Service Call

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I was running late on my service call. Everything today seemed to be
going wrong. Customer could be demanding and today they had demanded a
lot from me.

Finally arriving I pulled my tool box out of the truck and walked
quickly up the concrete walkway. There was only supposed to be broken
door hinge and I should be able to knock it out in a just a few minutes
and hopefully get back on schedule.

The Jones house was a fairly regular customer. Mr. Jones worked away
from home a lot and his wife needed small repair jobs done from time to
time. I rang the bell and was surprised to see her answer the door in a
sheer silk robe with a low cut night gown underneath. I guessed that I
wasn’t the only one running a bit late today.

She greeted me with a warm smile and, not for the first time, I noticed
how attractive she was. The bottom door hinge on the master bedroom was
loose. As she bent down to show me where the screws had loosened it was
impossible for me not to notice her full breasts. She went and sat on
the edge of the bed making small talk while I began making the minor
repairs. As she crossed her legs and the nightgown pulled up it was
difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Her long legs were
exposed and they had more of my attention than they should have had.
Finally finishing up I stood and she began to giggle. It was kind of
cute hearing a grown woman giggle until I realized why she was
laughing. She was looking at my crotch. The combination of her silk
sleeping clothes, the exposed cleavage and the sight of those fantastic
legs had given me quite an erection.

I could feel my cheeks begin to flush as the embarrassment sat in.

“Don’t be embarrassed” she told me. “I am very flattered”

She then began telling me that with her husband away the attention of an
attractive man was welcomed. She told me that she could help fix my
problems though not as quickly as I’d fixed her door.

She stood and walked over to me. Placing her mouth over mine I could
feel her warm tongue pushing against mine. She placed her hand over my
erect cock and began rubbing me until I was even harder. Lowering
herself to her knees she unfastened my jeans and pulled my throbbing
dick out of my pants. Giving the head a tender little peck she then
engulfed me with her mouth. She took all of my cock in her mouth and I
could fell her throat loosen to better accommodate my shaft. She then
began rapidly bobbing her head on my dick. She pulled my erect cock
from her mouth and licked the length of it. Squeezing my balls she
rubbed my dick over her face. Closing her eyes she rubbed it over her
eyelids and slapped my cock against her cheeks. Then she once again
placed me in her mouth and expertly brought me near orgasm. Standing
she took my hand and led me to the bed.

“Take off those clothes and let’s see if you are as good a fuck as you
area handyman” she told me. Pulling off my pants and socks she then
helped my out of my tight tee shirt. She laid me back on the bed and
facing away from me she pushed her pantiless pussy towards my face.

I pulled her hard clit into my mouth as she lay across me and again took
me into her mouth. I took her hard clit between my teeth and stroked it
with my tongue. Reaching up I worked my fingers into her moist slit and
began fucking her this way faster and faster. She was bobbing her head
quicker on my swollen cock and I could feel my toes begin to curl in
ecstasy. I laid my tongue flat on her clit as she began rocking hard
against my face.

“I need your cock inside me! I want to cum on your balls!” she

Turning her body she took my length deep inside her. Placing her hands
on my chest she used that leverage to plunge herself up and down on me.
I could feel my orgasm gathering at the head of my dick and tried
fiercely to hold it back. Her fingers curled in the hairs on my chest
and as she came I finally released my hot, sticky load deep inside her.

She curled up next to me and we both caught our breaths. Spent from the
passion we had just unleashed.

After I dressed she walked me to the door. Kissing me deeply before I
went she said, “Next week I’ll loosen that hinge again but try and make
me your last appointment of the day”.

Smiling to myself as I got into my truck I thought how glad I was that’d
I’d secretly loosened that hinge myself before I left.

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