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Rendezvous with Lover.

They say that the best sex is in the day and I have proven this to be true. Now don’t give me wrong but I have been with my partner for the last six years and our lives have become heavily concentrated on day to day running so sex is just by the way!
I plan to change that because I miss our passionate rendezvous we used to have before our hectic careers. I start out my seduction via a passionate message to him at the office, asking him to do me a favour he obliges. Anything you want Hun, he replies hummm. I am still in bed and masturbating to the scenes of the spice channel thinking of all the nasty things to do to my man when he gets home.
I tell him what I need him to do is come home, get naked and sit and wait for me I want his nine inch cock in my mouth. He pauses. I lure him in describing all the ways I want to swallow and play with his cock head while he fondles my breasts and play with my pussy lips.
We are eager for what is going to happen tonight. As soon as I get the baby to sleep our interlude begins.
I spread his legs, takes his ball sack in my mouth and suck so hard he mourns. I lick his shaft and lubricate his hero with my mouth I urge him to go deep as I suck on his cock hard he pre cums…We kiss passionately he fondles my breasts I take his dick and start to ejaculate them on my breasts while I lick his dick head..My lover is fully aroused his fingers are on my pimp and I am fuckin wet and just want to fuck.
I lie on my back and he pushes his hard cock in my pussy teasing me with pushing it in and out he can’t hold back any longer his juices are on my thighs. I tell him to push his dick in my mouth I suck and fondle so passionately he shoots in my mouth! I am so fuckin hot that I beg him to suck my pussy! It feels so amazing that I am imagining a threesome with him and another man as I fantasize my pussy is getting soaked and he is trying to calm me! My legs are in the air and his mouth is all over my shaven pussy my asshole is pulsating to the rythym of his mouth (it’s like a party). I am so cumming baby Oh fuck yeah fuck yeah…I am all over his face he takes his hard dick and pushes it so far up my pussy we don’t need the KY jelly..We fuck until he comes. I ask him to shoot in my face this time he does. He wants to go again but I urge him to save some for tomorrow night.

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