finally getting what i want

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I’d been watching her most of the summer. Watching her coming and going with her friends. She looks so fresh and unspoiled. Her name is Lisa and she’s the girl next door.

Lisa moved in during the previous school year. She’s got a gorgeous tight ass and firm perky breasts..just like a freshman in college should. At 18 years old she looked like she needed a good fucking. I was going to teach her everything she ever wanted to know about sex.

I was just getting home from work when I pulled into the drive and there she is sitting on my porch step. She’s wearing one of those little pleated catholic school girl uniforms. The ones that barely cover anything. Her long beautiful blond hair is down and the top couple of buttons of her shirt are unbutton. She’s sitting there fanning herself with a notebook.

As I get out my car she walks up to me and explains to me that she’s locked out of the house and asks if she can use the phone. Of course I say yes. Thinking to myself that I’m finally going to be able to fuck that nice tight ass of hers.

While we are inside she asks if she can use my bathroom. I tell her were it’s at and she goes upstairs. I can’t figure out what is taking her so long so I got up to look for her.

I find her in my bedroom. She’s kneeling on my bed, shirt and bra off. She’s got her hand up her skirt playing with her cunt. I don’t know if I can control myself when she gets off of the bed and kneels down in front of me. Saying nothing she takes out my 9 inch cock. I’m already rock hard…barely able to control myself. She teases the tip…she licks me from my balls to my tip. I look down just time to see her beautiful face take my cock in her mouth. She struggles at first but ends up taking as much as she can in her mouth.

I grab her head and force her down further until she can’t handle it any more. I can’t stand it any more. I pick her up and throw her onto the bed. I flip her over and tell her to get on her hands and knees. That beautiful tight ass is right there in front of me. I start to finger her hot wet pussy to get it lubbed to I stick it in her ass…after it’s nice and lubbed I start to play with her ass hole…so nice and tight. I tell her to play with herself while I fuck her. I don’t wait. I get behind her and ram in it her so hard she lets out a scream. I start pounding her..her tight little hole feels so good. I’m watching my cock slide in and out of here as she lets out another scream and I can’t contain it any more. She’s got tears running down her face and moaning in pleasure. I pull out and tell her to flip over. I kneel over her and I stroke my stiff cock. She tries to play with herself but I won’t let her. I just want her to watch.

I take up her ankles and pull her up towards me so her knees are over my shoulders. I slide my big cock into the shaved wet pussy of hers…enjoying every minute as I work it. She’s squirming yelling that it hurts but I don’t pay attention. As I’m sliding my dick in her I start to play with her clit…she arches her back and moans in pleasure.

It feels so good to fuck her like that. Watching me fuck her and watching her squirm in pain and pleasure. But I don’t want to cum in her. I want to cum on her. I want to cum on her breasts. I pull out of her just before I can’t hold it any longer. I kneel over her and jack of until I squirt cum all of her chest and face. Now she looks like the slut that she really is. Little does she know I have more in store for her.

Once I am done she wants to clean up but I tell her can’t. I grab her wrists and tie them up to the head board. I’ve got a little toy that I want to introduce her to. Out my night table I pull out a 12 inch black dong. I’ve been saving this bad boy for just this type of occasion. Lisa can’t stand it she starts wiggling. She screams that she can’t take it all. Oh but she will.

I kneel in between her legs and spread her cunt wide. By now it is dripping wet and her clit is stiff. I waste no time and ram that dildo in her so hard she screams louder then before. I start working it in and tell her to look in the mirror at the end of the bed. She watches as a fuck her with the toy. Lisa is starting to enjoy it. She starts moaning and fucking back. As I work the dildo in and out I start playing with her clit and she can’t handle this. She is getting so wet. I watch as she is just about to come. I pull the toy and ram my hand up in her. Surprisingly she takes most of it. I find the magical spot and she screams out in pure pleasure. I can feel the orgasm around my hand. She comes all over my hand.

She may think I’m done but I have a whole lot more that I want to teach that little girl.

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  1. LadyDragon316

    I’ve read all three of your stories. They’re all very good. I’d like to see more of them posted soon.

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