Tattoos For Thought

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It was just a normal day in the shop. Danny was having some banter with his colleagues about this massive party they were planning, when something caught his eye outside the window. A girl, walking past listening to her music…Bright hair, skinny jeans, sun bouncing off her skin. Then she was gone.
What had drawn him to her he wondered. He went back to work, but kept this fleeting moment to himself…
Days went past and he hoped he would see this fleeting figure again. Finally after a few weeks and giving up hope… the shop door opened, and in walked this picture of beauty that shone like a ray of sunshine through a storm cloud.
She walked sheepishly past him, and spoke to one of the other guys. He was glad, he wouldn’t have been able to speak to her…she took his breath away. After she was done, she left.
‘Dude, what’s up with you?’ Tony snapped at him from across the room. ‘Her name is Sophie, she’s back in next week for her side’ he said smiling and shaking his head.
The day came and Danny was waiting for Sophie to walk in. And then, right on time, there she was. He was a little confused as to why she wasn’t very chatty with him. Figured he didn’t stand a chance. He tried but she never engaged for more than a reply. He gave up.
She came in a few more times after that, gradually building up on the eye contact. Then a smile, then a ‘hi’.
Danny thought he’d try his luck, the party was next weekend and thought he had nothing to lose. The worst she could say was no, right? He stopped her on the way out.
‘hey Soph? There’s a party in mine which we’ve been planning for months, here’s an invite, my number is on there, just wondered if you fancied coming?’ Sophie was little shocked by this conversation but took the invite and said with a smile ‘Sure, Tony has already invited me but I’d love to.’ ‘You are more than welcome to come with your friends, if you like?’ She nodded and walked out.
Danny was a bit bummed that she was going to be there for Tony, not him. But at least she was going to be there.
Sophie got home with the biggest smile on her face. She couldn’t wait to see him at the party. But the theme was going to make things a lot easier for her to talk to him. Porn star theme really doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
It was getting close 11pm on the night of the party and it was in full swing. Danny was beginning to think Sophie was just being polite and saying she’d come. So he went into the kitchen for some more drinks. He was just about to down a shot when low and behold, Sophie and her friends walk into the kitchen …in her tight top and belt sized skirt. The top dipping enough to accentuate the roundness of her cleavage and skirt short enough to show off the neon pink lace that was trying to get out…
Danny offered them all a drink, while the girls went for a wonder round, Soph was left with him. ‘I need to ask you something, are you and Tony?..’
Sophie laughed and said not at all. ‘I actually thought you didn’t like me, we hardly ever spoke in the shop.’
‘I actually really like you, I remember seeing you one day through the window and decided that getting a tattoo would be a good idea.’ Soph admitted. ‘I’ve been addicted to them since my first one, that and I’ve been addicted to seeing you…so I just kept coming back, getting tattooed so I could see you. I’m just quite shy when it comes to guys that I like. And you look quite confident and loud. I felt quite intimidated by you’ she blushed.
Danny smiled. ‘I’m just a big softie really, its all a front. I like to kiss and cuddle like everyone else.’
‘Really? I saw you and nearly fell over, tattooed, pierced, tunnels. What more could a girl want?’
‘Do you think anyone would miss us?’ Danny looked up a little confused.
‘What do you mean Soph?’
‘I mean, I want to put this costume to good use’ she winked.
Danny wasn’t sure whether he was hearing correctly or if the tequila had kicked in and he was hallucinating.
‘My bedroom is upstairs?…’

‘Excellent, let’s go’ Smiling, Soph took his hand and started leading towards the stairs.
Danny walked into his room with Sophie in tow. Before he had time to turn round she had closed and locked the door. He began to wonder if this was the same girl he met in his shop all those months ago. She looked him up and down whilst walking slowly over to him. Nodded in approval.
Guys in baggy jeans and a black t-shirt with skate shoes really turned her on, especially when they were not expecting her to act the way she was about to.

Sophie stopped in front of him, slowly slid her hands down his chest and leaned over and whispered into his ear, ‘Are you hot yet?’ Breathing warm air, slowly down his ear, licking up from the lobe. Pushing him towards the bed, she started to kiss him, lightly, gently biting his lip.
The back of his legs hit the bed and sat down. Soph turned around and lifted her top, ‘How’d you like my swallow?’ Showing him her first tattoo running up her right side. He could just see the roundness of her breast peeking from under her lifted top. ‘Nice’.
‘How about these?’ she said, with her back to him, bending over and sliding her over-the-knee socks down to show off her stars running up the back of her calves. At which point he was too busy looking at her lacy French knickers she was flashing. His hands reached out and ran them over her firm ass. She giggled, straightened up and straddled him on the bed.

She pulled teasingly at Danny’s shirt, purposefully moving her breasts close to his face so he could smell her expensive perfume. Gently grinding on him, while moving her lips close to his, lightly brushing his. Danny ran his hands over her hot thighs, up her sides and clawed down her back, she gasped in pleasure. Sophie pulled his t-shirt over his head and admired his chest and all his tattoos. It made her longing for him that much stronger. She bit his lower lip and pushed him onto his back.
Sophie kissed him long and hard, playing his tongue with hers whilst his hands travelled over discovering her body. She started to kiss his face, neck, down to his collar bone, licking gently down to his chest whilst running her nails up his side. Both were breathing hard. As she moved down, kissing his chest , down to his navel, her hands were still roaming over him. She kept kissing til she got to his belt, where she teasingly pressed her whole face into the top of his pants which pushed down on his now, rather bulging, loins. Danny threw his head back and let out a groan. This pleased Soph.
She asked him if he wanted her to keep her socks and stripper shoes on or take them off. ‘Keep them on! Don’t you dare take them off!’

Sophie pulled on the 5 inch zip on her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She proceeded to removing her top seductively, which made her hair fall and frame her face.
Danny was watching her whilst resting up on the elbows, in her neon pink French knickers and matching bra, over-the-knee socks and stripper shoes…. She took this theme very seriously…
‘I didn’t go too far with my outfit did I? she asked him playfully.
‘I think you still have a few too many clothes on for my movie ;)’

Smiling she leaned over, letting her cupped breasts fall forward. Going to Danny but moving back just before their lips met.
‘Fucking tease.’
‘Oh Danny, you have no idea’ she said seductively.
With that said she undid his belt and let him loose. Thankful for the restriction in his pants coming to an end, he let her do her thing.

Kissing his stomach, licking around his navel, biting under his belly button, all the while pulling the elastic of his boxers down so it was pressing down on his hardness…Digging her nails into his skin, making him gasp and writhe in sexual frustration, She was doing her job.
She pulled his pants off. Sophie began kissing over his boxers, his hips, around but not his actual cock. Her nose would brush lightly against it, and she could feel the stirring and twitching. She longed to just run her tongue over his hot head but not yet.
Pulling slowly on the elastic of his boxers, she knew she was wet. Very wet. She couldn’t wait to get into it. Pulling them off slowly, releasing the built up pressure she reached just above his cock and run her nails around the top of it. Danny was moving uncontrollably now. He wanted to just ram his cock in her mouth and have her blow him but he wasn’t a wimp, he could take it. Just.

Feeling his want, she unexpectedly and quickly licked his hot head and rammed his whole cock in her mouth. He thought he might explode there and then! Taking control of himself, he allowed himself to be consumed by the wet and warmth that was her tongue. Round and round it went, he could feel her tongue caressing him all the way around. Sophie slowed down and just kept a steady up and down rhythm before deep-throating Danny’s cock. All the way. He was not expecting it so he let out a loud ‘Fuck!’ He looked up at her as she took him out of her mouth and watched the saliva string between her lips and his cock. She looked him in the eyes as she licked it clean, then gently blew cold air over his tip.

Danny had had enough. He got up and pulled Soph to her feet, pressed her to him so she could feel him hard against her underwear. Kissing and digging his fingers into her back, then caressing her firm ass. He unhooked her bra in one quick click of his fingers. And she fell to the bed still in her socks and heels. He couldn’t decide whether to rip her frenchies off with his teeth, or just take them of… Fuck it, he used his hands. Ripping what little material there was and he could see her pupils dilate with ecstasy. Doing this revealed another of her tattoos…that and a clean shaven pussy.

‘Hey, if you are going to go Porn star, you might as well do it right ;)’ she said.
He wasn’t going to beat about the bush, so to speak, Danny spread her lips with his fingers and started to lick her, up and down, round and round. Soph was making moaning and groaning sounds as he worked his magic. She was gripping his bed spread til her knuckles were white…her nipples were so hard from excitement, any more and she would surely pass out! Sliding his two fingers in and out, playing in her juices, lapping up her wetness, he knew she wouldn’t be able to take much longer, he could feel her pant harder, quicker, just about ready…

He stopped. Sophie cried out ‘Nooo!’ in frustration, she was so close.
But before she could finish of her word, Danny was up in her, giving her the greatest feeling she’d felt in, well, forever. He could feel her muscles tense around his cock with every thrust. He rested her legs on his shoulders, held on to them and increased his speed. Sophie wasn’t use to such power and hunger. She couldn’t help the loud screams that were coming out of her mouth. The pleasure was indescribable.

He spread he legs and came close to her. He could feel her dripping all over him, wet with delight. He pinned her arms by her head and wouldn’t let her moved, completely unaware of how much she enjoyed that. They kissed electrically, hotly entangled in the moment, with her legs wrapped tight around him, he brought one arm down and caressed and squeezed her ass, what a great ass!

He hadn’t expected Sophie to come in such an outfit, let alone imagine this state of affairs!
They rolled around a while, getting sweaty, tired yet energised. Biting, scratching, thrusting, panting, screaming, coming. Explosion of ecstasy time after time. This was new, refreshing…unexpected.

After climaxing for the n-th time, they tumbled onto the sheets, sweaty and breathless. Sophie turned to Danny, ‘I like my men to work hard and play harder’ she smiled and licked his face. Danny laughed and they cuddled oblivious to the party booming outside of the door, and the party oblivious to their own rhythm.

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