Mason and Dorling New partners

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“Aww, Lieutenant, ya know that I ain’t ready for a new partner, ain’t I done ok on my own?”
“Ya know the rules Mason, ya have to be paired up. Now stop belly-aching and go show ya new partner the ropes.”
“Working with someone new is gonna set off my old problem, then ya gonna have one sick cop on ya hands, or not, coz a dollar to a dime the Doc will have me on my back in bed for weeks.”

“Look Mason, the only thing that got you on ya back on that bed was a nod and a wink from that gorgeous ex-fiancée of yours.”
The lieutenant looked up to the ceiling and his mind wandered to Betty…

“Lieutenant?” Mason had seen other colleagues with that look when Betty came into the conversation, as she did often; he had been besotted with her, but like all good things it came to an end.
“Huh?” the lieutenant’s mind returned from a steamy session with Betty and back to reality. “Get ya ass outta here,” he yelled at the patrolman.
 “NOW!” yelled the Lieutenant.
 Mason turned and pulled on the door handle “I don’t know the guy’s name…!”
“Dorling, it’s Dorling,” came the reply. “Now git!”
As Mason turned and headed for the meeting with his new partner the lieutenant smiled to himself, a self-satisfied smile.
Mason entered the muster room. “Dorling, front ‘n centre,” he yelled. 
An amused murmur rippled through the room. Mason looked around.He raised his voice. “Dorl…” The name wasn’t out of his mouth when he spotted the diminutive figure heading in his direction. No point in asking, the raucous laughter told him that the woman making her way towards him was Dorling!
 “Betty wouldn’t have liked that ole buddy,” yelled somebody. 
Mason was in no mood to listen to the inane jokes and taunts that his colleagues began to hurl at him, he turned on his heel and strode towards the patrol car.
Outside, a window opened above him. “Oh, by the way Mason,” yelled the lieutenant, “Dorling is female!”
As he accelerated the car viciously along the street, Dorling tried to introduce herself. “I’d feel more comfortable if ya call me Sarah.” She held out a hand. Mason’s eyes looked steadily ahead. He said nothing.
An hour of silence had not helped her nerves and Sarah was busting for a pee. She had not dared to ask Mason to stop but now it was stop or sit in the smell of urine slowly oxidizing.
“Ok, I need a comfort break,” she said mustering as much authority as she could in her voice. Mason sucked a deep breath through his teeth to show her that this was just as he had suspected, a weak-bladdered woman.
They were driving on the outskirts of town in a rundown area that had been devoid of people for some time, the buildings were now inaccessible. Mason stopped the car in what was probably the most open area.
“Not here,” she gasped. “There’s no cover at all.”He shrugged and prepared to move off.
The situation was far too desperate for thatl she just had to pee. As she climbed out of the vehicle she formulated a plan that would either get him talking to her or make this her last day on the Force. Instead of walking to the back of the patrol car she walked a few paces off the driver’s side and began to unbuckle her belt. She heard Mason draw in a breath as she continued with the clasp to her uniform pants, then drawing down the zip in as sensuous way as it was possible with such a device.
Mason looked around to see if anyone was watching the events. “Hey, you can’t bare ya ass there,” he hissed.
“Unless you want me to piss my pants in the car, this is where my ass and the rest gets to see daylight buster, now pass me a tissue.
“Without thinking about just where this was all going Mason grabbed a tissue from the box that she had brought and exited the car. Sarah dropped the cumbersome pants to her knees, pulled her panties to one side and peed.
Mason stumbled, not knowing quite what to do and stood transfixed by the sight of Sarah’s cute little coochie issuing forth a stream of hot liquid. He squinted to get her pussy lips into better focus, jeeze what wings
.”For fuck sake,” he mumbled. “Jeezus,” he added.
His cock, trapped in the confines of his pants, wanted room to move and move it did; Mason was sure that it tried to emerge from the waist band, so violent did it erect. Sarah smiled at the picture in front of her but she wasn’t yet finished with him
.”Don’t just stand there like a hooker caught in the headlamps, gimme that fucking tissue!” she commanded.
As if the stream of urine that was fast approaching him was going to drown him Mason leaned forward, extended his arm and offered a tissue. Sarah snatched at it and took it, but as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the force of her arm in the action of snatching over balanced her and she fell backwards. Her ass hit the dirt and she rolled further onto her back; still the stream of urine issued forth. Mason was beside himself. He looked around to see who was about. Then he stood staring at her. Sarah was on her back, knees up to her tits and that sweet little bit of pink staring back at him almost inviting him to get closer. He moved hesitantly towards her.
“Get these sodden pants off me before I drown in my own pee!” Sarah yelled.
Mason was impressed at the speed at which he moved and wished the lieutenant could see him. On second thoughts he was glad his superior officer wasn’t around but checked quickly to ensure that this was the case. Grabbing at the woman cop’s feet his hands met with the legs of wet pants; he pulled at them wondering what the fuck he had done to deserve this. Sarah’s panties had almost covered her pussy again which was disappointing but there was hope that they too were wet and needed to be removed. Throwing the pants to the ground Mason, like the gentleman he was, made to relieve her of those wet panties. Sarah looked at him expectantly.
“Ya gonna be in dereliction of duty if ya don’t do something quick Mason.”
“Like what?” Mason wasn’t too sure what, women could be flaky at times.
“Like come and stop up this leak?” invited Sarah. Sarah pulled the panties to one side again and indicated her tight, pink hole.
Ever mindful of the sensibilities of others, Mason quickly scanned the area as he tore off his pants. As he prepared to drop to his knees she held up her hand as if directing traffic; his dick alternately nodded and shook its head. He stopped in his tracks.
“Jeeze what now?”
“Hold it officer Mason, I ain’t having my ass pounded into the gravel, ‘sides your knees would bleed for a week! Haul me up and get to the car.”
Mason grabbed her outstretched hand, pulled her to her feet, hugging her tight and planting a kiss on her full mouth. She was eager to have him inside her pussy and pulled out of his grasp. Sarah ducked her head into the back of the car, bent one knee and placed it on the seat to lever herself in. She never made it; Mason swung an arm around her hips, positioned his dick at her hole and thrust into her. Sarah was well lubricated but had to wriggle her butt and open her legs to accommodate the cop’s more than adequate thickness. It drove deep down her passage and she felt every inch of it spreading her tube as it raced towards her womb.
“Oh fuck, you are a big man officer Mason, is that your dick or a baton?” she moaned in pleasure.
A man of few words, Mason just grunted, drew his hardness back until the tip barely kissed her pussy lips then powered forward his ass until his groin mashed into her ass. He quickly developed a rhythm of perfect control, drawing back until almost vacating her hot, wet, enveloping love pit then driving home his thick hardness, eliciting from a delighted Sarah a grunt and squeal of delight and satisfaction.
“Oh boy, what nut of a woman let you get away, Mason?” she expected no reply other than to drive home harder into her pussy that had not received the treatment that she had yearned for so long.
As she felt him nearing his climax Sarah reached forward and accelerated hers by thrusting her fingers hard over her clitoris. The old familiar sensation began to build and spread throughout her lower body; the faster it built the faster she circulated her fingers, then it burst forth and in the background his dick throbbed, once, twice, three times pumping his hot cum deep inside her. To milk that throbbing thickness Sarah squeezed hard on it contracting her pussy muscles and eliciting a groan on sheer pleasure from her new partner.
 They both decided that this partnership had a long and pleasurable future.

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