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They met in a chat line. Her a shy, lonely and horny girl and He an outgoing type who enjoyed a lot of sex and foreplay. The where each chatting with other people and then her name with the cam icon up and he could not resist. So he opened the window and WOW all he could see was the most amazing breasts he saw that night. So he sent her and instant message and she accepted. They started talking:

“What’s your name baby,” he said in his cool but not too forward tone.

“Janice, What’s yours?” She asked


They made small talk for a few minutes then it got really interesting fast.

Spencer asked if she was a virgin and Janice explained that she was not but her experiences were limited. She had only two partners in her whole life and that they only cared about there needs never hers. He asked how big the guys where and she said her ex was not at all big only about 5 inches. Her other lovers was about the same. He smiled thinking that she would probably freak out about his size. You see he was about ten inches in length and 4 inches around. Also he had many hours of stamina and was always amazed that he could out last the women he was with.

They decide to chat a little more easily so they exchanged massager addresses and this is where is got interesting.

He asked what she wanted to do. Janice smiled and said what ever you want. (I know I said that Janice was shy but when it cam to the Internet she was a whole other person)
This is how there conversation went: ( the indented writing is Janice talking)

how r u ? you ready for some kinky fun?

I’m good and you?

Can you work that cam on here?


Great,,,, I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of fun

Janice what are you into sweet heart?


I have a question for you sweety, Do you want to be a slutty submissive,,, a cruel abusive mistress,,,, or just a dirty kinky girl?

Spencer I want to be told what to do and how to do it tonight.

Perfect,,, that is what I was hoping you’d say

Tell me what to do I am a very bad girl tonight

You can start by getting off that chat line and concentrate on me you little slut,,, is that clear?

Ok give me a minute to say good bye

OK but hurry

Janice I’m waiting

All yours


she invited him to view her cam

Spencer can you see me

Janice, yes I can………. oh are we going to ever have some fun tonight slut

Spencer what should this slut do for you…… ;)

I want you to get some items for me first


Just some items to use on yourself

Just to let you know I have my vib and so lube what more do I need

Ok,, that is a start

Janice call me “Sir” from now on,,, is that clear?

Yes Sir

I am pleased

Sir I have a question can I touch myself

Only do what I say start by running your fingertips up your legs to your inner thighs over and over very softly

Denise nice

Thank you sir

Janice just reminding you to only do what I say,,,, nothing else

Yes sir

(she gets very close to her pussy) Denise dont touch that pussy until I say so slut

sorry sir

Janice slap your inner thighs hard 3 times each for punishment

Hard I said

Janice harder,,, make it sting ,,, its punishment

mmmmmmmmmmm very nice

Tell me how that feels slut

It feels so nice but I want to touch it please sir

Janice NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, not until is say slut,,,, I want to tease you at first,,,,,, I want you dying to touch that pussy begging

Ok sir ( very disappointed that she could not touch it then she is already wet and ready)

Janice now run your finger tips up your belly to your breasts,,,,

Run circles around your nipples

Spencer do I touch my nipple Sir


Can you zoom out so I can see your facial reactions

Spencer can I touch them sir

Is it making those nipples hard isn’t it slut
Yes but please let me touch then sir

Pull and tug on them and make them bounce

Oh my…………….. Mmmmmmmmmm. Tell me how that feels

It feels so nice ,,,,,,, like someone is biting them (squeezing them very hard )

They are very sensitive tonight.

Very nice,,,, now bite them hard until it hurts

I can not reach them, sir

I can pinch then till you tell me to stop sir

Ok Janice slap your breasts with your hand then for punishment,,,, with big tis like that you should be able to reach

They are big but not that big anymore….. sir

Janice mmmmmmmmmmm

Oh I know you can do better, slap them harder whore

Spencer mmmmmmmmmmmm that feels good


Janice, hard as you can now ,,,,, i want to see facial reactions from you

Slap with hand 5 more times each breast as hard as you can then we will move on,,,, dont wuss out AS HARD AS YOU CAN

Spencer is that the way you like that, Sir (she smiles into the camera)

Bend over,,,, on all 4s let me see that ass of yours

Very nice now spread your ass cheeks open,,, let me see that pussy and asshole

Perfect,,, you want to take that perfect little toy in the ass don’t you whore

No sir

Janice you are going to try for me later tonight

Maybe sir

Not maybe ,,, you will slut,,,, now spread your legs and show that pussy

Can i touch my nipples again, Sir 0

No I want you to run your fingers all around the outside edges of you pussy BUT dont touch it

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I bet your dying to touch it

It looks wet

It is a little

Pull on those pussy lips

Ok sir

Dont move from that position to type,,, just do what i say,,, now slap that pussy with the palm of your hand,,,, hard,,,, or ill stop you from playing with it

Now run you fingers lightly over you pussy

As she did this her cunt was getting wetter and wetter. Her told her to slip on finger in and move it around… After awhile he instructed her to insert two then three fingers till she was bouncing up and down on her bed and moaning his name out.

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