fatal love,part 1

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This morning,when I still lay in our bed,Tina told me about a business trip and the need to stay overnight in a town at the coast.While she took her shower,I asked:
“…And you’ll be the “wife” of my friend,the famous “Mr.B”,I asked,taking a short view into her travel bag.
In seconds,I got her sexiest lingerie in my hands,a present to her from the week before – garterbelt,bra and thong in a light green and transparent fabrice.
I’ll get you,bitch,I thought,while jumping into the bed again.
Later that day,I only had to do some phonecalls to find out,where the “business-dinner” will take place.
Then,I dialed the number of Tina’s best friend and asked her:
“Hey,Suzy,my sweetheart,I ‘d like to invite you for a dinner at the coast tonight – pick you up at 8 o’clock is fine for you?”
“Ohhh,sure,my dear….want me in a sexy dress?”
“Dress up like a bitch, Suzy” I ordered and left my office minutes later.
Nearly one hour before our date,I rang the bell and Suzy opened, nearly undressed – and in fact, I’ve expected this.
“I see, you’re ready for a fuck” I smiled at her delicious body and let my fingers searching for her butthole and her tight cunt from behind.
“Ohhh,not now,Tim,please…I have to dress up for the evening !” she whispered, putting her arms around my neck.
“Baby, I’m sure you’re hungry for a big cock in your ass,right now – and I guess,first of all,my little present for you will convince you to bend over for me,spreading your cheeks wide apart with both hands – to say “hallo” to your big friend.
With these words,I gave the small envelope to her and enjoyed the view on her small butt,when she turned around,walking into the living room.
With a smile on my face,I followed slowly and saw this bitch,preparing her lines on the table in front of the big sofa.
When she bent down,I sank to my knees behind her long legs and pressed my tongue deep into her wonderful tight cunt.
“Ohhhh,yes…fuck me,Tim…stick your big cock in my pussy…!” Suzy begged.
I really don’t need this invitation, got my dick out fast and guided the swollen head directly at her rear opening.
The same moment,Suzy started to tell,that I’m at the wrong hole;I pressed forward,really enjoying her:
“Noooo,please…not there…Tim,please fuck my cunt…”
Too late,’cause my dick had entered her ass completely.
I gave her a short moment to relax, but after this,I hammered my cock inside and out. Again and again, ’til my first load dissapears deep inside her rectum.
With a clap on her buttcheeks,I told her to hurry up for dinner now…
“My god, you bastard,please give me ten minutes to dress up “ladylike” for the evening!” she groaned and walked to the bathroom.

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