Sexual Future Part 2

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The people and places depicted in this story are a product of my imagination. Any resemblence to real person places or things is highly coincidental.

Sexual Future
Part 2

As Ank-Lyn and I rode the sky train towars our Adult party tonight I let her know what happend between me and my attendent Crombre..”Oh My God..”Shrieked Ank-Lyn “You finally had sex? Was your first time worth it?” She bombarded me with all these questions. Kinda made me dissy they way she carried on that we got some stares from other pasengers.”Ank-Lyn shut up” I giggled and turned a bright shade of red that did nothing for my hot pink outfit. And I pulled her to the back of the sky train car and told her everything. “Wow” Ank-Lyn breathed “My parents wont even let me have a attendent let alone one that has sexual upgrades. I am a little bit.. no wait I am alot jeluse” And she started laughing. And with that Ank-Lyn turned and looked out the window for the rest of the ride to the New Galaxy Hotel where our Adult party was going to be tonight.
As we got off the sky train Ank-Lyn started to say hello to everyone that was in our Pre-Adult group. And it was quite a crowed to. Four other graduating Adult groups were at the same hotel, I personally think it was to make sure some matches would come of it. How else was the galaxy supposed to procreate. As I walked up to the front enterance my way was blocked by the most handsome man I have ever seen. He was at least 7 feet tall and built like a gladiator in the old time holo programs we learned about in Pre-Adult classes. The suit he was wearing seemed to set off every muscle and it looked like thay were rippiling as he walked.
I left Ank-Lyn talking to our friends and started to follow the gladiator, weaving in and out of the people lined up outside the hotel. I was almost stopped acouple of times by both freinds and strangers who tried to get my attention, but I wouldent take my eyes off of my gladiator. He seemed to be just opening a path in the crowed just by looking at them, and the people just moved aside. They seemed to be afraid of his size, but I wasnt, I just wanted to follow him and see where he went.
He walked into the hotel right to one of the turbo lifts and was going inside, I was just about to follow him there as well but I was stopped by Ank-Lyn.” Ani its time to go to the ball room. Where were you going anyways? I was calling your name and you were just ignoring me” And Ank-Lyn kept on like that for at least a minute. I just kinda listend to her with half an ear as I watched my gladiator ride up in the turbo lift. And since they had glass fronts I was able to see his eyes, he looked at me for a split second and I was able to make out thier colour. A beautiful shade of blue grey. And then i was pulled into the party.
The Adult party went off wonderfully. The music was the latest from Sin’ek and a couple other bands. And the food was scrumptious. I danced almost the whole night long, and when it was time to wind down, I told Ank-Lyn I was going up to our room. My parents and hers decided to let us stay at the hotel for one night,so we did. I got into the turbo lift and was riding it up to our room when I saw Him again. I was just getting off on my floor when I saw him down the hallway. I of course decided to follow. I just had to look at him. He was beautiful. He wanderd around the hallways for a while, that seemed to blend into a mase , and I kinda got lost. But as long as I kept my eyes on him I could go anywhere. After a while he stopped and went into a room. And against the better judgement screaming in my head I walked up to the door and knoced on in. As I looked up and down the hall a arm grabbed me and pulled me into the room, before I could scream a hand clamped on my mouth, stiffiling any noise that would come out.
“Who are you and why are you following me” a voice groweld into my ear. I sweeked out an answer around the hand, but I was rudely thrown onto the bed in the middle of the room.”I dont want to hear excuses” Groweled my gladiator as I looked up to him”Who sent you” he asked me, giving me a glance that spoke that if I didnt answer correctly that something bad ws going to happen. “I am not going to ” I answer defiantly and I crossed my arms across my chest. Well my gladiator didnt seem too happy with that answer , so he grabbed my hair and pulled my face up to his and asked again”Why were you following me?” This time I decided that the truth would be in order so I told him, kinda afraid now that I saw the look in his eyes.” My name is Ani, and I am here to have my Adult party, and I saw you . and I thought you were handsome so I decided to follow you” I answed in a rush almost gasping fro breath, it came out so fast.
My gladiator looked down at me and started to laugh. It was a deep rumbling in his chest and to me it sounded wonderful. “You followed me because you liked the way I looked?” and he started to laugh even harder.”Well little girl” And as quickly as the laugh started it stopped”Now we have a problem.” And then he leaned over me and put his face in to mine and said” I am going to teach you a lesson you wont forget” And he started to kiss me.. All I can say is WOW!. And I thought Crombre was good. My gladiator was even better.His hands moved up and down my body like they had a mind of thier own. His fingers pinched my nipples and started to rip my jumpsuit off my body. As he tore the fabric down, he kissed the skin as he went. Stopping for a while at my nipples, kissing them both like he was deprived of them for a long time. I let my hands run through his hair as I felt him move down farther my body. I was vagually concerned about my outfit, but when he got to my pussy, all thought of my clothes went out the window. His tounge was moving like a mad man. twirling around my clit and moving up and down it like crazzy. He fucked me with his tounge and fingerd me at the same time. Devororing my jucies as the came out of me. I could feel his fingers moves in and out slowly as hid tounge flicked across my clit. It felt so good. Just as I was about to cum, he stopped.
“Ok girl, now its your turn,” and with that he moved so that I was facing his cock. “Start sucking it.” And I looked at him and then I looked at his cock “You want me to do that?” I asked,kinda curious and afraid at the same time.”Yes you are if you value your life girl.”And he gave me a look that made me take the head of his cock in my mouth. I was kinda shocked on how he tasted, a bit salty and not so bad. I moved my mouth up and down. Letting my tounge swirl around the tip, then trying to get as mush of him in my mouth with out choking. I could hear him sigh as i worked my mouth on him.Up and down I went cupping one hand around his cock to move it with my mouth , and letting the other play with his balls. I tried to give him the best blowjob I could with my vast inexperience.I think I sucked on him for a couple of minutes, taking turnes with my mouth and my hand to stroke him, when his hands grabbed me under the arms to lift me up and lay me down on the bed.
My gladiator positined himself at my pussy and started to enter me. Moving very slowly I could feel him burry himself in my cunt. His cock was wonderful. My gladiator moved back and forth in me , ramming his cock so hard in me I could hear the slap slap of his balls hitting my pussy. He fucked me like there was not tomorow. Ramming his cock in to my extremely wet pussy. I could feel the orgasm building up in me. And I could hear his grunting over my panting. His groaning was so loud I almost worried that people in the hallway would call the militia to come arrest us.His hammering of my pussy all most made me want scream out in pleasure, so of course I did. The orgasm was so intence that I am very sure I did pass out this time.
When I awoke I felt my gladiator laying beside me, looking very satisfied. And no sooner that I leaned over to him to ask his name that I was unconsioous. When I awoke the second time I was still lying beside my gladiator. But this time I wa
s tied up like a stuffed hun’uk
and so was my gladiator. And walking infront of us was the ugliest alian I have ever seen.He was about 5 feet tall and brown with facial ridges that were in a pattern like someone beat him with an ugly stick when he was young. And when he spoke it was like crunching of gravel under feet. ” So I have finally caught you , you stinking Yoa’nkug. You gave me a chase like I have never had. But now you are to die”

To Be Continued……

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