Massage 1

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The Massage 1
We met numerous times through organizations that we both belonged to. Each time we saw each other we just had to talk and every time we talked we became more familiar. Our conversations were friendlier and more open. We found ourselves hoping that we would run into each other more often never realizing what it might lead to.
One evening I was at a meeting get together and I saw her across the room. She is always so beautiful. It doesn’t matter what she has on she just looks great. She saw me and her whole body lit up not just her face. We were not able to talk just then but I sure wanted to say hello before the night was over.
Numerous conversations through out the night prevented us from talking and I had almost forgotten when as I passed an open door to a darkened room I felt an arm grab me and gently pull me in. She put her arms around me and gave me a big hug followed by a kiss on the cheek. I could smell her hair and her perfume. I could feel her breast against my chest and it was almost like she was wrapping her body around me. I was surprised to say the least. I mean it was great but unexpected. I felt we were friends but not quite that close. She was knock down gorgeous and we were both married to other people. It would not be good for anyone to see us like this. I broke it up and said how glad I was to see her but someone else might see us and that would not be good. She agreed and apologized but said that she was really glad to see me. She said that she was especially glad because she had some work that she wanted me to do for her and she wasn’t sure how to get a hold of me. We separately went out into the main meeting area to talk. She told me about the work that she wanted me to do and I exchanged phone information with her. I gave her my card but she wasn’t carrying a purse so she slipped it into her bra. Boy was I jealous. We talked for a little longer and I said my good by’s and left.
The next day she called and set up a time for me to do the work. I arrived at the appointed time and place and I was amazed at her home. I had to go through a security gate to get in the drive and then a long drive to the house.
When I rang the bell she answered it herself. She had on a long white soft warm robe that went clear to the floor, nothing on her feet and a smile that would melt your heart. She reached out and pulled me in and closed the door behind us. She gave me another big hug and kiss. I could only wonder what was under the robe. I thought that I had the wrong day and woke her up but she said that she was going down to workout and then take a swim while I did the work. She showed me what she wanted done and told me to come down to the pool when I was done.
I finished the work in about an hour and then found my way to the pool. She was sitting in a lounge chair reading. One of her legs was exposed clear to her hip. Her hair flowed over shoulders and the sun came through the windows. What a picture. I knocked on the door as I entered and she motioned for me to come in. She asked me if I would like a drink or if I would like to take a swim. Both sounded awful inviting but I declined. She got up out of the lounge and directed me to the couch so we could talk in comfort. We talked about our lives, families, desires, and just hit on fantasies. I could see there was something there that sounded interesting in her situation that I would ask about later
She told me that her husband was very well off. He gave her everything a woman could possibly want, well almost everything. She craved attention. She said he would call and ask her to meet him somewhere in the world. All she need was a cosmetic bag. A limo driver would pick her up and take her to the plane. When she arrived another limo would take her to the hotel where she would be staying. The room would have a closet full of any and all the clothes she would need in the perfect sizes and colors. She had a young woman that saw to her every need. All she had to do was pres 1 button on the phone and the woman was at her door. She said that they got along very well and she actually looked forward to seeing her and going places with her. The woman would always know where to go and what to do and just how to have fun.
She said that her husband was always very nice and polite to her. He adorned her with gifts of cars, jewelry, and cloths. He treated her like a queen and demanded that everyone he worked with do the same. He always takes her calls no matter where he is. He could be in a very important meeting and he will stop the meeting to take her call. He calls her 3 – 4- times a day to make sure everything is fine. He encourages her to travel and have fun. She can do what ever she wants to remodel the house. It is just amazing. The only down side is that he is not there to give her the personal attention and affection that she craves. He is older than her and simply has no desire for sex. Occasionally they get together on a trip but it usually doesn’t amount to anything. She gets all dolled up to impress him, they sit and talk, sometimes make love but never the mad passionate no holds love that she craves. She stated that when they got married he told her of his work schedule. (Her voice starts to trail off) He said that he would be gone for long periods of time and that he would adorn her with everything that she could want. He would set her up financially, fine home, lots of money, jewelry, cars, travel, and literally anything she wanted but if she left him all was lost. (Her voice goes softer yet) He made her sign an agreement to that effect. So far he has kept his word. She has more that anyone could ever imaging
With that she breaks out of a trance like state that she was in telling me about her life and asks me how I am at back rubs. She stands and walks over to a table that I had not noticed. It was elevated like an exam table. It was padded and had a soft flannel cover. A second flannel sheet was at the foot of the table. There were drawers in it and it appeared to be able to fold down the ends like leaves of a table. She looked at me and asked me if I would like to change cloths. The room was quite hot and I was sweating just sitting there. She said that there were suits in the changing room or for that matter suits were optional. I asked her if she wanted me to give her a massage in the nude and she said that was completely up to me. I took off my shirt, shoes and socks. I left on my pants and I could tell she was disappointed. I told her that we would see where things went from here. After all we do want to save something for next time. Her eyes lit up with that.
I took a scarf from a nearby table and I tied it around her eyes. She asked what the blind fold was for and I told her it was for the excitement of it all. I took her hand and guided her to the table I told her to lie down on the table. I was thinking anxiously of what she had on under her robe. As she started to take off her robe she stopped and asked me what I through she was wearing. I said that from what she said about suits being optional, I thought that she might be naked but that I really hoped that she had on a suit because then I would have something to take off like unwrapping a present. With that she dropped the robe. She had a skimpy 2 piece suit, very little in the front and almost nothing in the back. I asked her if this was her normal suit for company and she said definitely not. She asked me if I liked it and I said that I did very much. Then I asked her if she worked out in it and she said no again. So I asked her if she wore it especially for me and she said yes. I could see the sides of her breasts right up to the areolas and her nipples were standing out. Her bottom had a little triangle patch in the front and even less in the back. Her hair was not quite covered by the suit and I thought about what fun it would be to trim and shave her. I have seen less material on suits but not this close and personal and especially not under my hands and on a woman I was not married to.
She lay down on her stoma
ch. I pulled the soft sh
eet up to her shoulders to keep her warm and I started to rub the back of her neck. I worked my fingers and palms on her muscles trying to fine any spots that hurt or were hard. Then I tried to get those muscles to relax. I made sure to rub around her ears and worked down her shoulders. Then I worked down her arms and clear out her fingers. I paid a lot of attention to every square inch of flesh. I switched to the other shoulder and worked my way down her other arm the same way. I covered her back and shoulders with the sheet, I then switched to her feet and started to work my way up her legs. She wasn’t ticklish at all. She reached behind her and unhooked the shoulder straps from the cross strap then she unhooked the cross strap of her top. This left her whole back and side exposed to my hands I reached up and recovered her to keep her warm until I returned.
I worked my way up her legs try trying to relax her and hopefully exciting her. As I got to her ass she involuntary spread her legs. I could see that her pussy lips were getting excited. They were extended and flared out to the sides exposing them. I worked my hands over her cheeks and inside being careful not to touch her lips or her ass. Her hips were rocking back and forward as she pushed her mound into the table. Her breathing was becoming labored
Then I covered her legs and went to her shoulders. I worked my way down her back making sure to cover her sides and especially the sides of her tits which were pushed out. As I got to her back side she pulled down her bottom beyond her ass but I pulled it up to a point just above her ass and finished her back side. She said that that was incredible and asked me if I would do it again only this time use some cream. She opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of warming gel and asked me to do it all over again. I told her that I needed to get back to work and she told me that I was working and that I would be well compensated for my services. As I applied the gel to her body I could feel the warming effect it had to the skin. I also looked at the open drawer; I could see there were all sorts of toys in every size, shape, material, and color imaginable. There were condoms of like variety, pills for male & female enhancement, straps, switches paddles, you name it she had it. After I saw this I leaned down be her head and I asked her how made other people had used this table. She said that she just got it and that she was the first. I asked her how many men she has been with since her marriage and she said none. I asked her how many women she has been with since her marriage and she said none. I asked her if she had ever thought of being with another woman and she said that she thought about it. She said she had been married for 15 years and lately she had become quite frustrated and needed an out. She figured this was safer than going out and having an affair and taking the chance of getting caught. She did not want to hurt he husband but she needed an out. I asked what the limits of what I could do were and she said there were no limits with me that I could do anything. So I asked her one final question. What would you do if I flipped you over, ripped off your suit and made mad passionate love to you then carried you up to bed and literally fucked the hell out of you? She said I wish you would. This surprised me. I told her that we would take one step at a time.
I finished applying the gel liberally to her back and I refashioned her top straps. I had her roll over and started the same procedure to the front of her. She started to unhook her top and I stopped her. She asked me if there was something wrong. She asked why I did not want to see her breast and I told her that I really did want to see her naked just not yet. I wanted to savor the package. I went to the kitchenette and tool a hand towel; I cut a small triangle patch and dampened it. I stuck it in the Microwave to warm it up. Then I brought it back and placed it on her mound so that it covered her mound and pussy. Her legs were still bent up and her legs were spread. I covered her legs and middle with the sheet. I told her to take a finger from both hands and rub just her nipples through the fabric.
I took some gel and I rubbed her forehead, nose, neck and jaw. I worked my way down her shoulders and down both arms. I applied lots of gel. Then I covered her up and moved down to her feet. I started with her toes and worked my way up to her pussy. I worked her legs on the outsides and especially on the insides of her legs never touching her pussy or her ass. I left her legs bent with her knees up and her legs spread. I covered her legs

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