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As the summer was wrapping up Ariana was becoming very excited about starting her first year of college. She had decided that it would be best if she went to a private college that was well known for its hard work and dedication. The school was across the country and she knew that she would have many obstacles to face if she was going to make it. Ariana grew up with two loving parents that only wanted the best for her, but they would not allow their daughter to settle for anything less. In fact, they had told her that if she didn’t go to college that was well respected that she would never have a chance at a bright future. Ariana became fearful and pushed herself harder than anyone else. With her future at stake she also worried with the fact that she would hardly get to see her family or friends. But as she knew this was just another obstacle that she would have to face. Her parents assured her that she would meet many new people and have more opportunities. One opportunity she was not aware of was Professor Edwards. rnProfessor Edwards was known to be very popular with the female students. Since the semester had ended he decided that he would do some traveling to see some friends and family. The summer went very fast and he was eager to get back to school and start a new semester, plus he always enjoyed seeing the new students that were arriving on campus. He was on his way to the airport to catch his flight back to the West coast. It always amazed him at how many people traveled.rnAriana and her parents were on their way to the airport. Around this time of year the airport was very busy with travelers. Ariana’s parents told her to stay close because they didn’t want her to get separated. As they had expected the airport was very busy with travelers and Ariana was in complete awe at how busy it was. She often wondered where everyone was going or coming from. As they were on their way to the gate Ariana found herself daydreaming. This often put her in tough predicaments, and as she snapped out of it she realized that her parents were nowhere to be found. Panic had stricken her due to the fact that she wanted everything to go as planned and now she was afraid that she was going to miss her flight due to her negligence. rnShe began to walk quickly in hopes that she didn’t miss her flight and that she would be reunited with her parents. She was not paying attention and collided right into the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His face was smooth and his smile presented an everlasting sparkle. She kept apologizing over and over in hopes that he was not appalled by her clumsiness. He didn’t say anything and with the glisten in his eye she knew that he was not upset and in fact he thought it was a bit amusing. rnShe was able to get to the gate in time for boarding. As she sat down on the plane she could not help but to think about the man she has just bumped into. Ariana had been so distracted that she did not hear her parents trying to speak to her. Finally, after a few times she responded to them. The flight was on the runway and she was getting relaxed and found that she could not stay focused. This mystery man was like a god that she had never seen before and he seemed to have come out of nowhere. Experiences like this never happened in Ariana’s world and she only seen this stuff in the movies. This made her smile because she was hoping that this was a great start to a new future.rnAriana was wanting to get some sleep before her plane landed so she closed her eyes and drifted off to a far away place that seemed to have brought a smile to her face. As she got closer she realized that she was seeing the back of the man from the airport. Ariana walked closer and closer so that she could see his simplicity up close and personal. He heard her coming and turned to her. She could see his smooth facial features and handsome smile that she grew so attracted too. He didn’t apparently say anything to her but she was able to touch him and feel every inch of him. She had never been with a man this beautiful before and it was very erotic for her. She could feel herself becoming very aroused. She began kissing his sweet lips and touching him. She didn’t want to wake up from this dream so she forced herself to go on. The kissing became more intense and it was very real for her. She tasted every bit of him. His mouth was so warm and luscious. He slowly began undressing her and fondling every inch of her body. Her breasts were very tender from his touch. Her nipples became erect immediately and suddenly she felt a gush of warmth between her legs. She thought to herself; is this really happening or was it still a dream? His mouth moved from her tender, erect nipples down to her innocence. Ariana could feel him spread her open and lick up her juices. He was sucking intensely on her clit, his nibbling sent shivers all through her body. She felt as if she was losing control and instantly she realized that this is what her friends have talked about in the past. It made her nervous that she was having erotic dreams about a man she may never see again. Just as her dream was becoming more intense she was awoken by the pilot stating that they were getting ready to land. It must have been a very passionate dream due to the way she felt. She had just taken a nap and was completely exhausted. rnProfessor Edwards was on his flight and he had a smirk the whole time he was in flight. He kept thinking about the little brunette bombshell that had just turned his world upside down. He was wondering where she was going in such a hurry. He only wished there were more students with her spice on campus. The last few months he felt cheated and the women he kept associating himself with were cheap and useless to him. rnAs Ariana and her parents got to the campus they were able to find her dorm pretty quickly. They stayed for the next few hours and helped her get situated. Once they left she got herself situated and decided that she would get to bed early. As she laid there she kept thinking about how hard it was to leave her parents, but she knew it had to be done. She knew in her heart that it would get easier. Her night was very quiet and disappointing. Ariana was hoping that her mystery man would appear and sweep her off her feet.rnThe next morning, there was a slight cool breeze in the air due to the down pour of rain. Ariana got herself up and decided that she was going to do a run through of all her classes. She found her first couple of classes with no problem and then she attempted to find her Western Civilization class. With a few wrong turns she finally found the class she was looking for, and as she walked past the door she thought she was dreaming. There he was! It was her mystery man and he was standing there in her classroom. She thought could it be? Ariana turned around and almost immediately she heard his voice. As she walked into the classroom she was speechless and could not find the words to come out. “Hi, I am Professor Edwards, and you are?” She could barely get her name out, but it took everything she had to finally release the lump. “I am Ariana.” The musky sound to his voice was making her wet all over again. He told her that he remembered her from the airport and that he could not help but to think about her. Professor Edwards asked her if she wanted to do dinner that night. Her only response was yes. He told her that he would pick her up at seven.rnAriana spent the whole day primping about the way she looked. She was actually having a dinner date with the mystery man of her dreams and this time he had a name, it was Professor Edwards. The day seemed to have flown by cause before she knew it he was there picking her up for their date. Ariana was feeling a bit nervous about what consequences she would incur due to dating a Professor at the college. But with all of that she could not help but notice that he was dressed to impress and he smelled absolutely delightful. Her first instinct was to skip dinner and make love all night.rnAs Ariana opened the door Professor Edwards could not believe what he saw. His first impression
f her was that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He could not help to think about what was under her clothes as well. She was wearing a sweet, smelling aphrodisiac, and at that point he knew he was never going to be able to make it through dinner.rnThey greeted each other with a kiss and got on their way. In the car, they were both quiet as not knowing what to say. As the night went on conversation became almost natural. As it got later they realized that it was time to go. Both seemed to be saddened by this as they were enjoying each other’s company. He walked her to the door and it slipped out so easily. Ariana asked if he wanted to come in and spend the night. He eagerly accepted her invitation and hoped that tonight would be everything he hoped and imagined it would be. She already knew what she wanted and she was in the mind frame that she was going to get it no matter what.rnOnce in the house they began kissing passionately, slowly moving their way to the couch. He wanted to touch and taste every inch of her. Little did he know that she wanted to do the same to him. Still kissing, they began taking each other’s clothes off. He was kissing her more heavily now and she was kissing him back. She removed her skirt in hopes that he would insert his engorged penis into her tight, innocent pussy. He kissed his way down her body until he had reached her love tunnel. She smelled so fresh and sweet. Her scent was driving him mad and he knew at that point that he needed to have her. He savored every drop of her juices and buried his face deep into her tunnel. Ariana welcomed him with complete pleasure. She never felt anything this satisfying before. rnHe forced himself to stop and that point he immersed deep inside her. She moaned so loud that it drove him into complete madness. He fucked her like the innocent virgin she was. With every thrust she moaned louder and louder. He could feel her tense up and suddenly she squirted all over his dick. He was so turned on that he continued to thrust his penis deep inside her. Their bodies connected as one and at that point both of them knew that this is what passion was all about. rnShe stopped him and had him straddle her face. She took his penis into her mouth, and at that moment she was able to taste what was driving him mad. His penis was so engorged that she could feel him pulsating in her mouth. As she was sucking she began stroking his penis and just before he released she could feel him tense up. Just as he was ready to cum she took his dick out of her mouth and continued to stroke. When she looked up she could see that he was in complete ecstasy as he blew his load all over her face. At that point, she didn’t waste any of his juices and rubbed it all over her face and put some of it in her mouth.rnFor the next few hours they laid next to each other and talked about how fate had brought them together. Ariana could finally see how her future was suddenly going to become very bright.

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