Night out turned sexy

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I met him on a night out, tall, dark hair, dark fuck me eyes. I just undressed him with my eyes. Wondering what he’d look like naked and hard. What he’d look like inside me. His hands all over my curves, pulling me hard onto his hard cock, making me squirm and shake with cumming. I could feel myself getting wet just at the thought of it.

‘ Hello, fancy a drink ? ‘ I was snapped out of my 2 minute fantasy and he was talking to me. I gave him a sexy smile and agreed. A few more drinks later and some obvious flirting on both sides we went to dance. I felt sexy in my new dress and fuck me heels. I knew buying a new lace bra and matching knickers was worth something. the dance floor was hot and as he backed my ass upon his crotch I could feel myself getting hot. He held my hips as I grinded along to the music, to my pleasure I could feel his member harden. His breathing was a little faster, pulling me closer and harder so I could feel it on my ass. I wanted him, my cunt wanted him.

Not so long after we got a taxi to his. We sat there, his arm round mine and my hand on his thigh. God they felt nice I thought. He moved my hair over my shoulder and started to kiss my neck. Nibbling a little and kissing some more. He kissed up and our lips met, so firm and then our tongues touched. I could feel myself getting the same naughty feeling like earlier. His other hand grabbed my leg and pulled me ontop of him, my legs spread across him, his hands found my ass and pulled me on his still hardnd cock. Mmm I wanted him in me so badly. We started kissing hard and passionately. A few little moans were let out and before we knew it we was at his house. We let the taxi driver keep the change as he did get a bit of an eyeful.

He unlocked his door as I stepped in he turned me around and slammed me against the wall, kissing hard and his hands went all over my body. Grabbing my ass, my tits and my curves. His body pressing against mine. He pulled my dress down and let it drop…I pushed him away..letting him admire my new lingera teasing him with my ass. He quickly followed.

We got to his room and by this time his shirt was off and his perfectly toned body was nothing I’d seen before. I walked to him and ran my fingers down his chest, undid his trousers and let out his hard manhood. With a little wink and a sexy smile I licked round the top slightly slowly going all the way down his cock and back again. I tasted a little pre cum, mm he tasted good. It took me no time to take him in my mouth. He was to big to fit it all in but I took him deep, making his dick wet and he moaned. I was so turned on I start to rub my clit, wanting his hard wet cock in my wet aching cunt. He grabbed my hair and forced me to take it all the way holding me there for a minute, I was gagging on his cock, he pulled me back to see the saliva and tears run down my face. He smiled. So that’s how he likes it.

He pulled me up and pinned me against the wall. He gave my nipples some much needed attention, biting and licking while also exploring my wet cunt with his fingers. He rubbed my clit hard and fast, I could feel it getting swelled, me getting hot. He was kissing me, pressed up against me…I was about to cum and he knew it. He wanted to feel my whole orgasm so forced his fingers up my cunt pushing deeper and deeper. I came all over his fingers, he took them out and put them in my mouth. I tasted sweet.

I pushed him to the bed, admired his gorgeous body and cock… I climbed on top of him, and moaned as his cock slid inside my sensitive cunt. Slowly building up a sexy rhythm, his hands on my hips rocking me back on forth on his cock…mmm it felt good, hitting the right stop. My hands on his chest for support I got faster and harder. Getting so hot and sweaty. ‘ I’m gonna cum ‘ he said, and with that he forced me off him and onto my knees, pulling my hair back and whispering in my ear ‘ its my turn to fuck you hard. And he did. Fist full of my hair he rammed his hard cock into my cunt, deep and hard. He got faster and faster. Feeling his cock deep in my cunt was making me wetter and wetter. I rubbed my clit as hard as he was fucking me. I came on his hard cock! He pulled my hair back slapping my ass ‘ turn around you dirty slut ‘ so I did, he carried on wanking himself. ‘ Open your mouth’ mouth wide open he came on my face, some went in my mouth and some dribbled down to my chest. I took my finger and licked some off it and gave him a wink. He admired me for a few seconds. Then kissed me hard.

Unfortunately I never saw him again, but I still wank over that night.

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