Conventions Don't Have To Be Boring

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Convention’s Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Three hours before I board a plane for Hono lu lu, Hawaii, I land late tonight, I only have to give one speech, and that is on Saturday, I have the rest of week to attend a few sessions, the rest of the time I want to be soaking up the sun, and looking for that perfect body, and with a the combination of brains and can hold up his end of the conversation. Not just be able to think with the little head. Multi-tasker, that is what I am going to look for, this time. I got dressed and purposely wore no underwear, they just seems to bunch up while on the flight.
I got settled into my window seat, I saw this really hot guy coming my, I could feel my heart beat pick up, My eyes did that, quick look at him to see if he was looking at me, sure enough he came and sat right next to me. We introduced ourselves he said he was Mike, I said, Cherry nice to meet you. We found out in a matter of minutes that we were bound for the same conference. Now that was a very pleasant surprise. All I could think of was he smelled soooo nice, Things were tingling again, I knew I should have masturbated at least once before I left. Rubbing up against him, made my juices start to flow. I stood up pretended to fix my skirt, and leaned way up to put my bag up over head, in the compartment, then just before, I went to sit back I hiked up my skirt just a bit, to let him know, I was not wearing any underwear. I heard him moan faintly, as I sat down, I threw my jacket just over me, like a blanket, I pretend to play with my necklace, but what I was doing was undoing a couple more buttons on my blouse, I wanted him to be looking and making his cock aroused. Just as he was doing to me with that awesome smell of his. I leaned over to him said, to him in a whisper, “I am not wearing any underwear!” He smiles and says back, “Me either” I looked down, and you could see the outline of his every growing cock. I was about to reach over and stroke it when the please buckle your seat belts, I couldn’t wait to get the belt off, then the flight attendant came around with our drink orders. Mine was sling a pore sling. We started to drink our drinks and just talked. After my third drink, he order me four, I said to him I get really horny when I drink too much. It was a long flight, so Mike asked if I would like to go to a less crowded part of the plane, Where, we could have more room, I said sure, so up he pulled me, and I was pretty light headed, but I knew what I wanted. As we walked through a couple of doorways, I saw Mike give the flight attendant some money, “no problem sir,” she said. It was really nice and cozy. We were the only ones behind the curtain right now. “This is first class” he mentioned as we sat on the half-moon sofa. This was nice, big screen TV to watch, “They even have an adult channel,” I clicked right to it. Mike’s mmmmm and said, “Now you’re my kind of girl” as he was putting his arm around me, to snuggle in. One hand was stroking my hair, and the other one was sliding down to rub my breast, just the way he took the nipple between his fingers, and rolling, it so gentle, making me moan. With one hand, he undid the rest of my buttons, and undid my front closure bra, leaving my breasts almost exposed. He left my breast long enough to turn my face toward his and he started to kiss me so firmly, I thought he was going to suck the life out of me, mmmmm made me go weak, melting under his touch. I was so enjoying him touching and fondle my aching breasts so nicely. As he sucked one, he was tweaking the other one, playing and twisting my already erect nipple. Every few second I would feel him sliding up my skirt, and lick his lips. His breathing was picking up, his hand went down to my throbbing pussy. He was driving me wild, just rubbing it out side of my pussy lips, just applying a small bit of pressure, just on top of my clit, he knew how much I need to have my lips spread. As his tongue was trying to get down my throat, and me squirming and moaning under his touch, he finally slid one finger in, gently stroking my swollen clit. I let out a big gasp, he knew then he was in the right spot. Mmmmm I am too close I whisper, your fingers feel too good I mumbled out of when he was sucking on my the nap of my neck,, ouuuu I said,, and just as he made one more tap, my first orgasm let lose send a wave right from the top of my head to my toes. The more I squirmed the more he played with my oh soooo sensitive clit. As I lay there still jumpy from my other orgasm, he started to insert a finger and dipped it. He just moved his finger around in a circle touching all the outside of my pussy lips, he was still playing and dipping, I reached over him and undid his pants. When his zipper came down, out it flew. I could not take my eyes off of it, so started to stroke his cock, at first very slow, taking my thumb and fore finger just glide up and down that very hot shaft,, slide right down to those cum filled balls, still stroking, that hot shaft, I flick my hot wet tongue with it moving all that newly formed precum that was oozing out, taking my tongue and moving it all over that nice hot head, then just breathe on it, then just kiss and suck all the way down that nice hard cock, right down to those nice hot balls.. rub my cheek all around them, them hard swollen balls, then still stroking him,, I kiss my way and suck back up mmm till I get to that nice thick head. Hearing him moan, just from slightly touching, and stroking,, I get my lips all wet and just push that hot head right through my nice tight lips, then I feel your hips moving to my sucking,, the head in and out in and out, mmmmm then just take it way in deep, until I gag on that big head, swallow some more,, I can feel as I am stroking stroking the base of your hard cock, I can feel the juice heading up,, so I stop,, and tease the head. He was grabbing my head trying to get me to go down on him so more,, I was sliding up his body, and rubbing my soaking wet pussy, all over his nice slippery cock, and it slides sooo nice, as I let it slide right over my clit,, feels sooo good,, slide it down, and Mike kept saying baby put it in, let me feel how tight your pussy is,, take me deep inside he would almost beg,, then I slide back down on it,, slowly taking it in, inch by awesome inch.. mmmmm as I was moaning as I was wiggling it in. sliding it out all the way and then back in and further in each time I pushed it in. I could feel that nice big cock, spreading me as it went in. As I was rocking so hard on him, he was meeting every slide, on him, so I stopped and just made him stopped, and let him feel me squeezing him soo tight, baby please he said, are you close. I started to fuck his cock hard,, and deep,, and he just moaned and grabbed my ass pulling me down even further on his hot cock,, I was so close, I slowed down and just slide right to the end, and then back,, mmmm sooo close, I breathed,, into his ear, he started to force his cock, back and forth,, mmmmm can’t hold when you are doing that,, and I just let loose and Fucked him till his poor cock was limp, he exploded in me so much juice, It was all running down his balls, mmm he just felt so good, I wanted him to stay in there.
Now that is the way to travel!!!! Have fun on your next convention, say yes to the free trip, and be open to all suggestions

By Cherry Snow

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