Finding Passion

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Someone once told me that, sex without love is just a fuck without passion. Looking over at my soon to be ex hubby, I realize that he was the prime example of that in the flesh. As I climbed out of that bed for the last time and prepared myself to leave the home that I had shared with a man who I had been just fucking for 4 years, I cried a little. Wiping away the tears I picked up my suitcase and walked out the front door without looking back. That was my Monday!

Tuesday, I went into the local Victoria Secrets store and as I wandered around I came upon a red bra. The material felt like silk in my hands and I wondered how it would feel on my skin. I decided to try it on, knowing that it would probably not fit as I was very nicely endowed. In spite of the size I felt wonderful and every so sexy. I also decided that red was my color. As I continued to look at myself in the mirror I noticed that I had audience. He was tall, dark and handsome with large brown eyes and a sensuous mouth. Both were smiling at me as he took in the view that I was offering him. As I smiled back I realized that the position of the mirror allowed him to see the front of me as well. My smile, broaden with pleasure, as I slowly started to take off the red bra for the man in the mirror. I could tell that he enjoyed the view as he nodded his head ever so slightly to encourage me to continue. Still smiling I unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor. I began to massage my poor tits that had been squeezed into a bra that was 2 sizes too small. I could see that he was enjoying watching me as his lips were every so slightly parted. He appeared to be breathing hard and mmmmmmmmmm I loved it. I continued massage my breast and nipples as I offered them to him by way of the mirror. I slowly began to move my red panty covered hips from side to side making a figure eight with them, as I move my hands slowly down my body. I had started taking a belly dance class the week before and my teacher said I was a natural. Having a nice firm generous ass that could be found on women of color I let it dance for him. I watched his face the mirror and what I saw made me sooo hot and wet and I wanted him to know that. Bending over from the waist, I slowly slide the damp red panties down over my hips, down my thighs and letting them puddle at my feet on to the floor. Stepping out the puddle of red silk and still making figure eights with my hips, I deepen my bend from the waist and I spread my legs apart. This gave him a very wonderful view of my pussy and asshole. It was then that I heard a first moan. Standing up slowly with a soft slow movement of my hips from side to side as my hands caressed my ass cheeks, I believe I heard another moan. As I pushed my hair out of my face I looked into the mirror and saw lust, desire and passion. He licked his lips as he looked me over with such appreciation. Standing there naked for his eyes only, I realized have never felt so sexy in my life as I felt then. I continued to let my hands drift over my body in light caresses, still moving my hips side to side now with a shimmy. I guess it was too much for him as he walked up to my curtain and slide it close. It was then that I heard voices and realize why he had done it.

I purchase the red bra even thought it didn’t fit and probably never would. I would put it on the alter to passion as token of appreciation. As passion was now mines to have and red was most definitely my color, I felt it was only fitting.

So as I walked out the store to my car with a soft sway to my hips. I saw the man drive by in a black Lexus with a blond woman sitting in the passenger seat looking into a compact mirror. She didn’t see the look he gave me and the one that I gave back to him. As a parting gesture, I flip the hem of my short black skirt at him, just high enough so that he could see my passion. I smiled and kept walking even when I heard the crash of metal. So much for my Tuesday.!!

The End

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