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The crisp night air smells clean and feels cool sweeping across my face. The soft scuffs of my steps blend in with the autumn leaves still clinging to their branches. The scene gives me some peace but the burning deep inside can’t be dimmed. My gaze darting from building corners to random cars, the city should offer companionship to one looking. Thoughts of strong arms around me, cold blade at my throat, meaty hands groping my body make me sigh in my own torture. Searching the dark allies, questionable parking lots, nothing, no one to taunt, but myself. My urges grow and I begin pushing my breasts together so my nipples rub against my bra. A slight breeze picks up and sweeps up my short skirt teasing at my thighs. Frustration fills me and I turn back towards my apartment.
As I turn a corner I see a middle age man probably 35-40 years old with a full head of brown hair bent over his car engine. I walk over slowly admiring his figure and size, so mature and powerful. I stop just feet from him and stare at his biceps perfectly shaded by the street lamp. My mouth waters, I bet he would have no problem throwing me around. A slight sigh escapes my lips and he turns startled then seeing me chuckles, “Sorry I didn’t hear you walk up.” His voice so deep, so manly, his hands and forearms smeared with dirt and grease. I just smile at him glancing at the engine.
“Yeah, it looks like I’m not going to be able to fix it until I get it to my shop in the morning. It’s a good thing I have a slow day tomorrow.” He explained with a half smile. Still silent I walk to the hood, close it, and hop on facing him. He looked confused for a moment so I looked deep into his eyes and slowly brought one leg up on the car and rested it with my knees apart. His vibrant eyes took their sweet time scanning my young feminine curves, the tease built anticipation and my heart quickened. His face began to melt from confusion to lust and his eyes finally rested on my B-cup bust. I shook my chest at him giggling. “I’m legal, you want to touch?” I cooed. He didn’t hesitate to step close and grab my tits over my jacket. I giggled again and grabbed his shoulders pulling him to sit on the car next to me, straddling him.
As I pull off my jacket he slips his hands under my shirt and bra exploring wildly. I release my bra for more room and begin grinding my pelvis on his crotch. He pulls my clothes up over my face and twists them to hold them there. The blackness just excites me more. His hands move to my sides and grip hard into me and he starts licking and sucking on my tits. Caught in my clothes I can’t do anything but wiggle in pleasure and listen to the sound of him ravishing small breasts.
“Such a tight little thing, aren’t you?” He whispers with a nipple still between his teeth. My gasps and moans are pleasing him, his hips now moving with mine. I can feel his hardness grinding against my thigh now, he’s almost ready. His mouth and hands release me all at once and I try to untangle my clothes again but his hand grabs my throat firmly and I freeze. I can feel him unzipping his pants and adjust, then I feel soft skin against my belly above my skirt. My legs tighten, I am so horny. His fingers start for my panties under my skirt so I rise up for him. He tears my underwear down the middle then rips them completely off me with both hands.
He pulls my shirt and bra all the way off me so he can get a better view. His face is full of greed, our eyes connect for a split moment before his dick plunges relentlessly into my pussy. The feeling of completeness washes over me and I let out a pleasurable moan. Fingers dug into my hips as he moves me up and down to his wanting rhythm. His face looking almost angry as he pounds, so powerful and complete disregard for the fuck toy he used. His steady ramming and grinding against my clit drives me crazy, the pressure building in my groin. He moves position ever so slightly and his cock goes even deeper into me, my body trembles as my clit tingles more and more.
I moan, “Oh Papi, tell me I’m a good girl, your favorite, and how happy I make you. Please Papi.” He looked hard in my eyes pulling my arms behind me and held them as he bounced me on his dick faster and harder watching my tits flop and jiggle. In an evil almost creepy tone he growls between his teeth, “Oh yeah, fucking hot bitch.” He paused to lick escaping growl from his mouth still steadily fucking me. His breath heavy and his grip on my wrists tightens, the sharp pain brings me closer to climax. Groaning in twisted pleasure he continues, “Your such a good little slut, best lay I’ve had. You like making Papi happy, don’t you dirty girl? Oh fuck, you please Papi so much!” With those words my clit exploded with uncontrollable pleasure that vibrated through me to my brain. My legs shook and my pussy clung to his cock. Lost in the world of no pain, no worry, nothing but pure insanity for a moment in time.
His soft chuckle at my release makes me feel vulnerable and powerless, I’m at his command. “That was so fucking sexy bitch.” His evil grin told me he wasn’t done with me yet. His throbbing cock still grinding my pussy, it didn’t take long until I could feel another orgasm rising. As I began moving with him again he simply picks me up off his hard dick, stands up with me, then shoves me face down on the hood. The bitter cold of the metal against my skin shocks me and I try to rise up away from it but I back into him. A strong forearm comes down on my shoulders pinning me. His knees force my legs apart and I feel his cock poke at my pussy lips and push the tip of the head in slightly barely moving back and forth. The tease makes me more eager and I wiggle my lower half against him. With his free arm he shoves his thumb all the way in my mouth and down my throat as far as it would go. I gag from surprise then start sucking and licking it imagining a second dick instead. Finally his cock plunges into my pussy with full force, I let out a moan and his spit soaked thumb pulls out of my mouth. I go to catch my breath but his thumb slips easily into my ass. I lift my chest from the hood, “No, I’ve never..” I started but with his free hand he grabbed my throat and squeezed hard enough to cut off air.
“I don’t like that word.” He growled. His thumb moving wildly in, out, and around my anus and his grip on my throat tightened more. My brain spun with panic but my body still twitched with arousal.
“Don’t you want to please Papi?” He hissed in my ear. My pussy getting wetter by the second I nodded. He completely released me and for a moment I thought he was gone. Catching my breath I begin to lift myself off the hood. A little afraid to turn around I pause. Just as I turn my head two hands hit my back and I slam back onto the hood. The whole car drops a few inches and I feel surrounded. I look up to see him hovering over me bottomless now, all fours on the car. He puts one hand on my back and leans his weight on me to hold me still.
I hear laughing from far behind me and we both turn our heads to see two obviously drunk guys watching us. I begin fighting to get up and cover but Papi has me stuck good with my ass and pussy out for the world to see. He just ignores their hollering and cheering. He reaches back and dips his fingers into my pussy for juice and slides all around and inside my ass. The smoothness of his head feels erotic against my wet anus and my clit tingles, the embarrassment adding to the need to please.
Papi’s weight shifts harder on my back, I try to relax as a thick dick enters my ass for the first time. The pain of the stretching makes me light headed and I whimper a little. A chunk of my hair pulls my face up to his, he pulls hard and pumps slowly a little deeper each time. The fullness begins to feel good, his groans echo around my head, it’s all I can hear. My body starts trembling, the sensation of his cock head scraping the sides of my ass turns into intense pleasure. His rhythm begins to quicken and I start moving with him, moaning louder now. His chest drops onto me as he grips my hip with one hand, covers my mouth with the other, and pushes his cock all the way in. His cock feels like it’s going to tear me open but my orgasm rises again and I squeal through me nose trying to breath.
“Yeah man, tear the ass up! Woot woot!” The drunk guys are a lot closer now, I know they have a great view with that street lamp right above us. Papi’s cock felt like it was getting bigger by the minute and with my head spinning in lust I spread my legs farther and locked my knees so my ass is higher and my pussy more presentable. I can hear their approving shouts agreeing with each other.
Papi chuckles deeply in my ear, his big dick ravishing my ass hitting so many sensitive spots. My muscles contract as his pace becomes faster. “Fuck little girl, you make Papi feel so good!” The tone in his voice explodes my senses sending my orgasm shooting through me. Peace, escape, pure ecstasy. I can feel Papi’s muscles tighten around me and his cock grow. Warm juices fill my ass as his dick twitches with each release. We both stay there exhausted. Our euphoria is short lived as the drunk guys cheer and begin snapping pictures with their phones. Papi slides out of my ass and off the car. Completely aware of my nakedness now I reach for my clothes quickly.
The two drunk guys stumble off laughing at their phones. I finish dressing and turn startled to Papi already dressed and watching me. His eyes are so alive staring at me. “Thanks!” I said, grinning at him. I turn toward my apartment and start walking away. I can feel his eyes still on me and I decide to walk slower and add a little extra sway to my hips.
A couple blocks later, as I unlock my door I sense I am not alone and look around. No one, then the breeze picks up slightly and I smell him. I look back to my door and out of the corner of my eye I catch movement hiding behind the next building. I pause smiling to myself, he followed me home.

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  1. crimzintear

    Had be hyped up the whole time wishing I was that friggin mechanic!

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