Secret lake: Random encounter

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Hi, I am going to share my experience happened in Hyderabad. On one fine Saturday I went to the secret lake. People in Hyderabad have an idea what it is. I think the time was around 7:00 o clock in the evening. I saw a lady walking lonely on footpath with her dog. Her face was glorious under moon light. She wore a tight fitting salwar kameez. Strange and mixed emotions started running through my mind. Long black hair swaying to the music of the wind. I noticed her from a long time. She was perfect. The correct size to send shivers down anybodys spine after a few minutes she was sat on a bench looking at the lake. I really never knew where I got the courage or if I really had the intentions. Her dog came to me and started smelled my shoe. I love dogs very much. I started play with the dog.
She pulled the dog away and I said Hi. She was adamant on talking but then the conversation shifted to dogs and we had a casual chat. And then the inevitable happened. She told me that she was watching me stare at her all along. She asked me to sit beside her. I told her she looking great and I couldn’t help but stare at her. I asked about her. She said that three days back her husband went on business trip to Baroda and she was all alone. I never really asked her further cause I didn’t want to mess it all up.

I offered if she wanted to grab a bite. She was hungry. The sexual tension was building up. I couldn’t help but stare at her assets. She noticed what I was looking at and asked me if I was game for some fun. That was the first time I was ever confronted by a women. I was this average guy always on the hunt for girls. Any guy would do the same and here I was with an offer too good to resist. She asked me about my work for next day. It was Sunday and I was off work. Then she suggested why not go to her place. I really didn’t know what to say. Dumbstruck that I was here, with a stranger who was sexy and nice. Then she took my hand into her hand and asked again. It was an offer I couldn’t resist. The first time I ever got a chance I didn’t want to spoil it and walked along with her towards her car. I left my car in the parking lot. We stopped and got a pack of condoms. We reached her house at around 10.00 pm. After we stepped in, we had water. I picked one bottle of water and walked along with her. After reach her room she turned on A.C with remote. She wanted to have a shower. I really didn’t mind but I asked her if I could do the honors of undressing her. She smiled and agreed.

I got closer to her and I raised my hand to unzip her Salwar. But unfortunately I placed my hand on her right boob. And that was the spark. I held her with my left hand tightly and I opened the zipper. She gave me a kiss on my lips. I enjoyed it. We stood there kissing each other passionately and wildly. It was as if it was the last time we were ever going to do this. I grabbed her ass with one hand and rubbed her between my legs with the other, and I could feel myself getting really horny.

She let her hand stray to the bulge in my jeans. She unbuttoned my fly and reached her hand inside to feel my hard cock. Suddenly, she pushed him back on the bed, so hard that I bounced on my back. She yanked off my jeans and boxers to let my cock stand straight up. God, it looked good. She went down on me, gently at first, letting her tongue trace over. .

She snapped her head up before I could come. She didn’t want that, not yet. She was dripping wet with excitement by this time. She then stood up and took of her jeans and underwear, and came back on to the bed and straddled me. She bent my head to kiss me, teasing me. She lowered me just so my cockhead would touch her wetness-then she’d pull away again. Her aggressiveness surprised me-before she could get him inside me, I sat up and threw her onto her back. “I want you so bad,” I told her.

She spread her legs around my hips and grabbed my ass. I thrust myself into her, and she moaned-loud. I pulled myself all the way out before doing it again-and again. Finally, staying inside, I grabbed her hips and started pumping. God, it felt good. She moaned louder and louder, and I started to sweat. I rubbed her clit with one hand, driving her wild. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. “You’re going to make me come!” She moaned.

I smiled. “You’re going to make me come,” I shouted.

We exploded against each other at the same time. She screamed my name over and over, and I yelled hers. Satisfied, we lay back against the sheets together. I was still shaking from the experience, and she soon fell asleep in my arms. She looked like an angel. Driving home, I felt so wicked – it was the best thing that happened to me… ppl in hyd can contact me at

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