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He couldn’t believe his eyes. Was it really her? Surely that flowing auburn hair could belong to no one else. Across the restaurant sat his first love – the woman he had lost his virginity to! She was eating alone – could she still be single? His heart started to pound , and he felt a stirring in his loins as he remembered their first encounter. Then he thinks to himself, “What am I thinking? I am remarried now!” Then this other little voice says go ahead, go talk to her! Without giving himself time to change his mind, he goes over to her table. Her face lights up when she sees him, and she jumps up to give him a warm hug. As she does she realizes that he is very glad to see her, and she invites him to sit down with her. He sits on the opposite side of the booth, and gazes into her deep brown eyes. He offers to buy her a drink, and she accepts. He signals to the waitress, and orders a piƱa colada, remembering that was her favorite drink. He orders a soda for himself, wanting to stay clear-headed. When the drinks arrive, she opens her straw and takes a small sip as she smiles at him. He opens one end of his straw, then puts it to his lips and blows the straw paper toward her. She giggles as she remembers how he used to do that on almost every date. She asks him what he had been doing since they had last seen each other, and he nonchalantly mentioned his new family. She could sense that he didn’t really want to talk about that, so she started asking if he had seen any of their classmates around. As they talked, she slipped off one of her shoes and began to rub his leg with her stocking foot. His face became slightly flushed, and he shifted slightly in his seat. Her foot continued to gently travel up his leg. The booth was quite small and in a dark corner of the restaurant, and had a long tablecloth that brushed the floor. Soon she reached her goal, and her toes began to gently tease his crotch. It was all he could do to keep from crying out in ecstasy. Within seconds his member was rock hard and straining against his tight jeans. When he could stand it no more, he rasped huskily ” I need some air,” and tossed some money onto the table for the drinks. He headed out the door and towards the woods behind the restaurant. With a sly smile, she slipped her shoe back on and started after him. She could barely see his faded jeans in the moonlight peeking through the trees. She called his name and he stopped. He turned toward her and waited for her to catch up. When she got there, he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Her hands slid down to cup his buns while his hands slid up the back of her shirt to unfasten her bra. He gently lifted the front of her shirt and bent to kiss her breasts. OH they tasted as good as he remembered! He scooped her up and gently carried her to a nearby picnic table. As he continued to trail kisses down her stomach, he started to run his hand up her skirt as her hand was tugging at his zipper. She freed his manhood as he found her wetness – she had not worn any underwear! This totally turned him on, and he brought his face to rest between her legs. His tongue lapped slow, warm circles around her clit as he inserted his finger into her hot hole. She moaned with pleasure, then began to gently stroke his shaft. As his tongue got faster, so did the thrust of the finger. With his other had he began to rub the area toward her asshole. He got his finger wet with her juices and rubbed that sensitive spot. This was driving her crazy – oh how she had missed his touch! She licked his hard member, then took it fully into her mouth and sucked on it. She felt him start to fuck her mouth with the same rhythm he was pumping with his finger. She ran her fingers around the base of his balls, then began to use one finger to rub small circles toward his asshole. Suddenly , she hit the right spot and he bucked. He jumped up and said quick, turn over! She turned over to kneel on the bench and bent over the top of the picnic table. He grabbed her hips and entered her quickly, thrusting frantically. Then he withdrew for a moment, and being slick with her juices, he eased himself into her tight asshole. She gasped with surprise and pleasure as he slowly began to move again. He plunged a finger into her dripping pussy as he fucked her ass. She reached around and found the spot again, and he began to pump harder. Suddenly he let out a loud groan as he had the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced! As he came inside her, she rubbed her clit and had her own intense pleasure, driven by his powerful eruption. They collapsed in each others arms on top of the table, basking in the moonlit afterglow of their passion. They slowly sat up, and kissed tenderly. Then they slowly reached for their clothes. Neither of them wanted to leave, but they knew they must return to their separate lives. After they dressed, they walked hand in hand to the edge of the woods. He embraced her and kissed her deeply one more time, then turned and strode toward his car. She stood watching his rippling buns in the moonlight. As he reached his car he turned to look at her, then got in his car and drove away. She dreamily walked to her own car and got in. She barely remembered the ride home. She climbed in bed next to her husband and drifted off to dreamland. Instinctively he rolled over to cuddle her, and she snuggled back against him automatically. But in her dreams, there was a different man tonight.

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