shipping out

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” shiping out”

It was 10pm Saturday evening Jessica was just finishing her shift at the Hospital she saw a man sitting alone dressed in His miltary Uniform she walked over wearing Her Nurses white dress unzipped just enough to reveal her cleavage she was built curvacious and
had long flowing brown hair and Blue eyes the Gentlman was about 6’ft.2″ weighing a muscular 180 lbs. with brown short hair
and brown eyes. she walked up to him ” Is there any thing i can help you with” he replies ” no just about to ship out and nervous is all” jessica replies back ” Its the end of my shift i am going for A drink let me buy you one your going to go off to
serve our country the least i can do”. he replies ” I could use a drink my name is sean ”

jessica ” nice to meet you sean my name is jessica” sean” nice to meet you jessica you look sexy in your nurses outfit”

jessica” I love a man in uniform lets go get that drink” they get into jessicas red mustang and give each other the look of lust

of “I want you” jessica placed her hand on his thigh rubbing it sensously she could feel his bulging love muscle growing with each stroke of her hand , he was looking at her and down her dress at her eye popping cleavage of her 40 dd breast they were round and firm. she continued stroking his inner thigh feeling right between his legs on bulging cock “your so big i want to take you to my place make you feel good”.
and she drove them to her place just around the corner and they just got inside the door shut behind them their bodies were both quivering with anticipation, sean unzipped the rest of her nurses outfit began kissing her on the lips, and on her neck arousing jessica much more she ran her long red finger nails through his hair,and down his back removing his shirt while kissing him back with her pouty red lips, his lips found his way down her bare chest placing his lips on her errected nipples one at a time making her moan
“oooh yes sean you feel so good” he replies back” lets take this to your bedroom” she takes his hand and the eagerly make their way down the hall way and into the bedroom where they would continue undressing and sensously kissing and caressing each others nude bodies. sean laid jessica down on the bed and parted her legs open kneeling before her using his tongue licking
her wet pink sweet clit darting his tongue in and out licking and nibbling on her soft wet clit she was so aroused ” oooohh yeah baby oooh yes please more, more” he looked up at her ” you want more” she begged “please please I want you inside of me deep” and sean now sliding in his bulging penis inside of her soft wet and tight pussy thrusting hiself into her she pulling him more into her her hands grabing his buttocks and her lips on his chest and neck ,her hips moving with his thrusting up and down
him in and out. she begged ” let me ride you” they switched positions and she climbed on top and she moved her body on his
back and forth her 40 dd bouncing his hands grasping them she would bend over close to him so her breast were in his face as she bucked wildly on his cock he began to moan” yes oh yes that feels good faster baby faster i am going to cum”
and she rode him faster and faster thrusting herself on his hard cock tits bouncing all over and he let out a moan “oh yes baby oh that feels so good” they were both soaked in cum and exausted “that was so incredible sean wish you were not shiping out”

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