Never meant to be-II

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Cold, everything was blurring around Ann Devon. Turning eighteen in Febuary sent her lust for Mr.Saunders into overdrive. Steven made attempts for them to find each-other sexually again. A dirty weekend in his parents cottage did nothing but give Steven the flu, in which Ann had to look after him. All the while she kept herself warm with the smoldering vision of Mark Saunders ravishing her wildly, unconcerned about the taboos of society, just being there, guiding her to new sexual heights.
Simple exchanges of smiles and winks drove Ann crazy, but became very suspicious to Steven who had been spiraling into a downward slump.Trying to talk to Ann put her on a defence and made him despise Mr. Saunders even more. Steven tried with all his will to occupy Ann’s time and attention, but Mr. Saunders still got the best of him, until spring.
Late April and the rain seemed ever constant. It was getting tough to handle the subtle back and forth in the class or around the school. A field trip the month before had proven some slight intrest if any when Ann’s hand moved along Mr. Saunders thigh while at a University lecture and he did nothing to stop it. She decided to follow him into the staff photocopy room after requesting another essay outline. Ann loomed in the doorway, slowly nudging the door close with her stileto boot.
” Do you believe that instinct can overrule better judgement?” Ann inquired peering at Mark Saunders who was refilling the photocopy machine.
“Absolutely,” He replied, looking up to see Ann biting her lower lip. “The ID can get the better of us sometimes.” He smiled breifly and turned back to the photocopier.
Ann moved the lock on the door silently.
“Than initially we were not meant to be monogamus creatures?!” She smiled.
“The jury is still out on that one.” He chuckled.
” Than don’t hold this against me.” Ann lunged toward him, grabbing his collar and pressing her lips hard against his.
“We can’t no!” Mr. Saunders said as he pryed Ann off of him. ” I’m sorry, if only, but no, NO!” He stood up tall and determined and for that moment Ann Devon felt like a student more than ever.
“I won’t take no for an answer.” She retorted and jumped on him kissing him again passionately, hoping beyond all hope he would recognize how much she wanted him.He slipped his arms around her.
He put her up on the photocopy machine and began kissing her neck. As tiny as she was, she fiercly threw open Mr. Saunders shirt and began to suck on his taut flesh. He reached his hand under her short skirt and brushed the tips of his fingers against her wet tight pussy. He than brought his fingers to his lips and licked them. Ann unbuckled his belt and shoved down his pants to reveal what she had only dreamed to see.
” Take me.” Ann hissed
Mr.Saunders penetrated Ann deep and slow, throbbed as her heard her moan. He rocked with her riding the photocopy machine. Ann threw her head back in ecstacy soaking in the dillerium of body heat, flesh and panting. He put his fingers in her mouth to stop her from moaning any louder, so she began to suck on them. He pressed his eyes closed as his muscles tensed and flexed.
The staff and students passed by believing that the photocopy machine was out of order and locked by the janitors. The friction between Ann Devon and Mark Saunders pushed them into ebs and waves of forbidden passion. Sweat dripped down Mr. Saunders back as he pumped Ann harder. She dragged her nails down his back and bit his neck.
” Stop, I’m gonna come.” He groaned. He pulled out of Ann and she knelt toward him sucking up every ounce of liquid ecstacy she should get from him.
” I won’t tell anyone, I have a lot at stake to.” She assured Mr. Saunders as he got dressed again. ” I wouldn’t risk this rendevouz for the world.” She smirked as she left the photocopy room.

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