later that night, we decide to open some good wine and sit in the hot tub completely naked. A couple of glasses of wine and I am feeling frisky. I move over to my husband who is sitting with his back to the hiking trail and start kissing and feeling for his “interest”. As I kiss my husband I notice out of the corner of my eye the small flash of a burning cigarette. Being intrigued by who is out there, I move my husband to the side of the hot tub, sitting him on the edge. I slowly and intentionally lick his hardness slowly and methodically. I then sit up on the edge and my husband goes down to lick me as I lean back exposing the full profile of my body. I glance to see if the cigarette is still there and it is. I ask my husband if he is ready for more wine and he agrees. I step out of the hot tub fully exposed, reaching for my robe.
I turn to the trail and ask, is there somebody out there?” The pause tells me that he is considering whether to reply. Finally he calls out, “Sorry, just taking a moonlight stroll.” I recognize the voice from earlier and say, “Is that you John?” When he agrees and I reply, “Thank God, I thought it was some pervert. Would you like to join us for a glass of wine?”
His awkwardness was very apparent as he stepped onto the deck. That was quickly relieved when my husband greeted him in his robe stating, “Don’t mind us, we were just having some relax time.” We sipped the wine while sitting on the deck with the usual chit chat. That is until I stand up, remove my robe and say, “well guys, I am getting back in the hot tub, anyone going to join me?”
I have to admit, I enjoyed watching this young guy awkwardly remove his shorts and shirt. I sit in the corner with each guy on either side. The conversation continues as we all sit naked sipping our wine. John keeps looking at me and says, “This is so cool.” I speak up to say that it is time to talk about something more interesting. I inform them the lady rules are that each of us have to share a sexual fantasy. I look at my husband to start and he shares the typical two female fantasy of every guy. I can see that John blushes some as I look his way and tell him it is his turn. He hesitates some before acknowledging that he has always fantasized about being with and older sexy woman. Then, for the first time of any boldness he looks at me and says, “Now, let’s hear yours.”
“Well”, I respond,” this is the start of one”. I lean over and touch him to feel how hard he is and ask if he would like to know more. He then sits up on the side of the hot tub and says, “Most definitely”. My husband watched as I begin to lick and suck John’s hard cock. I hear my husband suggest that John and I need to get more familiar. So I stand up, take him by the hand and led him out of the hot tub. My husband raises his wine glass in a gesture of cheers and tells us to have fun.
Once in the bedroom, John begins kissing me while his hands roam my body. I kneel down to suck him some more but he leans back on the bed. As I suck his rock hard cock, I hear him moan so I stop to not let him come too quickly. I lean up to kiss him and motion him to explore my body with his tongue.
Reaching my point, I lift his head and tell him to come here. He raises and kisses me passionately as I feel this new cock slowing enter me. I moan with absolute pleaser. He raises my legs and I feel his fullness deep inside of my body. He can’t help but to fill me completely.
My husband enters the room and lies next to me. I am not finished so I go down and begin sucking him. He tells me to get on my knees and he takes me from behind. John is watching so I lean over to suck him hard again. The guys take turns sharing their position with me as the night gets late.
I eventually turn to John and ask where he would like to finish. He informs me that he has always wanted to try anal. So I smile and say go slow. I feel him enter slowly and stat to increase his thrust until once again he fills me.
So he gets up to find his clothes, I kiss him and tell him to please tell his friend about meeting his new neighbors.

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