Houseboat Weekend

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House Boat Weekend

The weekend was coming up fast, Mom has already come and picked up the kids, I just feel, I need this weekend by self. Some shit has hit the fan, but I knew was coming for some time now. I need this weekend to clear my head, and think things through. I have never been on my own, not once, went from my mom to my first husband, (whom I have never had any kids with) to my dad, then I lived with my nephew for a while. Then met my second husband, both my kids belong to this one, our sex life is now nil, so I have to ask my self, is this the kind of life, I really want. Well that is sort of what this weekend is for, find out weighs the pros and cons of the situation. Just my Luna pup, a six year old Female Shepard and I, will be here for the weekend. I made several trips out to the Kia Rio, Packing the trunk with some food and clothes, extra bedding. After all it is almost winter here, and the nights can get really cold, no snow yet, but there should be some ice in the lake.
I was climbing into my car, and the husband pulled in the driveway. I said great. I started to drive away, he came up to my window. So I rolled it down. “Where the hell are you going, Justine?” Look Rafe, I need some time, so I can make the right decisions for me and our kids.” “Ok,” he said backing away from the car, “when will you be back?” “When I get here, and my mom has the kids, if you’re interested” I said putting the car in gear and drove away. I am tired of having to beg for sex, and being at the bottom of his list of things to do, I want a man that is going to treat me as his equal, or responsible mate if you will.

About an hour later, we arrived at Willow Lake, it was beautiful! The owner was showing me all around this houseboat, it was perfect! The owner helped me bring all my stuff on board, I was so excited, I never got to spend time on a houseboat before, I am Pisces, love the water, Love my Dog should be good for the weekend. Luna was not too sure about the houseboat, especially when it started to move. This one was special, it runs on peddle power, you Peddle to make it go, and steer it.
We headed out, it was beautiful fall day, we got out where you couldn’t see much but water, I threw out the anchor, checked on Luna, she was napping up on deck, I went down into the main part of it started to put some things away. It has a generator for small things like fridge, small stove, toaster oven, Micro wave. They seem to have all the modern conveniences, right down to the emergency radio, just incase we get stuck or breakdown. Awesome I thought to myself, I got out Luna’s bowls and food and her treats, yes I even bought my puppy some treats.
It was still early in the day, so I went out on deck, just to do what I came here for. Just as I got my drink sitting beside me, and my feet up, the sky went dark and just opened up, pouring buckets of water, I grabbed all my stuff and headed inside. I got out my lap top, loaded it with a DVD and now pushed play. Pretty Woman started, as we are getting to know Julia Roberts as Vivian, I thought I heard something like a bump up against the side of my boat, so I pushed pause, and I could hear, Hello anyone there! Hello is any one there,! Luna went wild, she flew off out the door, but I got there, she was lunging at the man, who flew back into his row boat, “I got caught in this storm, and couldn’t get to shore, do you think I could come aboard” he asked, some how his boat had got a hole in it, and he passed me his wallet, “Check me out” he said, Ok, you can come aboard, I went in and used the radio, I asked them what they could tell me about a Richard Jones. They told me that he was Doctor at the local hospital, he was just out for the day, and had good references, I replied back, well if anyone is looking for him he with Justine Morgan. I will bring him back when the storm is over. I went back out and asked him to come on in, I brought Luna in, and he followed.. I hope you like chick flicks, I giggled then added would you like a drink? “Hi, I’m Justine” reaching for his hand, he took mine, he was trembling a little from the rain and cold. Shivering and wet, he said “Richard, so glad you were out here,” As he reached for my hand “We have wine, wine and then some more wine. He laughed at me “your funny.” I said “Now what would bring you out in such a small water craft. “I was just trying to get some fresh air and exercise and was heading back, the skies got dark, and well you know the rest, I never noticed that in the weather report.” “No me either,” I said. All I could think of was that song by Heart, All I want to do is make love to you. I smiled at him, almost a blush, at what I was thinking, He must be at least 10 or 15 years younger than me. He was soaked, so I got him to give me his shirt, I gave him a blankets, I told him I would hang them where the fan is, might dry out some, but I wasn’t making any promises, Even I was a bit wet, from standing at the door. I hung his clothes up, and turned the fan on them and mine too, just put on my housecoat, went back out. Richard was just sitting there, with a blanket over him. I giggled “You will have to share that,” “sure” he said as he lifted up my side of the blanket, “do come on in.” he said patting the couch. “What are we going to do now play doctor” I said cutely, “Maybe” he added “Time will tell”. I slid under the blanket, and leaned my hand on his leg, I went to move it and his hand caught mine, it was nice warm hand now, so warm, I felt like a dirty old woman for what was going through my mind, I reached across him to hit play. “What a freak storm this is, still no let up,” I said as I sat back down. Richard said he was scared to death, the rain came down in buckets, I am not sure where you came from he said, but I am sure glad you were here. We will call it luck then, I mumbled. He reached to put his arm around me,” he said, “It was good luck, I love older women.” I leaned in took his face in my hands, thank you I needed that right now, and kissed him passionately, his hands went straight for my breast as he quickly cupped my breast by sliding open my robe a bit. As he slide his hand inside my robe, the other one reached to untied it, as he did he moaned, gave me a quick pulsating throb to my clit. Nice to know some men still enjoy an older woman. And this young man knew exactly what he was doing, he had my nipples sooo hard. It has been so long since Rafe and I haven’t made love in such a long time. With this wine, and this gorgeous, and oh so firm young man and he is interested in me. I am butter in his hands. He pulled me in close to him, with out saying a word, continued kissing me. The feelings I felt as he slid his hand down between my legs, mmmmmm I almost fainted he felt so good, ouuuu he said so wet, He brought his fingers up to his lips, and sucked all that nice thick juice off of his fingers and went back for seconds, this time he gave me his fingers, he traced my lips his fingers, first all over my lips, then he kissed me again. I was yearning to feel his hard young cock. As I reached down, his boxers were quite wet, the tip of his cock was hot and sticky, just waiting to be touched, and caressed. I put my hand down his boxers, grabbed that nice hard shaft, stroked and squeezed it. Richard was not long jumping up and slipping off his boxers. He was some nice to look at his young firm body, and when he turned around, his nice hard cock was standing straight up, I grabbed Richard by his hips, and I rubbed my cheeks up and down his shaft, he moaned the harder I rubbed the more precum bubbled out of that big hot head. I got my lips nice and close to it, I started to kiss it, and suck on it sort of at the same time. He liked it anyway, so I slipped that nice big head in over my nice tight lips, I held them oh sooo tight, so that nice hot wet head, had to push it way in. Once in there, I would wrap my tongue around that hot head, and suck so hard on it. Still running my fingers around the base of it, then bobbing up and down on it, putting it deeper and deeper down my throat, swallowing hard, his breathing would pick up, so I would pull it back out, tortured and teased him, I wanted him to feel weak in the knees like he made me feel. His body started to relax, as I just flicked my tongue on it, teasing it, and stroking, I could feel his shaft filling up as I stroked. His hip started to thrust back and forth slow at first, I knew he was close, so I slid that hard head back in and start to swallow it again, deeper and deeper, starting to gag me a bit,, that head is so big, it made it hard to breathe, just as I got it all the way down, he let out a growl, and holding my head on there, me taking most of it,, I could feel his liquid cumming up that hard shaft, I kept swallowing hard, his breathing was fast, he his legs were shaking. Warm hot sperm was pouring down my throat with every thrust of his cock, the taste was salty, bitter and a bit sweet, but was thick and creamy. I kept some in my mouth, I wanted him to experience what he tastes like. He collapse on the couch beside me. He was still breathing hard, I climb up on his side and started to kiss him, waited for his tongue, mmmmm let it run in, his eyes went wide, but he wasn’t giving it back. He quickly put his arm around me tight, and said, Fuck Baby your hot, I said thank you, I reached and grabbed the wine off the table be side us,, Mmm want a drink I said, tipping the glass and letting the wine fall into his lips, he is licking, has his tongue sticking out, lapping up all that dripping wine. I hold the glass up even farther, let some of the wine go down his chest,, He gasping from the coldness of the wine, his cock was only semi hard, I drop a little bit more on it and give it a quick lick, look at Richard, baby are you ready for Round two. Honey he said if you can get him up you can have him, Mmmmm I said, I am always up for a challenge, after playing with that semi hard cock, it was up and looking for some place to dip. He got his second wind and grabbed a hold of me, and laid me down, kissing me so passionately, I was in heaven. I was still soaked from playing before, his hand found out fast, as he went right for my pussy spreading those nice wet lips, I was moaning and groaning under his kisses. He went down to my breasts. He sucked on one nipple, and rubbed my juices on the other one, I then he would switch and suck on my other nipple, I was shrieking, gasping I love to have my nipples sucked. He then kissed his way down to my belly button, kissed and tickled that for a second. Then he went right down on me, he was spreading me wide, for his tongue to slide in with ease, ouuuuuu it felt soooo good, I was just squirming around, he was playing with my clit as he wa

s licking, I was freaking, OMG, I was so close, he would stop, and say feel good baby, I would say yesssssssss OMG yessssss, I begged him to make me cum, I need this stress release, my clit was so swollen, and so touchy, then next lick he did, I was off like a shot, OMG went like a wave right through my body, his tongue was in there so deep, felt so good, I came a second time right quick. He kept sucking and licking, he came up and kissed me, he tasted so good, he was kissing me, I felt his cock, at my pussy door, Just wanted to feel that nice thick cock deep inside of me. He started to push it in, the more he kissed me the further his cock went. Once he was in there, he started this grinding motion, OMG he felt sooooo good, I was squeezing him so hard, every time I did, he moaned and kissed me even harder, he grabbed my hands and held them over my head, and was kissing me and fucking me so hard, mmmmm I was getting close, and him to. Mmmm baby I am going to try to hold until you get close,, baby, I want to feel that nice hot cock cuming the same time as I do.” I said inbetween moaning and saying OH God, Yessssss Ohhhh Then he started to thrust his nice hard cock in and out of me hard and fast, ohhh I needed to be rode hard, been a long long time. I started to cum I grabbed his ass to bring him in closer, to me, he was still thrusting hard, and I just kept squeezing him, he put his finger down on my clit, and playing with it, it was no time at all again and I was ready to cum again,, I told him, OMG baby, you are making me cum againnnnn OMG,, don’t ever stop Richard,, He let out a couple of growls, and he was there again, he was shaking the juice in me, mmmmm he felt good, then he just collapsed on me, and that is where we stayed for the next few minutes. Just gently kissing and caressing each other. I was telling him that, as soon as the storm lets up I can help him get back to shore. And that if he would like, I was going to be here all weekend! He said, give him a few hours in the morning, he would be back, but for now, he is happy right where he is. I bet we will sleep for a while. I didn’t have a long time to think about my present relationship situation, except that it wasn’t working.

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