Sweet Hitchhiker

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Sweet Hitchhiker

It all started as I was driving home late one night. It was a cold & rainy night
& I was coming home from a business trip & almost home. As I was coming up to a small town, I saw a woman standing in the road. She was soaked to the bone. I pulled
over & asked if she needed some help? She said her car had broken down on the other side of town & would love a lift to a gas station. I knew the area well & told her that
all the service stations would be closed at this late hour. She started to cry, I told her I could take her to a motel or drop her off at a friends house until morning when
everything opened up.

She said she did not know anyone near here & did not have any money for a motel.
I told her if she wanted see could stay at my place & she could phone the garage in the morning, She accepted my generous offer. She got into my car & we started to drive to
my home. I knew she was upset & asked her if she would like to get something to eat.
She said she would love to & thanked me for my generosity.

I stopped at this little diner on the way home and we had a little to eat, She was a
Beautiful girl about 25 or so & she had long dark hair, blue eyes. A real knockout.
After we ate we started to head to my place, I could not help thinking how she could thank me for my trouble but I have always been a little shy, so the ideas I had remained
just my fantasy. We finally arrived at my place. Her clothes were still wet from waiting
on the side of the road. She removed her coat, Her white shirt was now sheer from the wetness of the rain, She had on a sheer bra as well, I could not tell if that was from design or just the wetness of the rain making it that way. Her nipples were hard & sticking out.
She was hot. I took her coat & hung it up in the other room. When I came back into the room she had taken off all her clothes except for her wet shirt, bra & white panties. She stood by the fire in the fireplace trying to warm up, I asked her if she wanted a brandy, She said she would love one. We started to talk about different things. I could not help but stair at her semi-naked body. She could see me looking at her & did not try to cover
herself. I think she liked me looking at her.

I finally got the nerve to move over to the couch she was sitting on, I sat down.
I asked her if she wanted some dry clothes to wear but she told me hers were almost dry
from the fire . Then she asked if there was something she could do to re-pay me for my
kindness. I think she knew what I was thinking because she started to un-button her blouse & take it off. I got the hint & I started to un-zip my pants. She saw what I was
doing & pulled my pants down to my ankles. Then she pulled down my shorts &
started to stroke my cock. She pushed me on to the couch and knelt in front of me.
She was stroking my cock up & down, her head went to my crouch & took my cock
Deep into her mouth. I thought I died & went to heaven she could suck a cock like
no girl I had ever met, She was great, deep into her mouth she would take my cock
then swirl her tongue around the head of my cock, then back down again. I could not
keep from cumming. I un-loaded about a quart of cum into her mouth & she swallowed it
all not missing a drop. I told her to stand up as I remained seated on the couch. I grabbed her panties & started to slowly remove them as I moved them down I could smell her
sweet pussy. It was trimmed just enough to see her pussy lips. She reached down to her
pussy & started to rub her clit then reaching further down to her slit rubbing back & forth
back & forth. I was hard again in no time.

I started to play with her clit & stuck my finger into her pussy, she gasped , Aahh, Yes
She was really getting hot now she told me to finger her with 2 fingers, yessss
She said as they went deep into her hole. I brought my finger to my mouth & licked
her juices. She tasted sweet.

I told her to sit on the couch & spend her legs, she was there in a flash, her legs wide open. I began to lick her sweet pussy slowly up & down her slit from her pubic hair
all the way around to her little asshole, she gasped as I tongued her ass she was going wild, Oh yes eat my asshole, put your tongue in my asshole she said.
I started to finger fuck her again but this time I added a finger for her asshole, She
Started bucking up & down & soon was begging for me to stick my cock into her pussy
Please fuck me Please I need it bad. I was happy to oblige. I took my cock & put it in the pussy. It was very tight. When I finally got in she turned into a wild women bucking
up & down

With just some of her pussy juice for lubricant I began to slowly stick my cock into
her ass, She jumped a little when the head of my cock entered her tight asshole.
I could tell she had never done this before. I slowly started rocking back & forth
as my cock went deeper & deeper into her asshole. Then with one final thrust
I was all the way in, I held it there for a minute or two so she could get use to having
a cock up there. All of a sudden she began fucking that cock like pro spreading her
ass cheeks wide with her hands. Oh yes Fuck my ass Fuck it hard.
I could not keep from cumming again but this time it was deep in her ass.
We both collapsed in each others arms & fell asleep.

In the morning as I was sleeping, I felt a warm sensation on my cock, As I awoke
& looked down, she was giving me another blowjob & I came very fast, & again she
swallowed it all. Then she bounced up & said thanks for breakfast. I love cum for
breakfast. Then she asked for a ride into town to get her car fixed. What a ride!!!

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  1. Wayne Cleveland

    Nice plot and story line, keep up the good work. Wc

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