in your office after hours

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Your packing up, your day is done,
Except my plans have just begun.
Your back is towards me as I appraoch
I firmly grab you by the throat.
I clear off your desk, push everything to the side
I can feel you heart beating insink with mine.
i pick you up and set you on the edge in one quick motion
i reach behind me adn grab massage lotion.
even though its dark i tell you to close your eyes
you tell me no, you want to see me this time
i tear the sleve off of my shirt
i tie it tight but it doesn’t hurt.
i take the other one and rip it off too
but you have no idea what i am going to do.
you feel my breath on the skin of your neck
its makeing your heart beat faster, and making you wet.
i grab both your hands and hold them above you against the wall
you struggle a bit and i let them fall.
i take the fabric and tie them together
this night is getting better and better.
your hands are tied and you throw them around my shoulders
you pull me close, getting bolder
i one fast move you hear this tearing sound
now your shirt is off and on the ground.
the cold air races across your skin.
i whisper in your ear, forgive me father, i am about to sin.
the warmth of my breath, and the thought of my lips
has you pulling me closer to your hips.
i turn you around and bend you over the desk,
i unfasten your bra, it falls off of your breast
i open the oil and pour some out
i warm it up with the breath from my mouth.
i trace my hands across your shoulders,
now i am the one becoming bolder.
i reach around and drag my hands back up to your back
these are things we can’t take back
your hands remain tied infront of you,
anticipating what will be my next move.
i let my fingers beging to massage and rub,
this will not be the act of making love.
i start at your shoulders, with my nails
drag them down with a tingeling trail.
you arch your back to the slight pain
its enough to drive you insane.
a moan escapes from your lips,
i can feel you pushing back against my hips.
i continue to rub, massage and scratch
leaving faint marks upon your back.
with out warning i abruptly stop
the lack of movement has you in shock
I pick you up by your waist and spin you around
your feet never touch the ground
i push your back against the cabnet
your body is amazing, i need to have it.
still slightly confused, but you soon understand.
i am holding you up by your hands.
all over your neck i caress and bite,
I want to make this last through the night.
i reach my other hand around and grab your hair
i pull it and your voice fills the air
you moan out loud with absolute pleasure
no one has done this to you before, not ever.
with your body pinned against the wall,
i begin to let my kisses fall.
i take your nipple in between my lips
i can feel the warmth from the tip.
forcefully i caress it, like i never have before
your body has always been one that I adore.
my hands on your waist pulling you tight
we continue with no end in sight.
you want me to untie you and let you play,
but remember i told you that this is your day.
i take off my belt and secure your hands up high,
the light reflects the pleasureful look in my eye.
you struggle for a minute but soon learn
you can’t go anyplace, and your body burns
i reach for your waist and start to slide off your pants,
you try to resist, but then i just give you this glance.
you immedately agree, and comply
as they slide down off of your thighs
you sit there tied up and completely naked,
your body is now mine for the taking.
i sit down in the chair and slide up close
the sent of your body fills my nose.
i wanted to wait and even tease,
but i cave in and drop to my knees.
my tongue ravishs you, like you never felt
your first orgasm makes you melt
your body shuders and you start to whimper.
thats when i move my tongue quicker.
i wrap my arms aropund the back of your waist,
and pull you closer to my face.
you feel my tonge darting in and out
words can’t even escape your mouth.
i feel my own body growing deep
but i continue to please you on my knees.
your second orgasm washes over you like a tidle wave,
you know that after this you;ll never be the same.
that is my cue that its time to move on
i stand before you with just my pants on.
i untie your hands and let them be free
instantly you reach out and let them find me
you spend a second tracing every inch of skin,
but now i am ready to really begin.
you let your hands drop and unfasten my jeans
they fall to the floor, and you reach for me.
i push you back and your legs open
this is the moment for which you’ve been hoping
i hold your waist, as ipush myself in
you know the pleasure is going to start again.
i hold you tight as push in you deep
you feel my hands slide down to your knees.
i hold your legs slightly elevated
i increase the speed, you can barely take it.
your legs are on my shoulders, resting
to you this feels like the absolute best thing.
you dig your nails in my back deep
it starts to make me week in the knees.
i push harder, and deeper, keeping the same speed
i can’t beleave you are doing this to me
i can’t stop even if i wanted to,
i just want to keep pleaseing you
with out warning i pull out
i turn you over before a word escapes your mouth.
leaning over your desk, i grab your hips
you feel my cock start slide back between your lips
holding you tight, i just push deep
if feels so good, you whisper to me.
i reach my hand up and slide my fingers into your hair
i start to pull, and your voice fills the air.
over and over i slide in and out
the moans are getting louder from bouth our mouths.
i can feel my orgasm building inside
its so much pleasure, i am out of my mind
i pull your hair back hard, while i push in deep
as my orgasm flows out of me
we both lose our balance, go week in the knees
i turn you back around and we start kissing.
our hearts beat fast,
its happened at last.
no words are said as we both dress
but we both know it was more then just sex.

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  1. Soulmage

    Leaveing your stories in rhyming verse is not a good idea

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  2. coolgirl

    i liked your story
    write more
    it’s super!

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