Melissa Tales ch 1 edited

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Melissa is a young black college student living with her five roommates in their beautiful and very spacious six bedroom house. The roommates all had the understanding that if one of them couldn’t pay the rent for the upcoming month the remaining roommates would make up the missing rent. There is an extra room in this house where you was sent if you did not pay the rent for that month. This room was all black and has a variety of whips and other sexual novelties hanging on its walls. Melissa has had the unfortunate downfall to her finances and had to stay in this room for a month.

The decision for selection of the roommates was decided to be evenly divided three girls and three guys. She decided to go catch a movie since it was to be “fun night” for all the roommates in the house and she did not wish to participate. Melissa was walking down the street like any normal day especially since it was only eight blocks from the movie theater to their house. She normally has no trouble during her walks home but things just felt different on this quiet evening. Mellissa was looking over her shoulder and notices a tall man walking just a short distance behind her and he had been following her since she left the movie theater. She starts to pick up the pace do to the fact as she gets closer to the house there are no lights and no one usually in the area. She decides to reach into her pocket grab her cell and call her roommates hoping that some one will answer but they all go directly to voice mail. Melissa is just about their when she notices that no one in the area but she can see her house from a distance so she decides to make run for it. Then she realizes the man is a lot closer than she first believed as she can hear his footsteps getting closer. Melissa approaches her doorstep knocking on the door and looking for her keys when the man suddenly grabs her and she begins to yell.

“HELP, HEEEELLLP” she yells loudly.

She knocks on the door a few more times before the man wrestles her to the ground. Where the man starts to slip his hand under her blouse and commence to rubbing on her large brown tits. She was still yelling for help when he completely rips her blouse off.

“Oh yes I love a screamer” the man replies in a deep voice.

The man continues holding her down while he starts to unzipped his pants he notices Melissa slightly staring at his penis while he is pulling it out. He then lowers his mouth to her large awaiting breasts and starts sucking on her small and very sensitive gumdrop nipples. She finds herself continuing to struggle even as her body is betraying her and she feels herself getting turned on with his sucking of her nipples. The man see’s the arousal in her eyes so he starts to push his hand down her pants allowing him to slowly massage her awaiting dripping wet cunt when the light outside the house came on and Nicholas opens the door still naked.

“Get off my roommate now” Nicholas commanded.

Mellissa starts to think this man wasn’t bad looking he’s tall in his mid forties in good build. He takes his hands out of her pants and steps back while he looks her directly in her eyes licking his finger’s like they were the best snack in the world.

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