Midnight Mystery

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Angel had just stepped out of the shower and was preparing for bed, when she felt a warm wind blow across her naked body. Still wet, it cooled her and her nipples grew taut and puckered into little hard nubs.
She went to her window in her bedroom to discover that it was open and the warm night air was blowing in. As she turned to pull the blankets down on her bed, she felt a warm hand on her waist. Afraid to turn around, she asked, “Who are you, and what do you want?”
In answer, the hand moved up to cup her breast and gently squeezed. Now with sexual arousal was mixing with fear, Angel was in a maelstrom of emotion.
She turned to see who her seductor was and was shocked to behold the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He had waist length dark brown hair with streaks of blonde throughout the long locks. His eyes were so dark, and Angel found that she was losing herself in them. They had specks of gold floating in their depths, hipnotizing her as she stared into them.

“Who are you?” she asked again.
“You may call me, Staven.” he said huskily.
“Why are you here?” she breathed.
“I’m here to pleasure you, beautiful Angel, to pleasure you.”

Not knowing if he knew her name, or was just calling her Angel in sentiment, she let him take her in his arms and carry her to the bed. Staven laid her gently on the satin sheets. Angel was giving in to this mysterious man that had crept in her window, and she didn’t know why. Just that it felt so right. He surely wasn’t there to harm her, and his sexuality had her reeling.

He stood at the side of the bed and began to slowly undress himself. He unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his smooth chest. His skin was lightly tanned and he had an exquisite shape.

He pulled his shirt off and then started to unbutton his pants. Angel, captivated by his form, stopped him and offered to do it for him. Staven dropped his arms to his sides and let her finish undressing him.
Angel looked up into those dark eyes and could see the raw passion in his gaze. As she unbuttoned his pants she ran her tongue down his taut belly, teasing his belly button. She heard him moan and it emboldened her to continue. She pulled his pants down to the floor and he stepped out of them. As she came back up, her eyes lingered on his now hardened shaft. Her eyes widened at how big and intimidating it was. Angel was excited beyond comprehension. She started to reach to touch it, but Staven stopped her, ” You first.” he whispered.

He picked Angel up and laid her back on the bed. He then lowered himself beside her to kiss her lips, teasing them with the tip of his tongue. Angel returned the kiss and teased his tongue with her own. Staven moaned into her mouth and deepened the kiss, their tongues swirling around in a dance inside their mouths. Lost in sensations that only this man could bring her, Angel writhed against Staven, feeling his manhood pressing against her hip. He broke their kiss and moved farther down on the bed to part her thighs. He gently nudged her with his nose, then with his tongue. Softly probing the lips of her now aching womanhood. Angel was in ecstacy. His mouth and tongue worked magic on her treasured place. She put her hand down to feel the honey of her desire dampen his face. Staven licked and fed upon her driving her wild with pleasure.
Angel started to moan loudly and her head thrashed against the satin pillows. Looking into her eyes, Staven licked her harder and faster and took her to the edge, then he stopped.
” Not yet my Angel, not yet.” he whispered against her belly.

Staven then licked his way up her body to her breasts. He took one in his hand to knead it and took the other in his hot mouth, still wet with her juices. He licked and sucked her nipple as he caressed the other. Angel moaned and held Staven’s head to her breast, arching into him.
After getting his fill of her bounteous breasts, Staven placed himself atop her and let the tip of his throbbing shaft tease the edge of her lips. Letting it rub the aching nub inside. Angel, not able to take the teasing, arched herself up and impaled herself on his hardness. She screamed in sheer lust and Staven, excited by her response, started moving within her. Long, deep strokes, slowly, then faster and faster until they were moving together in a fast lustful dance of desire. Staven moaned and plunged himself deeper into her hot treasure, feeling her honey flow over him. Angel met his every thrust, gripping his hips and pulling him deep into her.
Staven threw his head back and moaned loudly. Angel thrashed against the bed and pulled him deep and held him there, feeling him throb inside her. They both went to the edge and plummeted into the abyss of desire and lust. The orgasm rocked through both of them with such a force that they both screamed out in the pure force of it. Angel felt him explode inside her, in molten bursts. She held him deep and felt herself tighten around him, squeezing every drop out of him.
Staven, cried out again, feeling her milk him with her womanhood. Now spent, he collapsed onto his side beside her, holding her head to his chest. Angel listened quietly to his rapid heartbeat slowing. There was no need for words, they had shared something that neither would ever forget. Angel drifted off to sleep, lying in this mysterious man’s arms.

When Angel woke the next morning, Staven was gone. His scent was still on her and her bed, but he was gone.
She never saw him again, but he was always with her in her dreams and her fantasies, her Midnight Mystery.

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