Fun by the Lake

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Fun by the Lake! By Friendly Guy!


I am jogging along the Lake in a particularly secluded and wooded section and am surprised to be suddenly joined by a fellow female jogger. She paces along with me and starts a conversation. After a few moments we stop, introduce ourselves, and get acquainted. I can see her checking me out and she catches me checking her out and the rise in my shorts. She has a beautiful, friendly face, nice pert breasts and an ass and legs that just won’t quit.

She says she knows a very private area nearby and asks if I’d like to join her. In no time at all, we are in this soft mossy, grassy area shrouded by tall trees providing a perfect canopy and “room”. She walks up to me and plants a long, deep, provocative kiss and gently brushes across my hard-on. As I moan and return the kiss, my right hand starts to soft tickle her back and my left hand plays with her hair. She responds by pulling down my shorts and underwear, steps back and admires my cock and ass. She pulls off her top and sports bra and shows off her gorgeous breasts. She walks over to me and hugs and deep throat kisses me more, playing with my cock with one hand and massaging my ass with her other hand.

We both drop down upon the grass and I pull down her shorts and panties and admire her neatly trimmed snatch. I immediately go between her thighs and begin to play with her pubic hair, her sensitive areas around her pussy, and then I start to rove down to her clit. She gasps as I blow air upon her moist clit and my tongue starts to fleck her clit and then enter her sweet pussy. All this time, my right hand has been caressing her ass and she arcs her bottom as my finger makes spirals that get closer and closer to her anus. As my tongue heats up her pussy, she beckons me to enter her asshole with my finger and I slowly work my way up from one finger to three fingers rimming her. As she cums the first time, she begs me to suck her breasts which I do eagerly, the left first, and then the right breast. She pushes me over onto my back and straddles my cock, holding it while she massages her clit and then slowly lets my manhood slide into her pussy. She begins this washing machine rocking motion, a kind of circular, grinding action that really gets me close to shooting my wad. She sees my aroused state, slows down, leans over and has me suck her breasts while my hands continue to massage her ass and play with her asshole. Suddenly, she violently bucks and has another orgasm, and this time I can not hold back. I shoot a ton of cum deep inside her and she collapses on top of me, breathing heavy.

After several minutes, she starts to play with my semi-limp cock, encouraging me on yet again. She moves down and starts to lick then takes my now erect cock and deep throats me, an experience I never felt before in my life. As I start to get really into it, she stops and says, “You just have to butt fuck me – and good!” As she gets into a doggy position and points her beautiful ass up to the sky, I mount her and slowly slide into her ass. After she accepts my entry and gets used to this position, she starts to do her washing machine rocking motion, all the while having her asshole rhythmically clench my cock on each of my in strokes. After what seems like several minutes, with her playing with her clit and pussy, my right hand grabbing and playing with her breasts and nipples, she bucks again, having another deep and long and tremendously powerful orgasm. Just as she climaxes, I shoot my load deep inside her ass and we both then collapse in each others arms and doze off. When we awake, she says “meet me here same time tomorrow for round two!” That is one appointment I will not miss!

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