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By nightseeker67

Hi, my name’s Fayth and well lately I’ve been having some weight/self-esteem issues. Now I’ve never been exactly fat, it’s just that I’ve gotten pretty thick from my teenage years. Being thicker was a goal for me at the age of 13 or so because I was skinny as all hell back then. Now I’m in college and I’ve begun to notice that the stick-thin girls are the ones who get the dates and attention while I simply stay in my dorm and read and do homework. All that can pretty much hurt your self-esteem; I mean what college girl doesn’t want at least a little attention from guys. The final straw though was during the exercise period at my college. The college promotes good health and strength, etc… etc… but when we were lifting weights and equipment around I started to realize I wasn’t as strong as when I was 13 and could beat up any guy who had the nerve to step to me. Now this wouldn’t have bugged me so much if the popular girls and guys (strange even in college there is always a popular cliché) weren’t laughing and making fun of me and my size. In frustration, I threw the weights at them and ran from the room out into the courtyard. I didn’t stop running until I found my little hidden spot and then I plopped down and cried my eyes out. I cried and cried till I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and took all my energy not to bolt and run screaming.
Standing above me was Nathaniel Blake, the most gorgeous, sensitive, brilliant guy to ever walk the face of the earth. I’m not one to get all crazy about a guy but something about those dark hazel eyes and strong jaw line simply made my heart melt. He was about 6’2, had muscles in all the right places but he wasn’t a brainless jock. He was as smart as I am and I’ve seen him go from protective, bad-boy guy to a man that every woman wants to have—that being he was sweet as sugar! I stared up at him for a few minutes till I realized he was asking me a question. “Excuse me, I’m sorry what did you just ask me?”
“I asked you what are you doing out here crying. I mean it simply isn’t right when a beautiful girl cries so I wanna know what’s wrong with you.” I blushed right down to my roots when he called me beautiful and I tried to think of an answer that wouldn’t sound idiotic. “Ummm, well it’s just that when you look as fucking stupid as I do trying to lift weights and the popular jackasses make fun of you how can you not run away and cry?” I buried my head in my lap and cried harder and harder.
“Oh, hey please don’t cry. You have the prettiest dark brown eyes that certainly don’t need to be filled with sad tears.” He sat down next to me and grabbed my hand trying to get me to relax. I looked up at him unable to do anything else. His eye s widened in surprise and he said, “Oh! You’re Fayth Jackson, it was hard to recognize you with your hair in your face and your eyes and nose all red. Oh which reminds me,” he grabs a Kleenex from his bag and used it to wipe my face off, “There much better.”
I stare at him in shock, “Wait—you know who I am?” “Of course I do,” he replies, “You are in every one of my classes which you seem to dominate in grades by the way.” He gives me this cute, lopsided smile which makes my heart jump around in my chest. “Oh thank you very much Nathaniel.” I smiled at him, trying not to be all hysterical because he was sitting next to me and actually talking to me… this is like a dream.
We stare into each others’ eyes for a few minutes me falling into those warm, brown pools when he whispered, “Wow, her eyes are even more mesmerizing up close.” I flushed and looked away and he started to stutter, “I mean-well, you are really—umm do you want help in building up your strength. I mean I’m good at that I could kinda train you if you want.” He looks at me nervously waiting for my reply. I smile shyly at him my heart beating a million miles an hour. “Sure, I’d love that.” He grinned and jumped up, “well it’s a date then. How about we start tonight at my house k? I’ll pick you up round 7.” He held out his hand for me and I took it smiling shyly at him, “Sure, I’ll be ready.” With one more grin, he sauntered off, whistling cheerfully, while I tried vainly to calm my heart down.
Later that day at 7, Nathaniel arrived at my door still whistling like a dork. (not that I’m complaining because personally I think athletic, smart dorks are the definition of sexy) He stood smiling at me and said in a gentlemanly voice, “so you ready.” I nodded and he took me to his car and drove me to his house which I heard he inherited from his brother. The night passed in a blur with him giving me basic instructions and helping me in the workout. We finished around 10 and he grinned and praised my good work which made me giggle a bit like a school girl. The next few weeks passed like that: him picking me up to workout at 7, us working out together and then him driving me back to my dorm. However, I began to notice a little more tension and sexual energy passing between us. He always stared into my eyes and kept his hands on my body much longer than was really necessary. I also happened to catch him staring at my heaving breasts or my ass every now and again though I made it look like I didn’t notice. Then one night all my dreams with Mr. Trainer came to reality.
He picked me up the usual time as always, being a gentleman to me and drove us over to his house. We went down to the weight room and while he set up I removed my coat to show that I was wearing simply a sports bra, spandex and a thin thong underneath (the thong wasn’t unusual, I mean who wants panty-lines in spandex??) When he turned back around, I saw him jump and his eyes widened as he stared at my body. “Umm, you have on…umm.” “Oh yea, well I couldn’t find any clean workout gear so I decided to wear this,” I bat my eyelashes at him, trying to be seductive; “You don’t mind do you.” He shook his head and swallowed hard, “Nope, you just look umm, real nice.” So we went through the typical routines and whenever he had to put his hands on me I noticed they were either shaking or gripping my body possessively. I asked him to go get me something to drink eventually and while he was gone, I tried to think of a way to get Nathaniel to show how he felt about me.
He came back down and handed me a glass of ice-tea. I drank it down slowly tilting my head back but “accidently” spilled the ice-tea all over my bra and stomach. “Ooops, my mistake,” I say with a giggle. I see him staring at my now transparent bra and my erect nipples and he swallowed hard again. “I guess you can umm, go clean up upstairs in the shower. I’ll ummm try to have all your clothes cleaned by then.” I grinned playfully at him and raced up the stairs and threw him my clothes from there which I’m pretty sure made him jump. I got in the shower and then after making sure I was clean I simply wrapped one of his short towels around myself and went back downstairs. His back was turned to me but me coming next to him in nothing but a towel sure turned him around quick. “Hi, how are my clothes coming Nathaniel?” He says, “Umm, fine just fine,” and I noticed he had started to sweat.
I took a deep breath and decided to not be coy and playful just direct and blunt. “Nate, do you find me attractive?” He stares at me in shock but nods his head slowly. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love to me?” He nods again and says quietly, “every single night since I met you.” I blush and say quietly “Are you willing to make love to me right now?” His eyes open wide and he stares at me with confusion so I repeat my question, “Are you willing to make love to me right now?” and to emphasize my question I drop the towel leaving my body open to his searching eyes. His eyes roam my body hungrily and I look at his crotch and see that something is definitely making a tent in that boy’s pants. He closes his eyes and says silently, “I want to so very very bad but please don’t think I only want sex from you. I really like you and I don’t wanna take advantage of you.” I step closer till my naked body is pressed against his. I stare into his lust-crazed eyes and whisper, “I’ve been wanting this forever, please don’t make me beg for you to have sex with me. Please don’t make me beg Nate. Please….” His eyes stare at me with the passion of an animal and I wait biting my lip. I sure don’t have to wait very long.
He grabs my shoulders roughly and turns me around kissing me with an animalistic passion his hand eagerly roaming my body. I melt against his warm, soft lips and give myself over to him willingly. At this surrender, he growls and lifts me into his arms, practically running as he tried to hurry to his bedroom. He throws me down onto the king-sized bed and before I can even breathe, he’s back on me kissing and gripping my body painfully tight. He lifts up only to stare into my eyes silently asking for permission and I nod my body trembling. He moves down my body and I moan as I feel his lips against my neck, on my cleavage then around my painfully erect, little nipples. I tremble whimpering his mouth feasting on my breasts as his hand travels lower. Feeling his hand gently cup my mound I buck my hips and bite my lip. He looks at me again, asking my permission to go further and I nod again. He gently rubs his hand over it before forcing two of his long thick fingers into me. I buck and gasp at the feeling of a guy’s fingers inside me for the first time and taking this as encouragement he fingers me hard and fast adding two more of his fingers inside of me. I pant, my head forced into a pillow as I tried my best not to move as my climax build up within me. He fingers me harder urging me to cum on his fingers his mouth still attacking my breasts. My body trembles and my toes curl as my orgasm rips through me as I scream senselessly.
He sits himself up and then presses his wet fingers into my mouth for me to suck on. I suck my cum off them willingly and he whispers, “You like the way you taste?” I nod quietly. “Maybe I’ll try some of it for myself,” and before I know what’s happening he’s between my legs licking and sucking at my drenched pussy. I beat the bed with my fists not sure what to do as his mouth devours me but soon he grabs my hands and forces them to the bed attacking my cunt with his tongue. Soon his mouth latches on to my erect clit and sucks on it his fingers delving into my whole again. I whimper, “oh god Nate, ohh god too muchhhh…” as he sucks ferociously on my clit like it’s a piece of meat for the taking. I pant and scream as I get closer to cumming again, twisting my head from side to side trying to escape his passionate mouth; “Please Nate, I’m so close…stop pleaassseee…” Not listening to my desperate pleas he bites down on my clit and whisper against it, “Cum for me, cum for me goddamit.” I scream my climax overtaking me and my cum pouring into his mouth.
When I come back to earth, I see the enormous bulge straining Nate’s pants and I smile up at him naughtily. I crawl near him and pull his pants down his big, hard cock springing out and hitting my face. I stare in shock; his cock is 9 inches and about 3 inches around and my pussy begins to drip onto the bed again. I look up at him and see him staring at me waiting in delicious agony for my next move. I grip his dick in my hand and urged on by his gasp of pleasure, I explore it with my mouth kissing and licking the thick cock my hands stroking his dick. His body trembles and he keeps his tightly clenched fists at his side trying to control the crazy passion exploding through him. Getting more daring, I opened my mouth and take his head into my eager mouth and I hear him gasp, “Oh fuck goddamit oh shit! What are you doing to me?” I suck and suck his dick trying not to gag when I finally getting all of his 9 inches deep inside my throat and I stare up at him. “Oh fuck please stop baby girl…please I’m so close I’m gonna cum…please stop.” Ignoring his pleas just like he ignored mine, I make sure his completely in my throat before tugging on his balls to get him to cum. He growls in pain as he shoots his entire load deep down into my throat. I swallow as much as I can and when he’s done he collapses on his knees before me panting and staring at me with unsatisfied lust. I lie down and spread my legs in invitation to him.
He growls again and situates himself between my legs just as I realize something important. “Wait Nate!” He stares at me in confusion but forces himself to stay still, “What’s wrong baby girl?” My eyes start to tear up and I say quietly, “You can’t make love to me, Imma virgin.” He continues to stare at me and then he breaks the silence by saying, “You think that’s a big deal to me. Of course it makes me absolutely happy that that means I’ll be your first but it’s not gonna stop me from making love to you…unless you don’t want me to?” I shake my head and say, “I want you and only you to make love to me and take my virginity, please don’t stop.” He grins and gives me a sweet, gentle kiss just as he shoves himself into me breaking my hymen. I whimper my eyes tearing up and he asks me if I’m okay. I nod and hold my breath as he slowly begins to move himself inside me giving me time to accept and stretch for his girth. Eventually I start to get used to the absolutely wonderful feeling and I wrap my legs round his hips pulling him deeper inside my tight and wet pussy. This encourages him to let lose all his passion and he fucks and penetrates me viciously, passionately kissing me and growling against my lips and breasts. I moan digging my nails into his back silently begging him to fuck me harder and harder. His cock begins to hit my g-spot and I moan and scream my orgasm ripping through me.
Just as I finish cumming he flips me over into doggy-style and fucks me harder and faster practically splitting me in half. I moan senselessly screaming his name as his nails digs into my ass pounding me desperately. When I feel my orgasm get closer as his balls bang against my clit, I scream, “Cum for me Nate! Please baby cum for me I wanna feel your cum filling up my tight wet little pussy and making me cum. Fuck cum for me Nate cum for your baby girl!!” He pounds me harder and harder and I feel his entire body tightening up just as he releases his jet of cum directly into me. The feel of his warm cum hitting my g-spot drives me over the edge and I scream his name cumming around his thick cock.
Once he loses his hardness and all his cum, he pulls out of me and immediately I collapse onto the bed. He lies down next to me and pulls my limp body against his. He whispers breathlessly in my ear, “I love you Fayth… I love you so sooo much.” I look over my shoulder at him my eyes filling with tears, “I love you too Nathaniel, please don’t ever ever leave me.” “I couldn’t leave you if I wanted to,” he kisses me gently; “I love you, goodnight baby girl.” “Goodnight Nate.” We both drift off into a peaceful sleep with smiles on our faces.

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