Handy man

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Handy Man

Don’t you just hate it when a major appliance craps out on you? Well, this morning when I went to make myself some blueberry pancakes I realized that my stove top just up and quit working! Unfortunately the warranty has run out and I have no idea of the mechanics of a stove. Hmmm, perhaps that sweet piece of man from the garage might know a thing or two about handy work. He was awfully good with those hands of his and when we met again on the bike trail…he did make me promise to call.

I look up the garage number and dial. I ask for him by name and the secretary tells me to hold. I am so nervous! His voice comes over the line and I realize I am so turned on. I tell him who I am and he is genuinely happy to hear from me. “How can I be of service to you this time sweetie?” I ask him if he is handy with household appliances and he replies that if it has a knob or any moving parts it is within his expertise.

I tell him my stove isn’t working and I was really looking forward to blueberry pancakes this morning. He laughs at me pleasantly and says “It just so happens that I am going out for parts and was going to take a long lunch anyhow. Can I come by and take a look?”

Within 25 minutes he is at my door. Little does he realize that within that 25 minutes I had showered, put my hair up in soft romantic do and shaved my pussy into the shape of a heart in hopes he would want to run his hands through that general area. I answer the door in just a slight summer dress and a thong only. I notice my vanilla perfume catches his senses and he leans in for a better smell. I hug him in gratitude, inviting him in. To my delight I find that he is already excited and hope like hell the stove won’t take but a moment to fix so as to have him all to myself over the long lunch hour.

He is under the hood of my stove and discovers a small adjustment needed and ta da my stove is fixed. “Would you like some pancakes for lunch?” I ask. He looks at me like I just asked him if he would like a dog biscuit or something. Then that grin comes across his face and I realize what’s for lunch. Me!

He lifts me into his arms and deposits me onto the kitchen counter, opens my legs and pulls me towards him to feel his rock hard erection. I groan in pleasure and begin to place small kisses all over his face. He reaches behind me and lifts the skirt of my dress. The counter is cold and I gasp. His hands are hot and they warm my ass quickly. My thong is no obstacle for a man with hands like his.

Soon I am without any barrier between him and my newly shaved mound. He lifts the front of my dress to get a better view and lets out the sweetest laugh ever when he sees my artwork. “Just for you!” “Really, my very own Valentine?” He does not hesitate to rub his face into my crotch and once again he experiences the warm vanilla that is my trademark. His tongue finds it’s mark immediately and I arch my back for better access. He eats me up as though he were a man starving and dying of thirst, he drinks my juices as though they were nectar! I am so near orgasm but he stops. He reaches over to my refrigerator. “This is no time for a snack!” I think.

He rummages and I wonder what he could possibly be thinking when out of the veggie bin, he produces a cucumber and waves it at me tauntingly. No way! I’ve heard of kinky sex with veggies but never tried it. He places the cucumber under cold running water and washes it with liquid soap in a very erotic manner. I am so anxious I could snap!

He comes back to me and places the green object between my now throbbing lips of my wet pussy. It is cold and smooth. He teases me for moments just barely pushing into the opening. I realize this is going to be one unforgettable lunch. He leans forward and pushes the cucumber deep into my waiting crotch and I scream and grab him around the neck. He is using his body to push the object in and out of me. I can’t help but watch as the green monster of a cucumber appears and disappears into my snatch. I come quickly and kiss his mouth sucking and breathing hard.

He removes the cucumber and unzips his pants, letting them drop right there on my kitchen floor. He pulls me off the counter and bends me over and I reach for the floor with my palms and my ass is straight up in the air. He shoves his dick in so quickly and begins to fuck me hard and long. I am loving every stroke and I push up to meet his every thrust. He is by far the best lover ever. He reaches for my hardened nipples and pinches just enough to make them ache. Using his fingernails he rakes my back and digs deep into my ass cheeks. I am so consumed with this man. I will have to keep him around for………….ever!

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