Dream Lover, Story 1

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In my dream, I’m sitting at the dining room table with Lorie to my left and Doug to my right. We’re having dinner and a bit of slightly strained conversation — we’re comfortable but don’t really know each other.

I hear the front door open from down in the stairwell, footsteps coming up the stairs, and a man’s voice calling, “Hey guys, it’s just me,” and the strangest thing — looking up, they look *guilty*! Lorie says, “Don’t hate us, we really had to tell him you were here.”

I swivel in my chair, more than halfway knowing it’s going to be you. And it is — you round the corner and are through the living room and to the table in just a few steps, and to my surprise, to your knees in front of me. I’m — shocked — at your expression. Like you think I’m going to curse you and scream for you to leave. I can’t stand to see you so obviously filled with trepidation, and follow my first instinct — to find out if the Guy I knew is still in there. (In real life there would be some level of greeting here, but it’s a dream, and there wasn’t!)

I’m wearing boots, black leather to the knee, 4-inch spike heels (yes, I really have them). I finish swiveling to the side of my chair and place one foot on the back of each of your calves and tip back my heels. I see the realization in your eyes when it starts to hurt — you put your hands on my knees to stop me — but I say “No… just — take it!”, and press a little harder. “Come on, I *know* you’re in there!” and a little harder and there’s the Guy I know — your shoulders straighten, head comes back and teeth clench, you lower your head and look from beneath your brow — and finally the hot glint from your eyes and I know you’re home. I put my hands on either side of your face and say low, “THERE you are!” and lean forward and kiss you. Things kind of go into slow motion and everything sounds like it’s underwater. I hear Lorie say, “Who *was* that masked man?” and Doug laughing uncomfortably. You hook your fingers under the heels of my boots and pull my legs around your waist, run your hands back up along my calves, thighs, hips, to my waist, and pull me forward off the chair till we’re pressed tight together, and kiss me like you’re drowning and I’m air.

And pull away suddenly — I can’t help it but but I gasp — and you slide one arm under my knees and another around my back, and stand with me. I protest that you shouldn’t, that I won’t be responsible for you hurting your back (that’s when I really knew this dream was in 2010!) — but you ignore me and say to Lorie, “Okay if we use the guest room? We need to — talk.” She nods mutely, but you’re already striding down the hallway, pushing through one of the doors on the right, kicking it closed. I hear Doug say before it closes, though, “Did that really just happen?”

Once we’re alone I realize the tables are turned — you’re completely in control now. You drop me on the bed on my back and are over me before I can even raise up on my elbows, your knees between mine and your hand flat on my chest. You’re almost glaring at me. You breathe, “If you don’t want this to happen, you need to tell me NOW,” and I say, “No, I’ll scream if you stop,” and you respond, “Yeah — I’ll make you scream…”

You lower your head until your forehead is touching mine, your eyes boring into mine, and we stay that way for a second, both breathing hard. Then you close your eyes and begin to kiss me, thoroughly – speaking novels with your lips – all the years apart and wanting each other, the pain that you suffered when I deserted you, relief that the spark is still there between us despite our age, and finally, like a clean blade, new passion that we can have now. You’ve lowered your body to lie heavy on me – I can’t breathe but I love it – and we push against each other as if we could go through into each others bodies. Your hips begin to move against mine and I spread my legs beneath you, wrapping my legs around your hips and grinding against the hard length I feel between us. You freeze – move again and freeze again – and laugh – say, “I’m gonna go like a teenager like this… it’s been too long!” I thrust against you one more time and push you away, over and onto your back and follow you so I’m over you now. I put both hands against your chest and say, “Let’s just get that out of the way now. I’m sure we can figure out something to entertain us while you… recover.”

I begin to push your t-shirt up and you put your hands on mine – we both understand that this ‘unveiling’ will be very different from when we were younger! – but then you let me go and pull the shirt off over your head. Sitting on your thighs, I smile, look into your eyes, and begin to unbutton my shirt, which is thin white cotton and has maybe 30 tiny buttons. I make a tease out of it, to work out the uncomfortable tension, starting from the bottom and taking my time, loving that your eyes are following my fingers so intently. I know that I have suffered the ravages of time too, of course, and am very aware of pulling in my stomach as it’s exposed, but you seem to appreciate the view anyhow, breathing harder and biting your lower lip as I finish unbuttoning and slide the shirt off my shoulders. You reach up then and put your hands on my shoulders, sliding them down to my collarbones, your fingers playing me like an instrument – down to the catch on the front of my bra, working it deftly and now we’ve got the awkward bit out of the way… this is who we are now. We check each other covertly to be sure it’s all still okay, and it is – the spark is intense enough to survive this.

You’ve still got hold of the material of my bra behind my back, my arms slightly behind me and trapped by the elastic, and you move quickly, wrapping it around my wrists and twisting and in a moment I’m captive – I know my eyes have gone wide and bright and I can feel my nipples hard in a split second, my breath coming hard and fast. You say, low, “Yeah, I thought maybe it might be like that…” and pull me down onto your bare chest, the contact almost a shock, and then using my wrists pull down – “You said you were going to take care of something?” You let go of my wrists – thankfully the material stays twisted around my arms – unbuckle your belt and jeans and shove them down just around your thighs, then twine your hand in my hair and bring me down to where you want me. I want this too, so bad, and I want to go slowly enough to give you all the pleasure I can. I wet my lips and press them against your cock, slide from the base up to where the shaft meets the crown, run my tongue out to tease the spot and love how you groan and move hard against my mouth. I follow your groan with my own, move up and take you into my mouth and in, sucking you gentle and not, and then ducking my head to take you as far as I can in one stroke, down my throat so I can’t breathe around you. I stay there as long as I can – your hand in my hair forcing yourself impossibly further down – and then pull away to gasp and do it again as soon as I can. You’re running this but it’s what I want too… you begin to move faster into me but quickly I feel you losing rhythm and take it over, continuing to take you as hard and deep as I can until I feel you swell against the back of my throat and come with a shout, pressing your forearm against your mouth to muffle the sound. I don’t usually like to swallow but this time I want all of you that I can get, and I suck as hard as I can to pleasure you, swallowing and swallowing what feels like a gallon of come, and you’re almost screaming between your teeth and I think I’m feeling as much pleasure as you are, my heart thundering in my chest, grinding myself against your leg. When you’re emptied you collapse down, letting loose my hair but keeping your hand on my head, caressing now. At some point my arms came free and I sit up, the material twined around one wrist trailing over your thighs and bringing one more shudder from you.

I move up against your still-heaving chest, lying on my side, and you slide your arm around my waist. I kiss you, gentle, not knowing if you mind the taste of yourself on my lips, but I guess you don’t because you pull me in closer, sliding your tongue into my mouth, pulling away to whisper your pleasure. You shove your jeans off your legs along with your shoes, clumping onto the floor, and say against my lips, “Somebody here is over-dressed, and it ain’t me.”

You turn then, pushing me gently onto my back, lying on your side with your head propped on your hand, and run your fingers from my cheek to my neck, down further to gather one breast into your hand, then move your head down to my chest and slide your tongue hot and wet over my nipple. I gasp as the feeling runs over me and gathers down further. You draw me into your mouth and suckle gently, then close your teeth over the nipple and bite – I jump as it begins to hurt and you growl around me, your lips curving up in a mischievous grin, “No… just take it!”, and harder and I’m arching against you and crying out as quiet as I can, and your hand is moving down my belly and then into my jeans and you can feel now how I want you, how wet I am around your fingers. My jeans are not so tight that you can’t move your hands, and you do, one finger sliding up into me and it’s too good, I’m writhing against you and now another finger and another, your mouth teasing the other breast and bringing me higher and higher with your mouth and your hands. I feel the burn increasing in my belly and protest, “No, not yet, please not yet” and you slow your ministrations and bring me back down, licking my breasts with sweeps of your tongue, sliding your fingers long and sure and slow into me, and then you put your thumb against my clit and whisper in my ear, “Come for me, baby” and take me with your hand so hard I have no choice but to do as you will. I feel myself spilling over the top of this incredible orgasm and it’s like I’ve never come before it’s so intense, pushing hard against your hand and crying out, trying to be quiet and then giving it up. I ride the aftershocks back down, you’re kissing me long and slow and sweet, pulling your hand from between my legs and trailing a line of moisture up my belly, between my breasts, and then sliding your fingers into your mouth and sucking, the gesture so provocative that I can’t believe I’m seeing it. Your eyes are half-closed with lust as you bring your hands back down to my hips, slowly, teasingly unbuttoning my jeans, lowering the zipper one tooth at a time, and then sliding them down my hips until they’re stopped by the leather tops of my boots. You slide down to the end of the bed and remove the boots and pull my jeans off, and then, pausing, slide the boots back on. When you discover the folded bit that when unfolded brings them up to mid-thigh, you smile like a kid at Christmas. The leather is softer than flesh, warm from my body, and you hum appreciatively as you slide your hands up and down the length of my thighs, calves and ankles…moving your hands up further you force my legs apart and move up between them, kissing my inner thighs where the leather meets the skin, licking long stripes up and up until your tongue is teasing the folds of flesh, kissing me as if you were kissing my mouth – your tongue and lips and teeth working together to bring me to a place that isn’t even near reality. You move your fingers back inside of me, making me cry out, and then close your lips around that most sensitive spot and suck gently and rhythmically, the tip of your tongue moving against me, again, again, and my head is spinning and my thigh muscles are bunched so tight they’re jumping and that edge is reached – I’m coming so hard I see lights flashing behind my closed eyes and I think I’m screaming but I can’t really hear anything… when I finally drift back down I’m wrecked, wasted, I couldn’t have moved if I tried. I open my eyes to see you staring directly into mine. You breathe, “I’m gonna take you till you beg me to stop,” and all I can say is “Yes, please…”

You take my hips in your hands and flip me over onto my stomach and I move up onto my knees and elbows, the anticipation of having you in me almost unbearable. I can see you in the mirror across from the bed, faintly – we never turned on the lights but the ambient light of the streets shows me enough. I see you watching us too – our eyes meet in the mirror – and I see you take yourself into your hand and melt inside… something about a man touching himself knocks me out. You move closer to me and slide the heat of your shaft between my legs, moving it between my legs but not in and I beg you to please take me – I can’t stand having you so close but not in me… You press yourself against me and move your hips to slide the head of your cock over that oversensitive spot and I feel like a lightening bolt passes through me – I jolt backwards – and then you give it to me, plunging deep into my body, to the hilt in one stroke, growling like an animal against the back of my neck. And then you’re taking me slow, driving me hard, letting me feel every inch of you as you move in and out of me, your hands moving over my breasts, squeezing my nipples to make me jump, running your fingers between our legs to feel yourself slippery inside me. You rise up and grab onto the headboard with one hand, the other holding almost too hard on my shoulder, and start taking me in earnest now – pulling me back as you push forward, so deep that it hurts when you hit the end of me, and I feel myself trying to come again but inside this time. I’m crying your name, begging you to do me harder, out of my mind with almost being able to get there, almost… and it’s like you feel my need and bring one hand down between my legs and touch me there, just once, and that’s all I needed – I throw my head back and scream my orgasm, not even bothering to try to stifle it this time. I’m slamming my hips against yours as hard as I can, but you hold back, your teeth set in my shoulder, sounding like you’re almost in pain, and finally holding my hips still you sit back, move so that your back is against the headboard and I’m sitting on your lap, still impaled. I move carefully, spinning around until I’m facing you, not breaking connection. We’re looking into each others’ eyes and almost laughing – this is crazy wild fun! You bend me backwards and take my breasts into your mouth again, one after the other, moving back and forth and starting to move your hips against mine again. I can feel every sensation – the texture of your cock, the rough hair between your legs, the tension in your thighs – your breath hot against my chest – I lean forward to kiss you and make love to you with my mouth, sliding my tongue between your lips as you slide your body into mine, our breath moving back and forth between us as you span my hips with your hands and drive me as you want me, staying slow but more and more powerfully – your head falls forward as you begin to lose control and I hear you starting to call out, quiet and in the back of your throat at first, getting louder as we continue to move together, finally breaking loose in almost a roar as you grab my hips in your hands so hard it hurts and feels like heaven at the same time, and slam into me once, and again, and once more – and I feel you filling me with your come and your chest moving against mine, covered with sweat and then your mouth on mine, filling my mouth with your tongue as you grind against me one last time. I drop my head against your chest and can feel your heart banging – it’s keeping time with mine – and your arms come around me and hold me in the sweetest way possible.

After a while we get up, slowly, and get dressed again. We can’t stay in this room – we’re going to have to go back out and face the music. We both take a deep breath and go out into the living room, to find Lorie and Doug have gone to bed, probably affected by our lovemaking, and we don’t have to face them after all.

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