Mystery unveiled

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My friends and I are all avid quad riders. One happens to live at an opening to a trail that goes many ways into the woods. One day I was out riding around and I came upon a stranded rider by what we called the Cross Roads. I stopped to help him but as I got close enough to stop I realized it was a girl rider. She wore a bright yellow helmet with a sun glare face shield on it. It had a little mural air brushed on it from the cover of Meatloaf’s Bat out of hell album; anyhow she was trying to put the chain back on the sprocket.
It wasn’t peculiar to see a girl rider on our trails, broken down or not, what were unique were her clothes, Short sleeved tee shirt and a Pocahontas type of suede slit at the side short skirt. I couldn’t help but wonder what was underneath it.
I quickly got the chain back on and thanks she said as she pulled away. I was still telling her she’d better get someone to tighten the chain for her. Oh well so much for that I thought. A little further up the trail there she was again, chain off again. As I was stopping to help again she had gotten it back on and was off again as I was just getting off my machine. About 25 feet away her machine threw the chain again, as I rolled up to help her she bent over and put the chain on and was leaning over the back of the quad to push it forward to roll the chain on the sprocket, there it was a beautiful shaved pussy staring right at me. I didn’t have to wonder what was underneath the side slit skirt anymore. She kind of turned her head still in the helmet to see if I was looking I guess and asked could I help her push, it was to heavy for her she said.
I got off my quad and walked towards her mumbling out loud “yeah I’ll help you push it”. We rolled the Quad forward about 2 feet and the chain went back on, I started to turn and she said” I thought you were gonna push it”
I walked right back up to her still bending over her quad and ticked her ass a second to see if I was hearing things, she didn’t budge. So I took my glove off and ran my fingers up and down her slit. She just wiggled a bit and pushed back towards my hand. It didn’t take much more persuasion for me, my finger slid in rather easily, she was very wet already, soon I had 2 fingers sliding in and out of her and I was really enjoying myself, I think she was enjoying it more though. Well I figured I’d try anyhow, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, it was plenty hard already believe me. I rubbed it up and down her slit a few times and just as I was ready to try and push it into her sweet looking pussy she slammed back and buried my cock all the way in one swoop. She wiggled left right and back and forth and literally fucked me, I’d didn’t even get much chance to move, just hold on to the quads luggage rack.
It didn’t take to long for her to cum, she rattled and shook and then I guess she figured it was my turn, she went crazy fucking me, she was not trying to prolong my Cumming at all. I unloaded about what felt like a ½ cup of cum into her, it felt frigging great. She got back on her quad and off she went, while I was hollering, “Who are you? What’s your name?”Etc.
It took me a few to collect my wits and finally got on my quad and proceeded to my friend Billy’s house. After being there a few seconds popping a cold one, I was just dying to tell the story to him.
Just before I started to tell him my story his wife, Cindy called to me from the chaise on the corner of the deck, “Hey Daulton, did you see what my husband bought me for my Birthday?”
As she held up a bright yellow helmet with a little Bat Out of Hell mural on it.

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