Nothing Compares……..

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written Friday, July 16, 2004

I had already had a “few too many” by the time I stumbled up to the bar to wait for another drink. The bartenders were all busy so I spun around on my stool to face the crowded dance floor with my arms resting behind me on the counter, holding me steady. There were guys looking at me and a couple of them attempted to hit on me but I wasn’t in the mood for them right then.
I heard the bar tender yell over the music to me: “What can I get you sweetheart?” I spun back around to look him in the eye with my best tipsy smile and a slight slur in my speech and said, “I’ll take another Long Island Ice Tea.” He looked a little concerned and said, “Are you sure, Hun? You’ve already had three, I made them myself.” I was a little annoyed that everyone was always worried about how much I could drink so I came back with: “Well, then, you should be familiar enough with it to make me another, sweetie” and backed that up with a sarcastic smile. He decided not to argue with me and went to make my drink. I faced the dance floor again and looked around.
My eyes wandered around the club and rested on a girl that was looking directly at me like she knew me. I mean REALLY knew me. She was about two inches taller than me wearing a red fitted top that showed of her chest quite nicely, a Black leather mini with a zipper down the side, and black heels. I was wearing a similar outfit. I had on a black fitted tank, black cotton mini, black fishnet thigh highs, and my black “come fuck me boots” with the heels on them.
I nodded a hello to the girl with a smile which she must have taken as “come on over” because she was at my side in no time at all. My friends were over in the corner waiting for me to come back with my drink. My friend, Sarah, saw the girl talking to me and smiled because she obviously knew the girl’s intentions. She also knew that even though I was now 21 years old and had dreamt of being with a woman since I was 12, I had never been with one.
The girl introduced herself as Kelly. She said that she had a strong urge to kiss me since she first saw me earlier in the evening. I was feeling really relaxed between the drinks I had already consumed and her right hand resting on the back of my neck, stroking it rhythmically. Her left hand had been lightly touching my knee until I noticed that she was slowly dragging it up towards the very tip of the hem of my mini. I was tensing up because I was so nervous but it felt so good. She was dragging her fingers back toward my knee when she started to kiss me softly on the lips. Her kisses became more and more insistent and more hungry as she grabbed my long hair and directed my head where she thought it should be. She abruptly stopped kissing me after what felt like 10 minutes and roughly whispered in my ear: “Let’s get out of here!” By then I had forgotten the drink I had been waiting for and she took my hand and we ran out of the club.
When we got to her SUV she quickly put the seats down and almost threw me in the back and slammed the door behind us. She pushed me onto my back, straddled me and began to frantically undress herself. I leaned up to touch her sweet breasts with one hand and the other reached under her tight skirt and started to rub and massage her pussy. She was so wet already and so was I. She was moaning and arching her back while I continued to rub and massage.
Just when I felt her tighten like she was about to cum hard she pushed my hands away and moved down my body. She wrapped her arms around my legs and pulled me to her while pushing my legs farther and farther back. She told me to close my eyes which I did immediately. I could hear her breathing so heavily that I thought she was going to pass out. I was so wet just from anticipation and from what I had felt under her skirt. She pulled my mini up as far as she could and ran her nails up and down my legs through the thigh highs I was still wearing. I felt her blowing on my pussy and it sent shivers through me. Then I felt her hot, wet mouth on the outside of my engorged pussy lips. She was only licking the outside teasing me but she couldn’t wait either so her tongue gradually became more forceful and got deeper and deeper.
Her tongue played around my clit increasing pressure as it whirled around in circles. When she pushed two fingers inside of my tender pussy I whimpered. She was sucking on my clit and her fingers were pumping in and out of me. With each thrust she finger fucked me harder and harder while she sucked harder and harder on my swollen clit. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head, my toes were curling, and my back was arched as I fucked her face and fingers. I let out a loud moan that was almost a scream and I collapsed breathing heavily. She laid on top of me kissing my mouth and pressing her thigh into my aching pussy.
While she was still kissing me, I rolled her over onto her back and I straddled her. I started with kissing her neck and moving down to her breast bone…….then between her breasts…….her tummy……..stopped juuuuust above her wet slit. Teasing her like she teased me. She was grinding her hips toward me the hole time I made this long journey. She was more than ready for me. I was going to have her.
I reached over to my carelessly discarded purse and pulled out the little key chain vibrator I had stuck in there “just in case”. With my hand, I began rubbing her pussy and massaging her aching clit with the vibrator as she moaned and bucked her hips at me. Her eyes were closed and she was completely giving herself to me. I stuck two fingers into her slowly and was bringing them in and out while she moaned as the walls of her pussy just clasped my fingers. I turned the vibrator up and pressed a little harder against her clit so that she quickly sat up knocking the vibrator out of my hand. I ended up using my thumb against her clit. She began riding my fingers like it was a hard cock. I felt her pussy tighten so hard around my fingers and a rush of cum sliding down to my wrist. She fell backwards and we just laid there smiling contentedly. We both marveled at the fact that NOTHING compares to the beauty of one woman pleasuring another.

The End

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