embrace me

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remember as the day was yesterday i saw her standing there ,,the spark i felt was very soothing ,,as someone had took my heart and gave it a boost ,,my speach was like i was intoxicated ,,the feeling i had for someone i had never even spoken to was something i had never felt in my live ,,the day we did come together was something i would allways remember ,,the way she smelled was so intising to my sences those eyes how they seem to pierce into my soul ,,i new from that moment ,,i must have her ,,as time went on we grew closer and closer i remeber the day got the nerve up to kiss me ,,it went from one kiss to passionit kiss ,,the day i finally decided i would cross that i grabed her and as i kissed her i slowly raised her top and fondeled her breast ,,,the passion was so over welming ,,as i slowly relaxed the situation she helded me that much tighter ,,i remember feeling like there was nothing else in the world just her and me that was it ,,no worries or nothing ,,,the inbrace was something i neer felt before ,,as we closed ,,we became not only lovers that day but friends ,,best of friends ,,as we walkd now side by side i new i would have her for my own ,,she felt the way i felt throught the times ,,we seem to go throught hard and good times together ,,one day she did as i did the first time we inbraced ,,she grabed me pushing me into the wall with such a force for a smaller lady i was overwelmed ,,the passion she had for me ,,out of every incounter i believe that to be the best for she showed me the love and pasion she had for me as it grew so did the touching and kissing and finally the making love for that day will be etched into my head forever ,,it was so amazing we had only a small amount of time but it seemed like days had passed ,,the passion we had was nothing i can express ,,for as the days went on over time it grew with ever moment

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