Second time around

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Jenna and Kat hadn’t had a decent night out in so long that they decided to forget all about what they were meant to do tomorrow and go for a big night out on the town. It was just like old times. There was the fun of sitting on the train and rating all the guys. On this particular night there were even more hot guys than usual, which was a bonus as the 2 of them were really horny. Jenna hadn’t had any cock on so long that she was starting to get a little desparate.

On arriving at their favourite nightclub, it was just starting to get busy, but the sexy barman Joe recignized them and gave them extra large drinks as well as a blowjob each. Jeena knew she looked good that night. She’d just come back from a 2 week holiday in the caribbean and was showing off her tan. Little did all the guys ogling her know that it was all over. This time she’d actually taken the plunge and stripped off to the delight of the locals. Her 36DD white tits weren’t something that they saw everday. She relished in the fact that a lot of them probably went home at night and jacked off fantasizing about her. It turned her on so much that she was playing with her pussy all night, every night. At one point she almost masturbated right there on the beach. Maybe next time.

Anyway, she and Kat were coming out of the toilet and they walked straight into what felt like a brick wall. On closer inspection it was the extremely hard chest and the sexiest man Kat had ever seen. Little did she know then that he was known to Jenna.
“jack, what the hell are you doing here? I thought you had left the country?” Jenna cried, thinking how sexy he looked. Just looking at him made her wet.
“I ship out tomorrow” he replied “want a drink?”
She wasn’t going to turn down an offer like that, especially as Kat had made a friend of her own and was already rubbing up against him.
By this time the club was really crowded and Jenna was squashed up against Jack as they queued at the bar. This gave her the chance to feel how hard he was. His cock was rock-solid and pressing against her ass that was barely covered by a short black skirt. Knowing how big he was from past experience got her leaning even further into him and rubbing up against him.
“Want to get out of here?” he asked as he pulled her even harder against him.
“Thought you’d never ask”
Jenna managed to catch her friend’s eye on the way out and got a huge grin and thumbs up in reply. The journey back to the base in the taxi couldn’t go fast enough. Oblivious of the cab driver in the front seat, she was rubbing Jack’s hard cock through his trousers and he was playing with her tits.
No sooner were they inside his empty room, then he’d shoved her against the door and was grinding away. The poor excuse for a top was soon dispensed with he was licking and playing with her nipples til they were so hard it was almost unbearable.
“Jack, please, you know what I want. I really need it now” Jenna almost screamed this and would have sank to the floor if Jack hadn’t picked her up and thrown her onto the bed. Immediately he was between her spreadeagled legs and pulling aside her panties. Just looking told him the truth of what he suspected and in split second those panties went flying across the room.
“I love your pussy. It’s so wet” said Jack as he slid 2 fingers inside her “you’re so tight as well”
“After you, i haven’t been able to stand the thought of having anyone else lick me out or put their cock anywhere near me”
Those 2 fingers wer soon joined by 2 more and Jenna’s pussy was swelling to accommodate them all. Next thing she knew, he had his tongue on her clit and was licking it so fast, she thought she would come there and then. HIs know wet fingers withdrew and she would’ve felt bereft if they weren’t immediately replaced with his fast-working tongue. In and out it went, and he knew just how she liked it. They hadn’t spent 12 hours at it like rabbits the last time for nothing.
Looking down, she could see the hardness of his cock through his boxers and longed to see it again in the flesh. Nothing else would satsify her now. Pushing him off her and then back on the bed, she straddled him and then slowly pulled his boxers down. Knowing what she was going to do, made his already hard 8 inch cock go rock solid and stand to attention for her. Bending down, she took the tip in her mouth and started licking it, just like he’d donw to her pussy. A quick look up at him, showed she was doing the right thing. Enboldened, she started to slip it into her mouth until the whole thing was inside and she could feel it at the back of her throat. At this point he grabbed her by the hair and she started sucking his huge cock as if her life depended on it. She could he was about to come. Grabbing hold of his balls, she gave a short tug, and Jack immediately came. The taste of his cum was so good that she couldn’t wait for the next round, but first she needed to be satisfied.
Flipping her over, Jack spread her legs wide and started licking her from behind. She started to convulse, but wanted things to be different. This time she wanted to come with his huge cock inside of her.
“Fuck me now. I need you indside of me! Jenna screamed and ground her wet pussy against his crotch. Jack didn’t need to be asked twice.
He drove himself right inside and so hard that he was buried all the way up to the hilt. Nothing was showing outside except his balls. In and out, harder and harder. Reaching round Jack started playing with her tits, tweaking the nipples and caressing them. With his other hand, he was pleasuring her clit as only he knew how. Jenna couldn’t take it any more, she could feel her orgasm coming, and she started screaming so loudly she thought the entire base must have heard. Collapsing onto the bed with Jack’s hard cock still inside her, Jenna wondered whether she was ever going to find a guy who would be able to make her scream like that.
There’s always the chance of bumping into him again at some point.

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