Secrets In The Basement

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Tami slowly peeled down her tight, satiny, pink panties as she bent over straight-legged over the bed. She could see in the mirror Mr. Patterson, her best friend’s dad, staring at her shiny bare ass and now peach fuzzed, pink, shiny pussy lips. Ass and lips that were shiny because she had massaged them with sesame oil 5 minutes before her strip tease. She almost orgasmed from her own oiling of her butt and pussy, now here she was shining for him. She just stayed still, letting him see her femininity displayed so erotically for him, seeing those tight round cheeks gleaming with the afternoon light that was reflecting on the slick cheeks and then after a few horny moments she swayed her hips back and forth, he eyed her nude innocent ass as it slow danced for him, that very round almost plump ass, so tight, so nude, so fresh, so innocent, her bare ass kept moving back and forth seducing him, filling him with intense hunger to get at her.Her pussy was starting to part its lips for him, opening enough that he could see inside all that moistness and redness letting him know she was ready for hardcore dick action. Her panties slipped lower down her slim thighs as she swayed so she stopped, reached in between her legs, and pushing and then bunching the crotch in her hand she slid those soft panties all the way down to her ankles and with a jaunty little kick she flung them away from her body with her foot.

He licked his lips as he wondered what her skin felt like, he wondered how she smelled, he wondered how she tasted and he wondered how she fucked. His eyes were rivited to her body, he was staring so hard and long at her revealing nudity that she felt his horny gaze and it made her wetten up even more and made her tummy have butterflies.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his hard on. It was long and thick and veiny and red with passion. He stroked his rigid shaft, she saw that and rubbed her clit over and over just looking in the mirror at her best friend’s dad’s dick, a dick that was older than anything she owned, for some reason that excited her even more knowing that a 55 year old dick was going to be in her 20 year old pussy. Horny for him she changed position, he watched her slowly get one knee on the bed, opening it over to the side, the other leg was still standing, her pussy was partly revealed and jutted out for him, her ass cheek was higher than the other. She lingered in that position, letting him enjoy the view, she wiggled, making her cheeks tremble ever so slightly, then she brought her other knee up, it widened her hips and ass as she knelt like that with both knees apart, ass in the air, pussy beckoning him with its beauty, wetness and scent. He could see in between her ass cheeks, oh that was naughty, he detected that tiny hidden pinched asshole. His own wife, whom he had been married to for 30 years never exposed her asshole to him, yet here was this young woman shamelessly allowing him to see it in broad daylight. His dick jumped and precum drooled as he studied it, wondering if he would be allowed access to that area. Her pussy was dripping and fleshy soft and the warmth from inside of both of her holes was making her achy and horny, she needed some kind of flesh-to-flesh contact, a nice caress, a sensual humping, a hard firm spanking, a digital fuck, a good licking, a nice hard dicking, or maybe she needed them all, whatever her pussy was drooling awaiting whatever pleasure Mr. Patterson was going to give her.

But he stood back, looking and lusting, but not sure if he should fuck his daughter’s friend, yeah sure she was of legal age, and hey she came on to him, she had her ass and pussy presented to him on the bed he didn’t ask her to, she did it of her own free will, but he was married, and she was his daughter’s friend, they even resembled each other, not that he had ever seen his daughter nude, but they were similiar in height and coloring. He was conflicted, but fucking horny as hell and his dick really wanted to be in her, he was feeling pain, serious dick needs to fuck and cum pain.

He moved closer for a better look. His dick stood straight out, it needed pussy so bad and her pussy looked so inviting, so clean, so fuzzy haired, so naughty, yet innocent.

She just looked in the mirror watching the lust on Mr. Patterson’s face, he had a smirk on his face, the same smirk men had when she walked by them in her tight jeans and wiggled her ass. She knew and loved that look.

Her pussy lips started opening, the swelling in the lips and her juiciness made them part for him, before they were pressed closed, now they were spread apart revealing her inner lips and redness and wetness.

Mr. Patterson decided he wanted to fuck her so he threw caution to the wind and stripped, furiosly as a matter of fact. Hewas nude within seconds, he got on the bed behind Tami, the mattress lowered to his weight and the springs creaked. He just shoved his dick in her hole, she was wetter and tighter than he could have ever imagined, her juices bathed his cock and her pussy muscles gripped his dick tight. He fucked her pussy the friction even with all that pussy lubrication caused intense heat inside of her, her silky inner tissues were getting moreand more sensitive to his sliding, thrusting dick. She moaned as he fucked her. He was moaning too he could not believe he was doing this, he had never cheated on his wife and now he was doing it with his daughter’s friend. His fucking was harder and fiercer the springs were creaking so loudly that it was turning them both on. He felt his orgasm coming so he pulled out and stopped himself from cummiong ( he was an expert at that since he and his wife never used birth control, and he was able to control his cumming). He looked down at his veiny, red wet cock and he looked at her ass, he slowly massaged her asshole with the head rimming it, she moaned and got on her elbows so her ass was higher he just rubbed her there, never entering just rubbing, over and over he would occassionally push his finger in her pussy feeling how even wetter and tighter it was, he then pushed only his head in her now very tiny hungry pussy hole, it was gulping around his cockhead. He took his finger and rubbed her asshole over and over round and round and then he placed the tip inside and with one hard thrust he shoved his dick as deep in her pussy as he could and he quickly removed his fingertip from her ass and quickly moved to the front of her and found her clit and rubbed it very firmly, her pussy was now twitching wildly around his cock, he reached around and holding onto her left breast while he squeezed it he pulled her up anmd backward his dick still in her just angled up higher in her and he shook her slightly up and down, she moaned an animalistic growl and purr and orgasmed her juices squirted all around his cock, feeling that he came shooting in her pussy his DNA, he held her like that, pulled up and back against him, caressing her breast, her ass squished against his groin and lower abs, his dick getting flaccid in her sore super hot wet pussy and his finger still massaging her hard orgasmic clit and he asked her to be quiet when she snuck back to his daughter’s room. She nooded pulled away from him, turned around showing him her fine bare ass one more time and she walked back naked to her best friend’s room.

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