Rock Star

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You’re my ex-boyfriend and you are in a band and your playing at a party I come to with my new boyfriend you see me and him walk I and start talking to people you can’t stop looking at me as you sing and play guitar…I look around hearing your voice I look up at the stage and see you shaking my head a little…after the party dies down you and your band are packing up and my boyfriend walks up to you I’m not with him…he pauses looking you up and down (I’m in tight jeans black tank top black flip flops black little hand bag, you in a black long sleeve shirt black stocking cap black cargo pants and black shoes…) “So…” he says slowly “You’re the dumb ass that lost her” I look over hearing him as I talk to a friend then look at you to see what you will do knowing your not just going to take it… E-mail me and tell me what happeneds next!!!

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