Ride 'Em Cowboy!

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Jaycee was hitching on Interstate 44. She knew it was dangerous, but she had mace and a fully loaded gun that she knew exactly how to use, so she felt pretty safe.

It was a very hot day, dry heat hot, but hot just the same. She had on her low rider faded shredded jeans shorts, she had long thin, toned, pretty smooth legs, the skin so taut that it shined, part of her right ass cheek was revealed in the tears of her shorts, her ass was small, high, round and it too was tan. On her hitch-hiking travels, when there were no cars, she would take her small blanket out of her big back pack, go into a field, lay out the blanket, undress and let the sun make love to her body, by heating and tanning every inch of her silky, soft, exposed skin. She loved feeling that hot sun lick at her bare pussy, it drove her wild how the heat concentrated on her clit, her nipples were always rigid when the sun streamed down on them, she loved the sun.

She looked up and down that long desolate road and realizing no vehicles were around she decided to take a sun break and maybe a nap.

She walked down off the highway into a fenced in field, she looked to make sure there were no horses or cows or any other farm animals, she saw way, way down the hill was a farmhouse, but she felt safe where she was since the grass was high so she figured it was an unused plot of land.

She laid her blanket down as she stamped the tall grass down with her feet, She was yawning and removing her clothes. Off came the holey jean shorts, she slid them down over her taut tummy and sexy soft legs, she had no panties on; she removed her top, her breasts bounced as she pulled it roughly up and off. She was nude except for a thin 22 carat gold chain that she wore around her waist, she rarely removed that, it had a long dangling chain and at the end was a gold heart, she loved feeling that heart pressed against her pussy when she walked as it hid in her pants.

She yawned and held her arms up high and she twisted her body back and forth to get out any kinks, she had been walking without seeing any cars for over an hour and she was a little stiff. She slightly scratched her bare tummy doing little lazy circles with her nails.

She was not sure which side she wanted to lay on. But she decided on her tummy, since she knew she wanted to nap. She laid there so pretty, so nude, so sexy, and so exhausted. The sun caressed her ass cheeks, warming them just like a man’s horny hand could. She purred and gently murmurred feeling that sensual heat. She lifted her hips and got on her knees so that the sun could heat her pussy, she felt that almost stinging sensation of the sun’s hot rays, and her pussy glistened for the sun, mmmm she loved that.

But she was tired, so he laid down, putting the gold heart right up under her clit, and she soon drifted off to sleep. She slept well, but had many strange dreams that would awaken her, but she’ld be in that half/asleep, half/awake stage so she felt almost drugged and totally immobile. She always loved when that happened.

The dreams were so intense, in one a wild coyote came to her and licked her breast as she laid still. Another was about a very old wrinkled man that laid on her nude body, he was clothed and he groaned and make gutteral sounds.These dreams were weird and erotic and disjointed moving from one dream into the next without rhyme or reason.

The last dream was that she was in a barn being carried by some man. Only that was no dream it was real. “What the fuck are you doing? Put me down!” Jaycee yelled at the large handed, big man holding her,realizing that it was really happening.

“Don’t you go cussing like that!” he said and he repeatedly slapped her bare ass that was slung over his shoulder and arced up in the air almost near his ear, so that felsh spanking echoed in his head. He spanked it hard, not a sexy slap, no, it was an “I’m the man and I’ll teach you how to act like a lady!” hard spanking. But he also rubbed her ass after that slap, a nice run around over the cheeks and back of the thighs caress.

Jaycee shuddered feeling her pussy drip to his touch. “Please put me down.” she begged, but he ignored her. He carried her through the barn, they passed the horses that looked at her, or so she thought. She smelled the manure and horse urine and hay. She was turned on by the angle of her nude body, but also scared not knowing what was going to happen.

He carried her into his house. “Please, what are you going to do?” she asked.
He did not answer, but his hand rubbed her ass, his hands were rough, big, thick and warm,her little silky ass got a very sensitive reaction, by goosebumps forming the disappearing. He used his finger running it up and down her slit, feeling her satiny, super wet inner pussy that was hiding between her cushiony full pussy lips, those girly lips that he opened with the pad of his finger. “Ohhhhhh ohhh ohhh.” she said feeling his finger feel her most intimate area, she had not been touched like that in so long. Her pussy was so wet. They got into his bathroom, he slid her down over his shoulder and chest and part of his thigh, her pussy rubbed the whole way down. She looked to see he was so nice looking, rugged looking, like a man who had done hard labor all his life and his face revealed it. She saw a big wet spot on his shirt on his shoulder where her pussy had been pressed. It excited her, he saw her looking and he looked, saw it, felt her juices, he rubbed his fingers in the stain and sniffed and licked his fingers as he stared into her eyes. He grinned and closed his eyes in pleasure then opened them and winked at her.

“Get in the tub.” he said.

She looked and there was a tub filled with slightly steaming water.

“No! I don’t want to.”

“Hahaha!” he laughed, “Fiesty gal, huh?” and he lifted her up and put her in the tub, the water was really warm, yet soothing. Jaycee had not had a bath since she did not know when, she took showers, but no baths. It made her fill with sensual delight.

He kneeled by her and took a washcloth and wettened it in the water, he started sensually bathing her, he started on her neck a slow, deliberate, soft, smooth rub, then he worked his way over to her right shoulder, the one closest to him, then over her right arm, the whole time he was smiling and looking her up and down, then he rubbed her right tit with that washcloth round and round he caressed her pert, round, fleshy breast, he held it in his palm in the washcloth, he squeezed gently, letting her know he was in charge, he bounced her tit and then he rubbed over and over on her hard baby pink nipple, she moaned and moved in the tub making the water splash on him, her clit twitched by his rubbing that extended sensitive nipple. He stopped and put the washcloth right over her pussy and he rolled back his sleeves, revealing big hairy forearms. It was such a sexy dominant move, letting her see he was getting down to business.

He retrieved the washcloth and rubbed her other breast, it looked like it needed his manly attention, that equally pert breast reacted to his touch, by hardening and extending its nipple for him. Both nipples were hard and wet and sensitive now and totally under his control and he knew it, he leaned in and bit her nipples tugging them she groaned and arched her back and he nibbled away then stopped.

He looked down and saw her gold heart on her waist chain pressed against her pussy, he reached down and moved it to the side, it kept going right back to her pussy, so he pressed it deep inside between her lips she moaned feeling that gold moving because of him, his energy was going through it and right into her pussy. “Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm” was all she uttered.

He stood up and took off his shirt, she smiled at his wide , well labored and toned chest. He had dark curly hairs, quite the contrast from her hairless body, it made her feel even nuder and more feminine and even submissi
ve to see such an obvious display of rugged masculinity. She rubbed her gold heart o
n her clit watching him. He sat on the toilet and took off his boots,then his socks, every so often looking at her and smiling, she smiled back and felt giddy and high, she knew she was going to be getting a fucking real soon.

He stood up and unbuckled his belt, he waited a second watching Jaycee as she rubbed her clit. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants opening the material at both sides so she could see his bulge and hard-on outlined in his underwear. Jaycee took a slow deep breath through her nostril and slowly released it through her pretty little nose. She now used her bare finger to rub her pussy. He dropped his jeans to his ankles, his hard on so obvious in the underwear, it was angled to the right and upward, his head showing up at the top, she saw his slit in his velvety cushiony dick head and she trembled she knew his cum was churning in his balls and soon would be shooting out of there and into her. He knelt down in his underwear and lifted her out of the tub, she was wet in every sense of the word.

He carried her in his arms, his right arm under and around her back his left under the back of her thighs, her bare ass was hanging underneath totally exposed iut felt so sexy. He brought her into his room and put her on the floor, “Bend over.” he said, she did and he nestled up tight against her ass, he humped her while in his underwear. The lust was intense between those two, over and over he let her ass and pussy feel his stiff cloth covered hard on. He was driving her wild with desire and sheer horniness. He was using a perfect rhythm to hump her and they really getting into it, she was liking how his underwear felt on her bare ass and pussy, he liked feeling her getting so slick and warm, then she felt it, his bare, hard, silky skinned, smooth, warm fleshy cock, “Ohhhhhh shiiiit!” she said as her pussy hole went wild wanting that hard prick to slide in it. “Fuck me! Fuck me good!” she said. But he just let her feel his dick over and over, all over her ass cheeks, her crack, her pussy on the outside, everywhere but in her hot hungry for dick, hole; his cum tipped sticky dickhead left its mark all over her ass and pussy leaving a nice sticky trail. Marking her as his, if you will.

He pulled away and she looked back to see him removing his underwear. Her skin allover silkened up seeing his manly nakedness, muscles and hair and cock, ohh that magnificent hard long cock, it was bowed upward, like it curved upward, her pussy hole closed immediately like it had to gasp seeing that big horny sexy man pole.
He smiled at her, he looked at her ass and pussy and grinned he stroked his cock. “That is the prettiest ass and pussy I have ever seen.” he said.

Jaycee smiled and rubbed her clit with her gold heart.

“You bet I’m gonna fuck it, I’ll fuck it real good. You wait here.”

Jaycee was confused as to what he was going to do, he came back in carrying a saddle. “Wait, I’m not wearing that.” she said.

“Oh you aren’t wearing it, you’re straddling it while I fuck you.” and he put it down over the bed getting the covers under it to hold it still, ” First I want to remove your chain.” he said and he unclasped it and held it on both ends and let it rub on her flesh then be completely removed. She now felt incredibly nude, almost vulnerable without her chain. Almost as if he sensed it, he put his big rough hand around her small waist and held her for a few moments. “Ohhh shiiit, your handsareamazing.” she said.

He released her waist and said, “You are gonna wear this in your mouth.” as he held up a strip of leather with a rectangular piece of rubber in the middle of it in front of her face as he leaned over her.

She took it and placed it between her legs. “Hahaha no not there.”, he said and he took it from her and put the rubber piece in her mouth. “See you bite on this, I hold the reins from behind. You’ll love it, I know it. Now let me put you on the saddle.” he said as he positioned her on that saddle so that the horn was up against her clit, she smelled that sexy leather scent and felt that horn tight on her pussy, she held the rein in her mouth and it sexually delighted her. The bed lowered as he got on it, he positioned himself behind her bare ass and he guided his cock to her pussy and then her stretchy wet hole. He tried getting the head in but her hole was resisting, “Damn, girl, you are tight!” he said, he tried getting in her hole, but it was fighting his cock by keeping it’s mouth clamped shut, he liked a challenge, so he talked dirty to her,in a deep horny voice he said “Don’t you want my nice big cock in your hot pussy? Don’t you want me to ride your hole? Don’t you want me to control you? I’m gonna fuck your hole come hell or highwater. I’m horny for you gal, can’t you see how big you made my dick.” As he spoke he kept slowly pushing his dick in her slobberly wet, but very tight box, he finally got in and moaned, “Fuck yeah! That’s what my dick needs, nice, warmm wet pussy. Mmmmm your pussy needs dick just as bad.” Then he grabbed the reins and tugged back, he pulled his dick out and loosened his grip,rammed his cock back in and tugged back on the reins, over and over he did that making them both too turned on for words. His hard on pulled out and thrust back in, over and over in her pussy, he fucked her hard and he fucked her good. In and out, in and out, that hard curved upward dick was fighting her pussy’s little wet hole and it was going to win. “Like my big cock in that sweet honey hole?” he asked and he tugged on the reins. She could not speak with that rein in her mouth, held by her teeth, but she moaned, so he knew he was fucking her good.

He also knew that her clit was being massaged by the horn because her pussy was juicy as hell and pulsating around his dick, like a heartbeat was in her pussy, it just rhythmically gabbed and released his shaft and head over and over, he loved the silky wetness of her tight now very hot inside pussy. All that pumping sure heated it up. He pulled back very tight on the rein shoved his dick in as far as he could get it, arched his back, pressed his groin against her ass hard and came, all inside of her hole he left his steamy, gooey, sexy seed. He released the reins and got up to her face,he held her jaw and turned her face to his and kissed her, he felt her silky soft facial skin against his rough cheek as he kissed her and she kissed him back. The way that she was angled, her neck turned, her back arched with him still deep in her hole, she orgasmed a very spurty wet orgasm, juicy and warm all around his cock, she held his tongue between her full lips and sucked it, that turned him on even more. She sucked it like it was a soft piece of sweet candy that she wanted to savor forever. He felt around and under her and pinched her nipples she moaned in his mouth. They laid together and fell asleep him on top of her, still inside of her, she still on the saddle. They awoke later and he pulled out, her pussy had tightened around his now soft dick and the feeling of his cock pulling out from her hole made both of them gasp. Her pussy was lonely immediately missing his wonderful dick. And she missed the warmth of his hairy sexy body over her silky skin.

He go off of her and leaned back to see her pussy so cute and pink, displayed right there for his eyes, and his eyes only. He took the reins and playfully spanked her pussy making her move and sway and moan.

“I’m fucking you in the hay bale later.” He said.

“Mmmmm I just love cowboys and farmers.” she said and she offered him more of her pussy to spank with that rein.

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