Fun by the Lake – Part 2

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Fun by the Lake – Part 2by Friendly Guy

The next day as I begin my jog, I eagerly awaited my partner from yesterday, making sure that I timed everything just right. Still, I do not know her name, but her face is in my mind’s eye, and another taste of her sweet pussy is another highly anticipated event.

As I come around the bend where I saw her yesterday, sure enough, I hear footsteps again. It IS her! She has a different set of clothes on than yesterday, her hair is pinned up like a bun, but she is a welcomed site.

She pulls up to me and says “Hey, friendly guy, I never caught your name?”

“The same is true for me”, I say. “Why don’t you just call me Friendly Guy and tell me, what should I call you?”

“Well, you can call me anytime, but for now, call me “‘She Who Loves How You Eat Pussy.'”

“What is your nickname,” I ask. And she says “Call me ‘The Jogger'”.

All this time we’ve slowly jogged to our secluded and private natural room. The Jogger comes over and jumps in my arms, grinding her pubic bone into me, planting another deep throated kiss, and says “I need you to take me NOW!”

We both drop to the ground, pawing at each other, pulling our clothes off, me kissing her nipples and she rubbing my cock to full staff! I notice when I look at her pussy it is now freshly shaven and has a little inscription on her skin just above what used to be her hairline. It read: “Property of Friendly Guy”.

I was amazed and turned on! I jumped right to work, alternatively licking her inner legs, her pussy lips and her clit. My right hand again zoomed right to her asshole and began playing with her hole. She started to moan and moisten and further beckoned me. She pushed my head first down to her vagina where I had a contented lover’s feast. She was quite close to cumming when she pushed my head further down and asked “Please rim me, Friendly Guy!”

Although I never rimmed an asshole before, I dutifully obeyed her wish conveyed upon me and started to tongue her asshole. Surprisingly, it was very clean and fresh smelling and the reaction I got from her was a sight to behold. She bucked and bucked her pelvis and asked me to fist her pussy while eating her ass. I eagerly obliged and soon, she had several shattering orgasms, and she fell limp.

My cock was obviously very much overdue for attention. Slowly she got up on her hands and knees and told me to roll over on my back. I did so and she grasped my cock and started to fondle me, then she deep throated me. Unlike yesterday, she never stopped deep throating me I shot my load and she never missed a drop, slowly licking my cock clean like an ice cream cone. She never stopped playing with my cock and soon I was once again hard and ready for action.

She got up onto her feet and lowered her head to the ground, her ass shooting skyward. I got up and slowly prepared her for incoming. When my cock reached her asshole, she pulled me into her aggressively. I slowly held her hips with both hands and we rhythmically performed the love dance once again. This time, sensing I was close to orgasm, she asked me to pull out and fuck her pussy good and hard. I did so, but as I did, I reached back and inserted 3 fingers in her hole. Again, after several minutes, she came again just a few seconds before I shot everything I had left. We fell onto the ground totally spent.

After what seemed like an hour, I heard a snap of a twig and woke up, with the Jogger still in my arms. As I opened my eyes, I was amazed to see what was looking back at me!

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