Judy the Hairdresser

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Judy the Hairdresser

On Monday I drove past Reigate stopping at a small parade of shops on the A.35. There were a Butchers, Greengrocers, Chemist, News Agents, and a Hairdressers. I started at the Butchers and made four sales, then I moved on to the Greengrocers. By lunch time I had made twenty sales and I decided to finish at the Hairdressers.

It was a small shop with two chairs, both were empty as I saw when entering. A young blonde lady was behind the counter, so following the sales talk I asked to see the owner or manager. The young lady said, “well that would be me, I own and run the business”. I then went into my sales routine telling the lady of all the benefits of buying the insurance. She appeared interested and agreed to buy a policy. As I was writing the application I asked if she was married. This was part of the presentation, a way to sell a policy to the husband. She replied, “no I am not married, but I’m looking, by the way call me Judy everyone does”.

After I had completed the application and received the six months premium I asked Judy if there was anywhere nearby to have lunch. She said, “I’m about to close the shop for lunch, I live upstairs in a small flat, I would be happy to get some lunch for you as there is nowhere near to eat”.

This was the first time that I had been invited to have lunch with someone that I had sold insurance to, but why not. So Judy locked the shop door and led the way up the back stairs to her flat.

The flat consisted of a small kitchen, a sitting room, bathroom and a bedroom. I sat in the sitting room while Judy made a sandwich plus coffee. We sat on the couch eating and talking, it was very pleasant. Judy wanted to know all about me, how I had got started, where I lived, what my hobbies were, she was very inquisitive.

For the first time I took a close look at Judy, she had died blonde hair, a nice face and body, not bad looking at all. When we finished eating she said it was a little hot in the room so she took off her jacket, revealing a tight sweater and a very nice chest.

Judy asked if I had a girl friend and I said, “not at the moment”. I thought it better to lie than go into a long explanation, so she told me that she had been left the business by an Aunt who had died last year. She said, “although it’s a nice shop I don’t have many clients, it seems that the older people round here don’t like a younger person doing their hair, in fact I have a free afternoon, would you like to spend time with me?”

I had made my sales goal for the day and when faced with an offer like this one, who could refuse? So I said, “that sounds like a good idea, what do you have on your mind?”

To answer my question, Judy got closer and pulled my face toward hers giving me a long kiss. Of course I responded and in no time her hands were undoing my shirt buttons while I was exploring under her sweater. She suggested that we should move to her bedroom to get more comfortable. There was a large double bed in the room and she lost no time in pulling me towards her while laying on the bed.

We were still fully clothed but this did not last long, Judy insisted that I take off all my clothes while she watched. She said, “It’s been a long time since a man has been in my bed, I want to enjoy every minute”. When I was naked she lay beside me and we commenced kissing and hugging but she still had her clothes on, so I said, “it’s my turn, I’m going to undress you now”.

I started by undoing her suspender belt and rolling down her stockings, then I undid and removed her skirt. She was left wearing her sweater, bra and knickers. Next I took her sweater off, this revealed her bra that was covering a very nice set of tits. I was very excited by this time as Judy could tell, she held me and said, “you’re a big boy, I’m looking forward to getting a lot closer”.

I slipped my hand behind her and undid the bra, throwing it on to the floor, the knickers were last, and they were lacy silk ones that hardly covered her so I had no trouble in removing them. Her pubic area was clean, not a hair to be seen. Now we were both naked.

After the initial touching and kissing my hand strayed down between Judy’s legs, I was searching for her ‘hot spot’, she let out a squeal, that was how I knew that I had reached my objective. As I rotated my finger she began to wriggle and moan, all the time her hand was clutching me, working up and down my shaft.

Things were getting very hot, Judy could not stand it any more she pushed me down on my back and mounted me, I was quick to point out that I was not wearing protection, so she let up just long enough to help me put one on. Then she went wild, she was the most active woman I have ever had the pleasure with, moving up and down, using her muscles to grip me, it was wonderful. It had been quite a long time since I had been in bed with a woman.

We must have been going for about ten minutes Judy had climaxed at least three times and I was doing my best not to come. However, I could not last any longer, she let out a yell and I shot everything I had into her waiting vigina, then she collapsed beside me. She was exhausted, sweat was pouring off her making her stomach wet, I was in a similar state, laying on my back.

After laying still for about fifteen minutes Judy turned to me and smiled, she said, “that was just wonderful, I’m glad you did not want to work this afternoon.” As we were both still hot and very sweaty, I suggested that we might want to take a shower together. Judy said, “that’s a good idea, I’ve just had a new shower fitted in the bathroom but I’ve never shared it before, lets go.”

The shower was not very big so as we stood in it we were touching. The warm water was invigorating and I began to soap Judy, starting with her back and moving to her chest, she was working on my legs gradually moving up. It was not long before we were both aroused but because of the lack of space we had to get out of the shower.

As we stood dripping wet Judy got two towels and we started to dry each other. I could tell that she was still aroused because her nipples were standing out, so much so that I could not resist taking one into my mouth and using my tongue to taste it.

Judy was getting very excited again so I picked her up and carried her to the bed. This time we took things a lot slower. We lay facing each other, I fingered her vigina and she had my shaft in her hand, gently squeezing it , then she went down on me taking everything that I had into her mouth. Of course I took the opportunity to lick some pussy, we enjoyed each other until we climaxed together.

Once again we were exhausted, Judy suggested that we have a drink. Without dressing we moved into her sitting room and sat on the couch drinking coffee.

I was able to appreciate Judy’s body, I guessed that she was about twenty five years old. Her body was well proportioned, her breasts were not large but they stood out from her chest, her legs were long and slender, her skin was smooth and her mouth was very kissable.

We put our coffee cups down and began to cuddle, once again I concentrated on Judy’s tits. This time I was only using my hand and while I was doing this, she was holding me gently, squeezing and letting go very slowly. It wasn’t long before she said I think we need to go into the bedroom there is no room on this couch. So I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, placing her on the bed.

Laying on the bed we just touched each other gently, this must have gone on for about half an hour and by this time we were both sleepy so we took a nap.

I was the first to wake, I looked over at Judy and she certainly was a beauty, even lying on her back her breasts stood up and the nipples were round and hard. I could not resist kissing them. This caused Judy to wake up and for a moment she was obviously wondering what
was going on. Her hand strayed down in between my legs and this brought a smile to her face, she
said, “I thought that I was dreaming but you’re still here”.

We started to cuddle while I was using my hand to locate that ‘hot spot’ again and she was gently moving her hand up and down making me grow to my largest extent. Without talking I got a Durex from my coat pocket and Judy unrolled it. She said, “what position do you like best?” I replied, “anyone that makes you happy”. She got on her knees and said, “I’ve never done it this way”. So I came up behind her and we locked together. I think that this position affords the greatest penetration, Judy certainly liked it. We then tried it side by side and with me on top by this time we were exhausted, but happy.

I got dressed and told Judy that I would have to go, she said, “when will you come back to see me?” I replied, “I’ll be in this area all week, I’ll try to look in on you tomorrow”.

So the next day I stopped at a small shopping center and made at least ten presentations. I was lucky because the second lady that I saw had just come out of hospital after a car accident. She bought policies for herself, her husband and her four children. Apparently she was well known in the area because mention of her name got me into a small Bank and a garage. By eleven thirty I had made thirty sales, so I decided to call and see how Judy was doing.

As I arrived Judy was closing the door on a customer, her face lit up as I walked into the shop, she said, “I didn’t expect to see you again, would you like some lunch?” I replied, “that would be very nice” as I followed her up the stairs to her flat.

I sat on the couch while Judy prepared a chicken salad, we ate in silence, then as I was finishing Judy said, “I hope that you did not get the wrong impression of me, I do not usually invite men up to my flat, in fact you are the first. You see it was not just my Aunt that died, my parents were in the same car and did not survive the crash, so I’m all alone, I have no relatives.”

What could I say? I took Judy’s hand and said, “I’m very sorry to hear about your family and please be aware that I think only the best of you.” After that revelation I was unsure of what actions to take. Should I go ahead and kiss Judy with the hope that we would land in bed again, or should I just cuddle her on the couch while she explained what happened.

My dilemma was short lived as Judy made the first move, she cuddled up to me and said, “we had a great time yesterday didn’t we? Can we continue or have you had enough of me?” I replied, “I don’t think that I could ever have enough of you, let’s go into the bedroom.”

So we were off again, this time there was not so much exploring, we had got to know each other pretty well the day before. It was much better the second time around, I knew what Judy liked and she knew what I liked. Around three o’clock Judy said, “I have to go I’ve got an appointment in fifteen minutes.” So we got dressed and I said, “goodbye, I hope to see you again soon.’

On Wednesday I worked around Reigate and had lunch in a small Pub, after selling the publican and his wife policies. I thought that I might call on Judy again but then that small voice in my head was saying “make some more sales and then go home”. So I stopped off at a garage, made twelve sales and then drove home.

Thursday came, it was a lousy day, the rain was never ending and there was a strong wind that made it very unpleasant walking between shops. So I decided to make one last call on Judy to tell her that I would not be in her area after the week.

When I got to the shop, I saw that Judy had two customers so I did not stop long. I said, “I just called by too see how you were doing. I’ll be in an other area next week so I don’t know when I will see you again.”

 Peter Lincoln

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