The 3am Iche

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His night had only just begun at the front desk of the Hotel and Matt was getting bored already. He sat and watched the bar die down until there were only a few people left finishing up their drinks. The bartenders worked quickly to clean so they could leave for the night.
“Lucky bastards.” Matt thought to himself glancing at the computer clock for the millionth time. He decided to read some of his book for a while to kill time.
After saying goodbye to the bartenders Matt went to lift his book again when he noticed he wasn’t alone. A lady from the bar was still sitting quietly in the corner. As he looked at her he let his gaze linger for a moment, she looked like she was in her twenties with her smooth skin and fit form. She noticed him and stood a little unsure and walked slowly to him.
“Hi, I’m Jade.” Her smile was slight but beautiful and her eyes were a vibrant shade of blue outlined with soft makeup.
“I’m Matt, nice to meet you. Are you here by yourself? The bar is closed you know.” His reply formal yet kind.
Her smile faded, “Yes I know, my friends were supposed to meet me here and I guess they ditched me. It’s not the first time so I brought Champagne to keep me company this time.” She pulled out a cheap bottle from her side bag and wiggled it a little. “Do you mind if I just drink over by you since the bar is closed?”
Matt thought no one would be there for hours and no one would have to know this poor ditched girl had a few drinks. “Sure why not, let me get you a glass for that.” He walked around the bar and grabbed a thin tall glass. On his way back he eyed her, she had light brown hair that clung to her neck and shoulders. As she sat down he could make out her curvy ass and slim waist. He paused realizing they would be completely alone for some time and quickly removed his wedding ring and shoved it into his pocket.
“Here you are darlin’.” He smiled sweetly and looked her in the eyes as he spoke.
Her face lit up and she smiled, “Thank you.”
Matt swiped the bottle up, opened it, and poured Jade her drink. He set the bottle on the desk closer to him and took his seat behind the desk. They chatted about work and friends for a while, laughing like they were old friends themselves. Whenever Jades drink would get low Matt wasted no time refilling it, his anticipation growing with each pour.
After Jades fourth drink she proclaims, “You should have a drink with me!”
“I shouldn’t I’m at work.” He said sadly.
“Oh come one just one? It would make me feel better!” She turned her head slightly and grinned at him wickedly. Matt let his gaze fall from her face to her cleavage and she leaned back in her chair with her arms and legs spread so he could admire her. Giggling she asked, “Did I convince you?”
“Just one.” He said sternly.
“Yes! I need to use the restroom, but you get your glass!” She bounced cheerfully to the restroom and Matt grabbed a glass and poured himself a small drink. His first drink was sour and the bubbles went straight to his nose, he hated these kinds of girly drinks.
When Jade returned to the lobby she stood back for a moment and drunkenly checked out this hot hotel guy. His shaggy brown hair hung just above his eyes and his smile was warm and inviting. She could make out a slightly bulky figure on him she wanted to explore more. As she walked past him to take her seat she let her hips sway farther and pushed out her chest.
Matt watched intently, although she was very drunk and not graceful at all her demeanor was as bubbly as the champagne which made him giddy with excitement. They began flirting with each other as they drank, almost bragging of their sexual adventures. Jade took the last sip of her drink and noticed Matt had hardly touched his.
“You suck!” She laughed at him pointing to his glass, “Your drink is still full! What’s wrong can’t hold your alcohol?”
Matt looked at Jade with a greedy grin, stood with his drink in his hand, and waltzed over to her. He held out his hand to her, she took it and stood.
“This is to you beautiful.” He cooed at her as he slammed the rest of his drink. His head spun as the buzz hit him. Just as he could see straight again he felt her next to him so he glided his hand around her waist and pulled her close to him, their lips meeting. The embrace was exciting, Matt could feel Jades slender body rest against his, her hip rubbed against his bulge and his cock got hard instantly. The bitter taste of lingering champagne mixed with her sweet scent sent him into a daze. Jades body filled with desire and she held her hands on Matt’s face as she guided him to the lobby desk and sat on it ready to lean back.
Conscious of all the windows Matt stopped, “No over behind the bar, I am at work.”
Jade hopped up not wanting to waste any more time, she grabbed his hand and trotted him over behind the bar. Matt’s heart beat quickened as Jade began to strip her lower half slowly teasing him for a moment. Matt was awestruck at how sexy her movements were as she danced, the slight green glow from outside captured all her curves and she was the most captivating thing he had ever seen.
Seeing this hot hotel guy frozen by lust for her Jade became hornier and started undoing his pants for him. She stared into his eyes longingly as she rid him of pants and boxers. All Matt could do was stand there in a trance taking all of her in. Jade’s lips met his again this time in a wild connection of tongue and lips and hands everywhere. Matt felt the soft skin of her belly brush his hard dick and the sensation made his whole body twitch. His raw nature kicked in as he grabbed her hips hard and ravished her face and neck grinding his lower half against hers.
Jade moved with him swaying and pulling him close, finally her brain was at the brink of madness and she put her hands of his shoulders and shoved him down. She pushed against his chest until he was lying on his back and straddled him. She drank up all his obvious desire towards her as her fingers started at his neck and lightly caressed his smooth skin down to his cock. She spit a little into her hand and rubbed it all over Matt’s dick, this made him gasp and wiggle slightly under her.
All Matt could do now was wonder how her tits felt, so his hands made their way up her thighs and under her shirt. Her smile grew and her grip on his cock tightened, his fingers felt the bottom of her boobs and he turned his wrists to cup them. Her breasts were much larger than his wife’s and it almost hurt his wrist bending around them. Once he held a firm grip his thumbs explored her nipples which stood hard, he began rubbing over them and lightly pinching and twisting them.
Jade’s nipples sent arousal shooting through her and her clit tingled. Her mind blanked for a moment in the anticipation and desire swept over her. She positioned herself over him and their soft sensitive skin touched They both held their breath as she sat down onto his pulsing cock. His dick made Jade feel so full and she leaned so the head would rub her G-spot. Her movements became quick but steady.
Matt’s brain erupted with passion as he felt her soft pussy lips suck his dick deeper into her and back out again. Her tits were so bouncy against his palms slapping down as her body did, such a crazy rhythm yet he could follow just by instinct. The friction on his cock warmed as Jade’s pussy got wetter. He could feel the puffy walls of her vagina getting tighter and juices sloshing over his cock like an ocean of pleasure.
Jade felt her orgasm growing closer and her body heating up as the pressure intensified. Matt could feel her grip on his sides start to quiver and her rhythm change. Her hips were now grinding harder with longer sways and he knew she was close. The knowledge of her vulnerable state of intense pleasure made him greedy with his own desire. His hands held her sides hard and forced her to move as he wanted.
The lack of control was a new high to Jade and as she let herself become this strangers fuck toy her whole body tensed and vibrated in the hardest most pleasurable orgasm she had ever experienced. Loud moans escaped her mouth and Matt’s cock swelled as Jade’s twitching pussy worked with his now violent jabbing. His balls tightened and all at once he felt the world shift as each gooey release spilled into a mysterious beauty.
Jade, feeling very satisfied, broke their connection by standing up. She quickly found her clothes and soon you couldn’t even tell she had just been fucked. Matt rested for a moment watching her morph back into the quiet unsure girl who had sat in the bar hours ago. As he got dressed in front of her his knuckle hit something hard in his pants, his wedding ring. His thoughts turned to his wife only for a second, she’ll never know he thought.
Jade began to walk back to the lobby and pulled out her cell to call a cab. When she had arranged a ride she turned back to the hot hotel guy. He had everything in place and looked relaxed, back to work. They sat in silence as she waited for the cab. When it finally arrived she went straight for the door but paused to look one last time at the man she used. Matt was watching her already taking her in before she left. Jade smiled, the same smile she gave him when they first met and walked out. Matt’s eyes stayed on her until he couldn’t see her cab anymore, then he looked at the computer clock. He sighed heavily, still four more hours.

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