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I consider myself to be a conservative woman, but everyone has a wild side even if they don’t admit it.

Anway, one day at work, I had to call a service technician to fix one a piece of equipment; little did I know that he would be servicing me. He had come in before and I never paid any attention to him. He was this tall, medium built, beautiful mocha man, with just the right sized lips. You know the kind that you could just nibble on. Well, he was showing me how to avoid the problem happening again, and his hand brushed my breast. Well that sent an instant tingle between my legs, and I had on a very sheer blouse with a sheer bra, so you could see how my nipples became erect. Well he noticed that too, and “accidently” brushed his hand against me again. I looked up at him, smiled and closed the door to the room.

I told him if he wanted to start something, then I was going to finish it. He smiled and told me to bring it on. At this point he had a major hard-on, straining to get out of his pants. I walked over to him, unzipped his pants to release the “Mandingo” that was trying to get out; he was so long, I had to step back. I was so wet, just anticipating what was next.

I began to stroke Mandingo, while he unbuttoned my blouse to free get at my breast. He unhooked my bra from the front and leaned over to take my breasts in his mouth. He went from one to the other, biting just a little. I had an instant orgasm, with more to cum.

He asked me if I wanted him and how bad. I said “let me show you”. I had on a skirt, so I turned around and leaned over the counter. He pulled my panties to the side and entered me; he couldn’t believe how tight and wet I was. His dick felt so good going in and out of me that I couldn’t contain myself. He was ready to pop too and I told him to go ahead and shoot on my back. He pulled out, shot his hot stuff on my back and made a very heavy sigh.

Just as we were fixing our clothes, the door opened. No questions were asked, they just backed out of the door.

My technician thanked me for the call and I thanked him for the service (Smile).

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