*Locked Out*

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Locked Out

Well I will tell you how it all began. My name is Alex, and well you Might not bleive what I am about to tell you, but I swear it is true.
It was last wednesday, I had just got back from the grosery store when I ran into the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on.
She ask me if she could use my phone, she needed to call her mom, because she locked herself out of her house and she needed
to get the spare key.
So I let her in the house. The phone is on the counter, I said. I had just finnshed putting up my stuff, when she walked up behind me and
said thank you, no problem any time, I said. you can stay here intill she gets here with the key. she sat on the couch and said thanks.
Can I get you a drink, I asked, she said no thank you. By the way I am Alex, what is your name? Grace, I am your new neighbor.
Nice to meet you, so where do you work? At the college, I teach a poetry class there. Wow you don’t look old enough to be teaching, I said,
just how old are you , if you don’t mind me asking? 26, and why how old do I look? 20 at most, I said. Well thank you. How old are you if you don’t
mind me asking, she said,? 23. WOW, she exclaimed, you really don’t look your age, you look as if your at least 30. Thank you I think.
Well at about this time I was really starting to find this girl attractive. and it didn’t help that she was wearing just a sports bra and running pants either.
I walk by and hand her a ice cold bottle of water. Thnak you, she says. I know you said you didn’t want any thing but you looked thirsty.
She drank about a quarter of the bottle and set it down in her lap. That was good, she said. Your welcome.
Now I was sitting just across from her, and I noticed she was still breathing hard from her run. Her breast were heaving in and out. She caught me staring.
I am sorry. No problem I don’t mind, she said. I got up walked over and sat down beside her on the couch. I looked in her eyes for what seamed like
an eternity, I put my finger under her chin and pulled close and kissed her long and gentil. As she pulled back she lookin my eyes and kissed me again.
I slowly started to kiss down her neck down to her shoulder. I moved the right strap of her sports off, and kissed where it had been, I heard a fain sigh escape
her lips. I started to kiss my way across her collar bone to her other strap. I pull off her bra over her head revealing her supple breast,
I softly kissed her nipples one at a time, as I massage her breast. I slowly kiss my way down to her pants, she kicks off her running shoes as I pull down her pants.
And to my surprise she didn’t have on any underware on at all. And she was completely shaven, it was beautiful. I kissed softly just above her clit,
she moaned with plaesure as I slid my toung in her slit as far as it would go. I slowly massaged her clit with my toung, her hips starting bucking wildly
but I kept my pace, she screamed with pleasure as she released her juices all over my face.
As I wipe my face clean, she grabs me by the shirt and pulls me in and kisses me hard and says that was amazing, I never came so hard
before. Well it isn’t over yet,I said. She looked at me with hungry eyes and kissed me again. I pulled off my shirt, and she started kissing my
chest. Then she threw me down on the couch and started to pull off my pants. She got them off and underware to, then she grabed my throbing 7″ cock.
Now I know I am not the longest in the world, but she said she hadn’t seen one quite so thick before and didn’t know if it would fit in her.
She put me in her mouth, she pulled me in all the way to the base of my cock. As she started to suck me, my eyes rolled back in my head.
It feels so good, I said. Preasure was starting to build, I warnd her but she didn’t stop, I released deep in her throat. I kissed her as she got up.
Damn your good, I said. She smiled and said thankyou so are you.
I laid her back gently on the couch, I got a condom out of the side table drawer and put it on, better safe than sorry, I said, she smiled.
I got over her kissed her once and guided myself into her. Slowly I went in all the way to the end, driving her crazy with ever inch.
As I get all the way in I stay for a minute she is so tight, it feels so good. I slowly start to pull out, her hips start to buck wildly but I keep her still.
She grabs me around the neck and kisses me hard. I stop just as I get to the tip, I wait, it drives her crazy, and I go back in slowly.
She is screaming with pleasure, her juices are running down my legs. Once I get to the base again I start to go a little faster.
In, out, in, out, she screames more and more. The preasure starts to build again,I keep going after I cum. Now she has already cum about 8 times,
but I keep on going at the same pace, now her muceles are squezing me hard, and i can feel preasure building again.
Just as I cum she screames at the top of her lungs and we fall down on the couch together. We lay there for about ten minutes holding each other.
As we are getting dressed I turn to her give her a kiss and say welcome to the neighborhood, just as there is a knock at the door.

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