Shopping Around

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I first met Jake when I was shopping, I could not help but notice him, he was wearing long loose shorts, a muscle tee-shirt and what looked like boxer’s shoes. He had long black hair that was in a single braid down his back. The thing I noticed most was his extremely wide upper back, he had an eagle tattoo with it’s wings spanned out wide. He also had very long, lean, taut muscles. I thought he looked dangerous and very erotic. Quite a contrast to my appearance, small, blonde, dressed in a pink shorts outfit. I kept walking near him, hoping he’ld notice. I finally dropped the products I was going to buy in front of him and I leaned over to get it, I knew he could see my cleavage and just the tops of my full breasts above my bra.I had them right below him as I was squatting. He smiled as he helped me get my things together.I smiled back and looked into his eyes letting him know I was very attracted to him.
We just started talking like we were old friends, we were near the video section (this was a liquidators store) I saw they had some x-rated videos ( I had seen them there for at least two months) I got brave and pulled one down, “Hmm I had no idea they sold this kind of video here.” “What kind?” he asked. I handed him the tape, he looked at it, it was titled, “How to Please Your Woman”. Jake smiled and said,”I don’t need that, I haven’t heard any complaints.”
I got a sexy smirk on my face and said, “Mmmm lucky ladies to be with a guy like you.” He looked me up and down, he just stopped at my crotch, licked his lips and said, “Yeah I sure love women, can’t get enough. They are like my drug.”
I put my hand to my crotch and slightly rubbed it, he looked up at me with one eyebrow cocked, so I looked into his eyes and said, “Mmmmmm I feel the same way about men, they can be so ummm fulfilling.”
Now the sexual energy was very thick between us. I was totally drenched and seeing his thickness in his shorts I knew he was into me as well.
“Hey you and I sure seem to think alike, how do you think about this..we go across the street to that Motor Inn and we can satisfy each other.”
I looked at him, my pussy was tightening and I was very aroused, “Sounds good to me.”
We left the store we got to his car and drove to the motel, it was across the street but there were 8 lanes of traffic so driving there made more sense.
He got the room and it was sexy, walls and a ceiling of mirrors, a jacuzzi, a glass encased shower, and a huge satin covered bed. He laid me down on the bed and removed my sandals, thank God my feet were clean because he did a sensual massage of my feet, he even sucked on each toe. I was loving it. He removed his shoes and then he laid on top of me, he grinded against me and kissed me, our tongues were curling around each other, our kisses were puffy soft and wet, I know we were drooling for each other. I sucked on his tongue, then his bottom lip, he seemed to enjoy that, I also took his earlobes between my thumb and index finger and massaged them. We kissed and grinded for a while, damn his dick was stiff and I was wetter than the ocean.
He got off of me and slipped my shirt off. He ran his tongue over my bra covered breasts, he slipped down one cup and sucked gently on my nipple, he did the same to the other. He opened my bra and smiled as he caressed and looked at my breasts. My nipples hardened to his touch, mmmmm. He pushed his face into my breasts and nuzzled them and breathed in my scent. He laid back on me and grinded me, but as he did he was making my shorts go down my thighs, he was exposing my pussy like that ( I had not worn panties nor a thong since these particular shorts had an lined crotch so underwear was not needed. He got up and saw my partly exposed pussy and quickly pulled my shorts down off my silky soft legs ( when I am turned on I swear my skin gets silkier and more sensitive to touch). Now I was nude except my bra was still on me over my shoulders, I got up and removed it. I laid back down and he just looked all up and down my body smiling and squeezing his cock, “Mmm mmm mm you look good enough to eat.” he said as he removed his shirt, “Yes that pussy looks like a mighty nice snack.” he said as he pulled down his shorts, his cock was sticking up over the top of his underwear.
“Mmmmm looks nice.” I said as I gazed at his partially covered cock. “This? You want this?” he asked as he whipped out his ramrod stiff dick. “Oh yeah baby, I want that!” He got on the bed and told me to lay on my side, I did and he and I 69ed on our sides to each other. I held his cock and sucked on the head then released then sucked released over and over all the while I was squeezing the bottom of his shaft, meanwhile he was doing very long pointy licks up and down my slit sometimes wiggling that tongue making my legs shake when he’ld do it to my clit. We were both turned on, I took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked it hard, the head and part of the shaft, my saliva was wettening him up. He rubbed his nose and chin all over my pussy it was hot.
He got up and told me to lay on my back completely, I did and I slowly opened my legs exposing my almost hairless very wet excited red horny pussy for him. “Yeah baby, show me it all.” he said, He got close to me and pushed my knees up and back he had me split wide open , he got on top and plunged his hard dick into my elongated pussy slit he found my hole and went to town he was fucking and pumping and thrusting and breathing hard I was moaning and gasping damn he was in so deep and pumping me like I had never been pumped, my pussy was tightning in response to those almost brutal thrusts, I looked up on the ceiling and could see his back and ass and legs, his muscles were so taut and tensed his ass was pumping in me so quickly that I was totally excited to see his ass moving like that and to see his ass cheeks flexing with each hard thrust.I was sexily scratching and rubbing his back then massaging his hard biceps then back up to his shoulders. He kept pumping me until he released a load of his cum, “Oh shit! Oh Shit! Oh fuck!” he yelled as he came, I grabbed his ass and pulled him super tight against me, he laid tight against me, “Ohh baby that was hot!’ and then he got up and pushed my legs down straight he pushed his still pretty hard cock into my pussy hole, my legs were together and he pushed his groin up until it made contact with my clit, he knew he hit it when I tensed and moaned, he grinded my clit I was going nuts he caused me to orgasm, my pussy gripped his cock, but he was not finished he again grinded me I had an even more intense orgasm, my pussy was on fire, he felt the heat too. I was yelling, “Ohhh fuck me, Yes! Oh shit that feels so great!” and I moaned a lot gurgling moans. We laid there spent, yet tutally turned on. We kissed some really hungry sloppy moist kisses. He after awhile told me he had to piss, I smiled and told him to piss on me, “Whaaat? Really?” he asked smiling.
“Yeah I’ll get in the shower and you piss on me.”
“Damn I’ve never done that but it sounds hot.”
“I’ve never done it either, why don’t we see what it’s like?” I asked.
I got in the glass-encased shower and with my back to him, and my legs apart and my ass pushed out for him I told him to go for it.
I could see in the reflection of the glass him behind me, he held his cock and out came his yellow piss he got it on my ass right in the crack up and down, I bent over more and he hit my pussy it felt so sexy and naughty.
“Ohhhh baby this is hot, damn your ass is shining from my piss, shit it looks so fucking good!” he said, mmmm he finished pissing and he came over to me and humped up against my piss soaked ass. He walked me over to the shower head, he first checked the temperature, once it was good he and I stood under it letting the water rinse us off, there was a body wash sample so he lathered up his hands and rubbed me all over , my face, my chest, my breasts, my tummy, my hips, he got to my pussy and seemed to like washing me there, he rubbed my legs, I turned around and he was
hed the full back of me. He got my a
ss all soapy and pushed his finger in my asshole, “Mmm baby how about some back door action? he asked. “I dunno.”, I said. “That ass is so fine it looks like a nice ass-fucking would do it good.” As he said this he kept rubbing my asshole, I felt him go in, first one soapy finger, then two, “See baby I can get in there.” “Okay.” I said, so he soaped up his cock it was hard as hell anticipating this ass fucking. He poked the head in slowly he pushed the shaft in he got all the way in, we both groaned he did a slow fuck, my asshole was on fire feeling that dick sliding achingly slowly in and out,”Baby you are silky everywhere, you know that? Your skin is silk, your mouth is silk, your pussy is silk, and damn girl your asshole is silk!” I felt excited and very raunchy as I let his cock slide in and out of my deep hidden hole, my pussy was being ignored so it was lubricating like crazy. He started pumping harder and faster my asshole had no choice but to open wider for him, “Yeah baby open you asshole, mmm yeah!”He groaned he came again and stayed in my asshole just grinding against me, I was filled up with his dick and his cum, he finally pulled out we rinsed off again and I felt someting I turned around and bent over, he watched as my asshole pushed out his white sticky cum. “Damn that is too hot!” he said, he reached over and rubbed my asshole and his cum, we rinsed off again and got in the bed, we snuggled up and kissed under the covers, he set his watch for 30 minutes ( the check out time) we just laid there feeling raunchy and hot. Now that’s what I call getting some bargains while shopping!

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